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How to Integrate Essbase Analytics Link (EAL) with Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) 11.2

Tanya Heise
Sr Principal Technical Support Engineer

How to Integrate Essbase Analytics Link (EAL) with Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) 11.2

Thank you to Ilya Tebelev for contributing to this post!

General notes:

  • Deployment of EAL on WebLogic 12C with Java 1.8 (used by EPM 11.2) is not successful. Therefore, EAL does not work with EPM 11.2. EAL is officially supported on EPM 11.1 using WebLogic 11G and Java 1.6.
  • Development of EAL is not active, so I tried to find workaround to make EAL work with EPM 11.2. The workaround is: prepare a standalone machine that is dedicated to an EAL installation on EPM 11.1 WebLogic domain with EPM 11.1 HSS and HFM Clients, but make sure the database of this EPM 11.1 installation points to the database repository of EPM 11.2.
  • EAL must be deployed as a server on the EPM 11.1 WebLogic domain and must use Shared Services and HFM APIs (that is a part of Foundation Services Java Web Applications and HFM Management SDK deployment on WebLogic) of EPM 11.1 to communicate with EPM 11.2.
  • EAL security and provisioning will be done by Shared Services 11.2, identified by "Shared Services and a Registry database" that is pointed by the local EPM 11.1HSS Client configuration.
  • EAL, unlike previous versions of product, can communicate with only one HFM Server that is registered in Shared Services where the EAL managed by. In our case it will be HFM 11.2 that is registered with HSS 11.2 as part of EPM 11.2.


EPM installation:

* Use the latest version of EPM available on MOS

Foundation Services Client installation:


HFM Client installation:


EPM 11.1 Configuration:


  • Hyperion Foundation
    • Common Settings
    • Database
    • Deploy to Application Server
  • Financial Management

Configure the Shared Services database to point to a previously installed and configured EPM 11.2 Shared Services database (where HFM Server 11.2 is registered)

On the following screen, un-check Create of Windows Services for configured components, as it will not run.

Deploy a new Web Server locally. It will install the WebLogic Server locally with the EPM 11.1 domain.

Deploy Foundation Services on WebLogic locally. It will deploy Foundation Services 11.1 libraries that will allow to EAL communicate with HSS of EPM 11.2.

Finish Configuration of EPM


Install HFM 11.1 Patch Set Update (to allow integration with EAL):

* Installed HFM PSU should be not older then Patch Set Update 20455650

CMD>cd "C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\OPatch"
CMD>opatch apply 28511735 -oh C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1 -jre C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_35


Install and Configure EAL:

Install EAL in the regular way. Here are some important points regarding EAL installation and configuration.

Installation of EAL:

Choose a local WebLogic directory.

Configuration of EAL:

Note: Local Web Logic Admin Server has to run
Provide local WebLogic Server details:

Provide credentials for HSS in EPM 11.2, but local EPM (i.e., 11.1) instance Home.




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Comments ( 3 )
  • karthikeyan p Monday, July 27, 2020
    Thanks for the information on how to Integrate EAL with EPM 11.2.2
  • Karin Tuesday, July 28, 2020
    Where does the Essbase server (11.2 version?) and EAL-DSS (data sync) server go in this suggested setup? For the Essbase authentication through EAL, Essbase and APS & EAS would have to be registered in the same Shared Services (11.2.x presumably) as HFM. EAL needs the ESSBASEPATH, so Essbase client needs to go on the EAL server too.

    In any case the whole 'integration' looks fragile and full of mismatching css and interop jar's of 2 environments, and liable to stop working if HSS or HFM gets an extra patch on.
  • admin Wednesday, July 29, 2020
    Hi Karin, I reached out to Ilya about this. Below are his responses:
    1. Essbase Server 11.2. It can be installed in EPM 11.2 system, but not on EAL-EPM11.1 box, as I am not sure that Essbase 11.2 is compatible (there is a good chance that it does compatible, but user should test it by himself) with EPM 11.1 deployment.
    Regarding DSS, you can install it on any environment (EPM 11.1, EPM 11.2 or even non-EPM environment), as it does not dependent on EPM installed locally.
    2. EAL bring in its installation Essbase Java API and ECCMD client, so you do not need Essbase Client on EAL box at all. From another side, you can tell EAL to use APS 11.1 Java APIs by providing APS URL.
    3. Right now, HSS (css, interop) and HFM (HFM SDK) Clients of 11.1 are compatible with ones of EPM 11.2. Advised integration is tested in internal systems and found as working. Right now, this is only solution for integration of EAL with EPM 11.2 and no other is expectable.
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