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How can I use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to create my LCM Snapshots for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud?

Tanya Heise
Sr Principal Technical Support Engineer

This article describes how a customer can download a snapshot from an EPM Cloud instance on an OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) instance, and then archive it to either an Object Store or OCI block storage.

Downloading a Snapshot from an EPM Cloud Instance

There are two ways (REST API and EPM Automate) to download a snapshot from an EPM Cloud instance on an OCI instance.


curl -u username:password serviceURL /interop/rest/ Snapshot/contents > snapshotFile

curl -u joe.smith@xyz.com:Su12!* https://planning-domain.pbcs.us2.oraclecloud.com/interop/rest/ Snapshot/contents > snapshot

mv snapshot snapshot.zip

For more information, refer to REST API documentation for downloading LCM snapshots.

  • EPM Automate

epmautomate downloadfile “Artifact Snapshot”
mv “Artifact Snapshot.zip” snapshot.zip

At the end of this step, you will have a snapshot file named snapshot.zip

For more information, refer to EPM Automate documentation for downloading files.

Archiving a Snapshot on an Object Store:

1. Create OCI Bucket for snapshots

A Compartment is required to provide permissions and access to Object resources. In the OCI Console, create the Compartment with the related Namespace and a Bucket (if they do not already exist). The Object Storage namespace serves as a top-level container for all buckets and objects and allows you to control bucket naming within your tenancy.

Namespace:         epmclouddev
Bucket name:         lcm_backup


2. Upload to Object Store - two options.

3. Verify uploaded snapshot

You can verify the existence of the upload with the following GET command in the oci-curl program:

 ./oci-curl.sh objectStoreURL get “/n/namespace/b/bucket/o/” > {"objects":[{"name":“snapshotName"}]}


./oci-curl objectstorage.us-phoenix-1.oraclecloud.com get “/n/epmclouddev/b/lcm_backup/o/”

> {"objects":[{"name":“snapshot}]}


Archiving a snapshot on OCI Block Storage

timestamp=`date +%m_%d_%Y_%I%M`
mv  snapshot.zip snapshot_${timestamp}.zip

For more information, refer to EPM Automate example of archiving a snapshot to local storage.


Refer to the links below for more information:

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