Friday Oct 23, 2015

WebCenter Content 12c is Here!

Beginning today, you will be able to download the installation kit for WebCenter Content v12c!  What's new?  Lots!  What's old?  Some... Need some help?  We have it!  Let's have a look:[Read More]

Monday Oct 19, 2015

Oracle OpenWorld 2015! All about WebCenter, Support, and More

Each year at OOW, we drive the best and most innovative sessions for our attendees. This year is no different. With over 30 speaking sessions reflecting strategy and perspectives from our executives, technology experts, customers, partners, user groups and industry thought leaders; 10 live product demos; and 7 hands-on-labs devoted to Oracle WebCenter, Oracle Business Process Management (BPM)  and our Cloud Content and Collaboration solutions, we are excited to showcase our product innovations, customer successes and vision at OOW 2015.[Read More]

Thursday May 14, 2015

WebCenter is Here!

This morning, I checked my email and found another surprise.  Development has announced the release of Oracle Fusion Middleware's version!  Just like that, BAM!  The release of the new version of Oracle Fusion Middleware brings with it a new release ( of WebCenter Contet as well.  Light the fires, and bring meat to the feast, .9 has come![Read More]

Wednesday Mar 25, 2015

Finding "End of Support" Information for Fusion Middleware

With the consistent release of new versions of software, "End of Support" times get here quicker than you might hope![Read More]

Monday Jan 05, 2015

Locating Archived Notes for Great Info on Older Versions

As products are updated and re-released, a lot of the knowledge and wisdom of the older versions are stored in the Archives.  Finding this information is easier than you think![Read More]

Monday Oct 27, 2014

Oracle Documents Cloud Service

An independent report from Dynamic Markets tells us that "89% of business managers believe their employees need 24/7 access to core business systems to implement their business strategy."  Basically, everyone needs access to everything, from anywhere, and they need it immediately.[Read More]

Thursday Oct 02, 2014

Guided Resolutions when Creating a Service Request (SR)

Anyone logging Service Requests recently might have noticed changes to some of the available options.

Oracle is enhancing My Oracle Support (MOS) to provide a new Guided Resolution feature to help streamline the process for solving common software and hardware issues.

This feature is designed to guide you to a technical resolution for known issues by using fact-driven logic based on your specific situation and/or configuration.

The following screenshot shows what you will see if a guided resolution flow is available, in this case for WebCenter Content (WCC) Installation Issues and Troubleshooting.  Notice the yellow box that says Guided resolution has been activated.  This is what tells you there is a guided resolution for that Problem Type.

The goal is for users to get access to Oracle best practices for diagnosing issues across key product areas while retaining the flexibility of filing an SR in the event that a solution is not found.

The following screen shot shows the start of a guided resolution with the list of options available.

The WebCenter Content Problem Types that currently have Guided Resolutions in MOS are:

  • 1. Installation > Installation Issues and Troubleshooting
  • 1. Installation    > High Availability - Clustering
  • 2. Configuration and Administration > Searching and Indexing
  • 2. Configuration and Administration > High Availability - Clustering
  • 4. Runtime Issues, Performance and Monitoring > Searching and Indexing
  • 5. Product Usage and Application Development > Content UI
  • 7. Security > Active Directory
  • 7. Security > Content Server Security / Authentication
  • 7. Security > Credential Map
  • 7. Security > LDAP
  • 7. Security > OAM
  • 7. Security > OSSO

Click here to reference the official statement on the  Guided Resolution Feature (PDF).

Please be aware that Guided Resolutions are being constantly improved with new flows and will incorporate more products

We encourage you to send feedback on your experience by selecting the "Contact Us" link from  My Oracle Support and then selecting Problem Type "General issues with MOS" >> "Software-MOS Feedback/Enhancement Request."

Your feedback helps drive our ongoing efforts to enhance your My Oracle Support experience.

Monday Aug 04, 2014

New Categories for "Problem Types" Available to Create New SRs!

New "Problem Types" make for consistent choices across all Oracle products![Read More]

Tuesday Jul 15, 2014

Prepare for My Oracle Support (MOS) Release 14.3—Browser Requirements

If you have a CSI number, then you are eligible for technical support for your Oracle products using the My Oracle Support (MOS) portal.

With the rollout of My Oracle Support 14.3 on July 18, 2014, there will be changes to certified browsers.

If your browser is not upgraded, you may encounter issues or receive unexpected results and the solution will be to move to the certified browser. Fixes will not be generated for browsers that are no longer supported.

Check your browser version before July 18 to minimize any adverse impact later, when you do need to use MOS for any research or to file an SR.

Monday Jun 16, 2014

Framework Folder Support for WebCenter Portal? It's Coming!

You may be surprised to learn that support for Framework Folders on WebCenter Portal is, indeed, here! 

Oracle has released bundle patches for both WebCenter Content and Portal in April 2014 which bring home the support for FrameworkFolders. These patches will bring these products to version

[Read More]

Monday May 05, 2014

Updating the New WebCenter Content UI (ADF User Interface)

Things are on track now, running smoothly, but there are some things you may need to know to get your software "right" and ready for the new code bundles that will be released in the future.  To get your WebCenter Content UI updated, safely and correctly, to the latest available code (, you'll need to follow these steps (if you haven't already done so):[Read More]

Tuesday Apr 22, 2014

Subscribe to Get Notifications of Updates, News, Releases and More!

There's a powerful feature on the My Oracle Support (MOS) system that is relatively hidden, that you may wish to take a look at.  It will allow you to subscribe to various product updates, bugs, alerts, etc, using your email address.[Read More]

Friday Mar 28, 2014

Identifying and Fixing WebCenter Content Performance Issues

Performance Issues can take lots of time to pursue.  RequestAudit tracing is a "must have" tool for finding and diagnosing performance problems.[Read More]

Wednesday Mar 12, 2014

Oracle Text Search; How Many is "Too Many?"

Don't you hate it when you have a question, and the best answer you can get is; "It depends?"  It's one thing if you're a child and you're asking your mom, "What's the best cookie?"  But if you're a DBA and you want to know, "How many pieces of content can I safely check into WebCenter Content Server before I take a significant performance hit," you're not going to be happy with the "It depends" answer that you'll likely get from Support.  Here are a few questions that we often get from customers, and some meaningful answers below them.[Read More]

Friday Feb 07, 2014

New My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) Platform

The My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) recently migrated to a new platform with a completely new look and feel and navigation.

There is a series of 5 short videos to help learn the basic features and get you started.  Please see My Oracle Support Community - New Platform Overview to start out with the first video.  Once done with that video, click on the [ Watch the Next in this series ] at the bottom left and it will automatically take you to the next video in the series.  Each video page has the [ Watch the Next in this series ] link to advance to the next video.

[Read More]

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