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How to Make Workforce Work For You in Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS)

Tanya Heise
Sr Principal Technical Support Engineer

How to make Workforce work for you?

Thank you to Mark Rinaldi, Director, Product Management, for his presentation on this topic.

Does the Out-of-Box (OOB) Feature Not Do What You Need? If so, try to modify the OOO feature than build it from scratch!

  • Do Not Fear the Calculation Manager Template
    • A lot of the Content is “Noise” that can be Ignored
    • Once Past the “Noise,” it is Normal Calculation Manager
  • Do Not Fear the Member Formula
    • A lot of Logic is in Account Member Formulae
    • Most Member Formulae in WFP are NOT set to Dynamically Calculate
    • Many Sections are Duplicated Due to Available Options
    • Additional Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes

What's New in Workforce?

  • 18.01 – Select Upper Level Entities for Process Loaded Data and Synch Rules
    • Excludes OEP_Total Entity
  • 18.03 Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud Service
    • New Product for HR Domain
  • 18.04 – Simplified Merit Increase
    • No Need to Load Performance Ratings for Each Employee
    • Applies Generically for All Employees
    • Rates Can Vary by Entity
  • 18.05 – HCM to Workforce Metadata

What’s Coming (Soon) in Workforce?

  • Benefits & Taxes Wizard (B&T) Support for Entity Dimension
  • B&T Rates by Month
    • One-time Update for Existing Applications to Copy from BegBalance to Months
    • Enter at YearTotal if Same Rate per Month (same as today)
    • Expand Columns to Enter Rates per Month
  • B&T Rates Applied to Multiple Entities (Copy Rates Rule)
    • Enter for One and Copy to Others
      • Can Select Parent Members as Target
      • Uses @RELATIVE([Entity],0)
  • B&T New Component Type = Custom
    • Apply Conditional Logic
    • Use Custom Driver (Not limited to % of Salary, % Overall Earnings, % Taxable Earnings)
    • Re-use B&T Properties for Your Own Purposes
  • B&T Monthly Threshold Scope
    • UK NI Tax
  • B&T Member Selection for One-Time Pay Option
  • Add TBH…
    • Use Default Assignments (Same as Today)
    • Select a Salary Grade
    • Enter Your Own Salary!
    • Change Requisition
      • Change Status
      • Change Salary Information
      • Reduce/Extend End Date
  • Performance Enhancements
    • Define FIXPARALLEL Dimension for Existing Templates/Rules
    • Data Management (DM) Delta Load and Calculate Process
    • General Cleanup of Nested FIX Statements, etc.

What's Coming Next...

  • Key Assumptions per Month (e.g. Work Days per Month)
  • Separate Year Range Per Scenario
  • Transfer Employee Across Custom Dimensions
  • Change Properties Across Time Range (e.g. Fill To End of Year/File)
  • Reduced Data Load Requirements
  • Configurability of Default Assignment Drivers
  • B&T Support for Custom Dimensions
  • Custom Dimensions in Default Reporting Cube (OEP_REP)
  • Configurability of Employee Properties Valid in OEP_REP
  • Increase/Decrease # of Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes Accounts
  • Mass Actions



  • Presentation - click to view presentation by Mark Rinaldi, Director, Product Management

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