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Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud - Flex Forms

Tanya Heise
Sr Principal Technical Support Engineer

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud - Using Flex Forms

Thank you to Shankar Viswanathan for the presentation on this topic.

Check out the presentation for the following information.

Business Problem

  • Forms are not flexible enough for end users
    • Sheets are protected - users can’t redefine metadata in rows and can't use native excel features in forms: cut/copy/paste, sort and filter
    • Can’t stack too many dimensions on rows on data entry grids
  • Ad-hoc is too unrestricted (not templatized) and can’t force calcs
    • Users should not be able to pivot definitions or use other native ad-hoc features.
    • Business and groovy rules and smart push can’t be used with ad-hoc
  • Typical Use Cases
    • Enable suppress missing for rows on large forms
    • Use copy, paste, filter, sort to enter data for members defined in form grid


Flex Forms in Smart View

Best blend of Forms and Adhoc

  • Unprotected rows on sheet
  • Run (groovy) business rules/smart push
  • Use Excel features in row axis dimensions
    • Copy, paste, sort, filter

Enable Flex Forms in Form Design

Exposed as Flex Forms only via Smart View

  • Acts As Regular Form In Web
  • Flex form can be opened in flex mode (default) or in regular form mode

Reference: Working with Oracle Smart View for Office - Flex Forms


Action (Right Click) Menu Changes

Action menu for Forms

  • Define right click menu at member level

Use Case

  • Have Expense Statement form with each expense line item being planned in a different target form for each expense line item
  • Usage: Allow form association to vary for each member in a form
    • Member A target = Form A
    • Member B target = Form B


Flex Form Guardrails

  • Any modification to a flex form will not be persisted between sessions
  • Some form features are not supported for flex forms
  • You cannot modify columns in flex forms
  • Filtering does not disable Submit Data
  • Sorting disables Submit Data as it changes member order in the column.
  • Flex forms with user variables or dynamic user variables on rows are supported
  • Data validation rules and Valid intersections are not supported
  • Smart Push is supported
  • Formula rows are not supported
  • Flex forms are not supported for Smart Forms




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