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  • June 17, 2014

RDA 8.04 has been Released

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The RDA developers have done it again! They have released a new version of the product (8.04) on schedule (Tuesday 10 June 2014).

The new bundled (RDA, DA, OCM) downloads are available in the KM article:
 "Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) - Getting Started" (Doc ID 314422.1)".
To learn more about Diagnostic Assistant, you may refer to
"Diagnostic Assistant: General Information" (Doc ID 201804.1)

If the RDA install on your system came with the default files (and you have not manually installed RDA), you can run an opatch updater instead:
"Resolve Problems Faster! Use Remote Diagnostic Agent ( RDA ) - Fusion Middleware and WebLogic Server" (Doc ID 1498376.1)
in the
"Quick Guide" tab [ OPatch bundle 18904462].

The  Bill of Materials for this version indicates that there were no new Hyperion modules released with version 8.04, but existing modules were improved. All RDA Hyperion profiles (which begin with the string, "Hyperion1112_" with the exception of Crystal Ball) now detect and suggest a default value for MIDDLEWARE_HOME. Additional improvements have been made to the Hyperion1112_HIR, Hyperion1112_HFM, and Hyperion1112_HSS profiles.

Several Diagnostic Assistant improvements (i.e., to collect and process certain parameters, and especially to simplify JDBC URL selection) missed the release deadline, so it would be best to run the following profiles from the RDA command line instead of via DA: 

  • Hyperion1112_EPMA
  • Hyperion1112_ESS
  • Hyperion1112_FCM
  • Hyperion1112_HFM and
  • Hyperion1112_HIR

Sample command lines could be:

when using perl:
perl rda.pl -vnSCRPp Hyperion1112_EPMA

On Unix/Linux Systems:
rda.sh -vnSCRPp Hyperion1112_ESS

On Windows:
rda.cmd -vnSCRPp Hyperion1112_FCM

-v = verbose (show output on screen)
-n = new collection (forget about the last one)
-S = Setup
-C = Collect (actually run this whole thing)
-R = Report (format the output in HTML)
-P = Package (zip the collection)
-p = run a Profile (as opposed to a module like OS, or DB)

To revert to a 'clean slate' before each run of Diagnostic Assistant use the -n option.

Alternatively, use the manual ways:

  1. Delete the DA_OUTPUT directory's config file, daenv.cmd|.sh, before each run.
  2. Set a different DA_OUTPUT path before each run, ie.
    set DA_OUTPUT=C:\tmp\da_output1
    da.cmd menu

(layout and post: Torben, authorized: Lia)

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