Tuesday Jul 15, 2014

Prepare for My Oracle Support (MOS) Release 14.3—Browser Requirements

If you have a CSI number, then you are eligible for technical support for your Oracle products using the My Oracle Support (MOS) portal.

With the rollout of My Oracle Support 14.3 on July 18, 2014, there will be changes to certified browsers.

If your browser is not upgraded, you may encounter issues or receive unexpected results and the solution will be to move to the certified browser. Fixes will not be generated for browsers that are no longer supported.

Check your browser version before July 18 to minimize any adverse impact later, when you do need to use MOS for any research or to file an SR.

Monday Jun 16, 2014

Framework Folder Support for WebCenter Portal? It's Coming!

You may be surprised to learn that support for Framework Folders on WebCenter Portal is, indeed, here! 

Oracle has released bundle patches for both WebCenter Content and Portal in April 2014 which bring home the support for FrameworkFolders. These patches will bring these products to version

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Monday May 05, 2014

Updating the New WebCenter Content UI (ADF User Interface)

Things are on track now, running smoothly, but there are some things you may need to know to get your software "right" and ready for the new code bundles that will be released in the future.  To get your WebCenter Content UI updated, safely and correctly, to the latest available code (, you'll need to follow these steps (if you haven't already done so):[Read More]

Tuesday Apr 22, 2014

Subscribe to Get Notifications of Updates, News, Releases and More!

There's a powerful feature on the My Oracle Support (MOS) system that is relatively hidden, that you may wish to take a look at.  It will allow you to subscribe to various product updates, bugs, alerts, etc, using your email address.[Read More]

Friday Mar 28, 2014

Identifying and Fixing WebCenter Content Performance Issues

Performance Issues can take lots of time to pursue.  RequestAudit tracing is a "must have" tool for finding and diagnosing performance problems.[Read More]

Wednesday Mar 12, 2014

Oracle Text Search; How Many is "Too Many?"

Don't you hate it when you have a question, and the best answer you can get is; "It depends?"  It's one thing if you're a child and you're asking your mom, "What's the best cookie?"  But if you're a DBA and you want to know, "How many pieces of content can I safely check into WebCenter Content Server before I take a significant performance hit," you're not going to be happy with the "It depends" answer that you'll likely get from Support.  Here are a few questions that we often get from customers, and some meaningful answers below them.[Read More]

Friday Feb 07, 2014

New My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) Platform

The My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) recently migrated to a new platform with a completely new look and feel and navigation.

There is a series of 5 short videos to help learn the basic features and get you started.  Please see My Oracle Support Community - New Platform Overview to start out with the first video.  Once done with that video, click on the [ Watch the Next in this series ] at the bottom left and it will automatically take you to the next video in the series.  Each video page has the [ Watch the Next in this series ] link to advance to the next video.

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Tuesday Jan 21, 2014

Java Release 51 Broke My Admin Applets (Again)!

If it seems like we've been through this before, well, we have... Note 1592799.1 is entitled, "WebCenter Content Server Admin Applets Failing after Java Plugin Upgraded to Java 1.7.0_45" and it details how to work around the problem.  Recently a very similar problem cropped up when Java 1.7.0_51 was released.  So, please see Note 1615151.1 entitled, "WebCenter Content Server Admin Applets Failing after Java Plugin Upgraded to Java 1.7.0_51" for a solution to the problem.

Wednesday Dec 18, 2013

So, You Want the New Oracle ADF User Interface for WebCenter Content Server?

So, if you have a good Java Development team and would like to take advantage of Oracle Application Development Framework to spice up your WCC UI, this is an excellent place to start![Read More]

Wednesday Dec 11, 2013

Framework Folders are now Enterprise Libraries? Sort of...

I know what you're thinking, "If all Enterprise Libraries are Folders, then do all of my Folders have to become Enterprise Libraries?"  No...[Read More]

Monday Nov 18, 2013

Did Your Question Get Answered in My Oracle Support Community?

One of the primary goals of My Oracle Support Community is answering your questions with a Correct or Helpful reply.

Sometimes it is hard to tell if you got the information you needed! As the person asking the question, you can let the community know which replies you found correct and which ones were helpful.

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Thursday Nov 14, 2013

The Sky is NOT Falling, Your Java is Fine!

If you continue to ensure that you are upgrading and maintaining current releases of your Java Runtime Environment, along with all of the products that rely on it, you won't have anything to worry about.[Read More]

Monday Sep 16, 2013

FMW Newsletter Sep 2013

The latest FMW newsletter has been published, 

Oracle Fusion Middleware Support News : Current Edition - Volume 9 : September 2013 (Doc ID 1347075.1)


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Oracle OpenWorld 13: Learn. Connect. Explore with Oracle Support and Services

Oracle Services will be front and center when Oracle OpenWorld kicks off.

More than 500 experts from across Services will be on hand September 22-26 to share best practices for adopting and optimizing Oracle technology.

Learn. Connect. Explore with Oracle Support and Services


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MOS Quick Reference Guide

Be more efficient with the MOS Quick Reference Guide![Read More]

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