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  • December 19, 2017

Using the Provide Feedback Utility to Help Oracle Collect EPM Cloud Diagnostic Information

Tanya Heise
Sr Principal Technical Support Engineer

What is the "Provide Feedback" utility? Are you using it effectively to provide information to Support?

  • "Provide Feedback" utility helps Oracle collect diagnostic information to help troubleshoot an EPM Cloud issue
  • It is NOT intended to be used as a satisfaction survey or personal feedback
  • This is the ONLY access to logs that Oracle Support has to help you with your issue
  • Do not DELAY sending the logs because they are time sensitive; therefore, the earlier you can capture and provide the information, the better it is.

It is very important to make sure that you follow the recommendations and steps below when using the "Provide Feedback" utility. The quicker you can perform this action when encountering an issue, the more likely it will be that Oracle Support will have all of the troubleshooting details they need to assist you.

Below is some general information related to Provide Feedback; along with documentation links and a presentation provided by Vinay Gupta, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, on this topic.


  • If you encounter an issue while using the service, use the Provide Feedback utility to describe the issue and the steps to reproduce it.
  • To expedite the resolution of issues that you find in the service, Oracle recommends that you provide a detailed description and add multiple screenshots to your feedback submissions. Adding a succession of screenshots that show your progress through a task enables you to create a storyboard that shows Oracle how to recreate your issue.
  • Each time a user submits feedback to Oracle using the Provide Feedback utility, a feedback notification, a subset of the information that a user submits, is sent to Service Administrators and to the user who submits the feedback. These notifications enable Service Administrators to review submitted issues and suggest corrective actions. Feedback notification is enabled by default.
  • Make note of the Reference Number because this number helps Oracle to easily collect the required diagnostic data.


Steps to Provide Feedback:

1. Click the down arrow next to your user name to open the Settings and Actions menu, and then click Provide Feedback.

2. Provide detailed information:

  • Click Highlight, and then click and drag on the screen to highlight the portions of the screen
  • Click Darken, and then click and drag on the screen to darken the portions that may have sensitive information
  • Click the camera icon to capture the screenshot

3. Go to the next screen in your process flow, and then click on the camera icon. Enter a detailed description of what you did on this screen, highlight and darken as needed on this screen, and then click the camera icon to capture the screenshot.

4. Repeat these steps for the whole process flow to recreate the issue.


NOTE: Using the Provide Feedback utility to submit diagnostic information sends your submission to Oracle but does not create a service request. If a Service Administrator cannot resolve the issue, then you can create a service request using the information that you submit.

If you create a Service Request....

  • You will be prompted for the reference number, which is displayed on the screen when you submitted diagnostic information using the utility. Additionally, the reference number is included in the feedback notification email. Entering the reference information helps Oracle to easily collect the required diagnostic data.




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