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  • September 10, 2013

OBIEE and EPM search helpers are online

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(in via Mel, Tara, Lia)

In order to make finding information easier, Oracle Support has created a series of what we call search helpers (aka Resolution Wizards, Task Assistant, Troubleshooting Assistant, Installation and Configuration Assistant or Integration Assistant depending on what it is each of them does : ) ).

One of the problems that our customers face when working with KM is digging up the information they need to overcome a problem.

This is rather easy when you have an error message to start with. Error messages are great for classifying the type of problem that you have, and you also instantly note if a KM Doc deals with your problem, or not.

So - what if you do not have an error message? There are many reasons for that. From How to questions, product configuration questions or any other proactive task (like - best backup practice etc.).

The wording people may use when they write a KM note, may simply not match how you would describe the issue (we see that on a daily basis where people search for "compatibility" while throughout KM "certification" is used) so it might be difficult for the search to match your issue with existing KM notes.

Would it not be nice if you could run through a kind of interactive checklist that filters down the available KM notes based on your input?

That's what the search helpers are.

They are in NO way related to this little chap

I would describe them as "hand picked, engineer selected, automatically updated, classifying filters to KM".

With the right search terms you can locate any KM Doc that they display. Alas - that is the trick! You do not need to come up with your own search terms. This is what the search helpers provide.

Now - where do you find them?

You can find them via the KM Doc 1378677.2 ( Resolution Wizard ). I have also put a list of available search helpers at the bottom of this post. As this list is constantly growing the question remains: how to keep track of these?

Good news: You do not need to.

The search helpers appear automatically when you log an SR.

(click to enlarge)

Notice in the above picture, that the search helper comes up as the first KM note offered during the SR logging process (step 2). As the helper is using JQuery for its content, loading the selections happens without opening a new KM Doc - all you see is already pre-loaded. It now offers a choice of search topics that it can assist with.

When following the selections in this one, it eventually give you a list of KM notes directly related to your issue.

(click to enlarge)

So - yay! 

Search helpers are created as another layer within MOS KM that tries to make information more accessible for you as a customer. Let us know what you think of them. We have a community thread about them ( here for OBIEE ) and are waiting for your feedback.

Oh, one last remark: search helpers are a work in progress and they do not exist for all our products yet. As we add more, you will encounter them more often, but for now the list below is all we have live.

List of KM search helpers (as of Sept 09.2013)

1545233.2 - Troubleshooting Assistant: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
1560184.2 - Installation and Configuration Assistant for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)
1558400.2 - Integration Assistant with Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)
1563079.2 - Server Related Issues - Task Assistant for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)
1558378.2 - Security/Access Control Assistant for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)
1562668.2 - Administration Task Assistant for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)
1562361.2 - Presentation Service Task Assistant with Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)
1562934.2 - Delivers and Schedulers Task Assistant for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE)

1550461.2 - Troubleshooting Assistant: Hyperion Financial Management Technical Issues 11.1x
1548628.2 - Task Assistant: Hyperion Financial Management 11.1.x
1566812.2 - Task Assistant: Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle Data Integrator Issues
1566505.2 - Task Assistant: Hyperion Financial Management and EPMA Issues
1553294.2 - Troubleshooting Assistant: Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)

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