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  • April 30, 2013

EPM - Essbase - Runtime Substitution Variables

With being out, I would like to point out the biggest change that we got in Hyperion Essbase:

Runtime Subsitution Variables.

They have been documented in the new features guide.

In short - you can now define Substitution Variables on the fly in a Calc Script or MaxL script.
Nice eh?
How do you do it?

The MaxL syntax looks like this:

execute calculation "myscript" on <App>.<DB> with runtimesubvars 'Currmonth = "Jan";';

(make sure that if you have a list of RTSubVars, that you end EACH ONE with a semicolon

execute calculation "myscript" on Sample.Basic with runtimesubvars 'Currmonth=Jan;CurrProd=Cola;';

there is a slight glitch in the documentation about this - we will get that fixed soon)

In a calc script you can simply use

Currmonth = "Jun";

again - multiple need to end on semicolon each:

SET Runtimesubvar {
Currmonth = "Jun";
Currlocation = "Florida";

We were also told that a new function is included in the API to prompt a user for a variable but so far this has not been implemented in any product (MaxL, SmartView, CalcManager, EAS - none of them yet). Products based on the API (e.g. Calc Manager) may in the future make use of that though - so stay tuned.

Along with a few changes to the performance of XREF (should be a lot faster now) and some added calculation functions this is the main change in Essbase.

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Comments ( 1 )
  • guest Monday, January 13, 2014

    I've tried it but it gives me an error when I run maxl command:

    Execution of the statement failed

    I have it:

    execute calculation "Aggccb" on application.cube with runtimesubvars 'myVar = "XXX";';

    Has someone tried it?

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