Wednesday May 28, 2014

MOSC Bits - Personalized Profile

It is a good idea to have a unique profile in MOSC. Your activities there are better recognized and might even become a well known brand! This leads to recognition and trust.

My Oracle Support Communities (MOSC)  is a well established platform where experiences are shared. Reputation and trust are the basis for the quality of all communication there.

A personalized  profile can help to build up a good reputation. Besides the experience counter, a good name, details about your location and business experience are valuable details. Although a little bit hidden, the profile's avatar can be customized, too. The profile's avatar is an eye catcher and can act as an unique visual representation for  you. 

How to add / modify MOSC profile avatar (picture, icon)  ?   

  • Don't look in Edit Profile section.
  • After login, click on  your profile's name on top right.  

  • This lists all public information as part of the Bio section.
  • Select the Activity tab.

  • The Change Avatar link is on same level at far right.
  • A list of predefined symbolic pictures is populated.
  • Choose from the list of existing pictures or try Add Another to upload an image file from your local computer (JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP only, maximum file size of 2.0 MB).
  • Note: New added images can be used only after running through a review process. Usually after one business day they can be selected for your personal avatar.

Friday Jun 07, 2013

"Help! Oracle, I have problem with your software...!!!"

Yes, if you are using any software, there is a chance that sooner or later you will have some problems or questions. Actually, one report mentions that there is no software in the world which does not have a bug or a problem. This almost makes one say that death, tax and (now) software bugs are part of life, and you can not avoid them! :-) 

Your next question, as a customer, is "What now? How can I solve this problem/bug/issue/question/how-to that I have?"  Oracle provides you with many comprehensive sets of resources that you can use to overcome any issue you may have with its products. Following are some of these resources:

1. Oracle Knowledge Documentations:

Oracle provides a rich set of documentation for every Oracle product. These documents have an immense amount of knowledge for each product that Oracle provides. These are dynamically evolving documents and contain almost every type of problem that has been encountered! Chances are, your solution is described in one of these documents. I would strongly suggest that first step  in finding the solution of your problem is to search these documents. The search can be performed using the My Oracle Support(MOS) portal accessible to you. The MOS search engine is very powerful and we are making it even more intelligent.( read Irina's Proactive blog "New MOS Search Engine" )

2. My Oracle Support Community(MOSC) Forums:

My Oracle Support Community(MOS) forums are specifically designed for Oracle's contracted customers only.  In this community forum, you can post your questions with confidence that they will be answered in a reasonable amount of time. This is a community forum and you are welcome to answer other community members' postings as well! ( read Kenn's Proactive blog "Why Use My Oracle Support Community (MOSC)" )

3. Oracle Technology Network(OTN) Forums:

Oracle Technology Network(OTN for short) is a one of the best open public forums and a good resource for finding your answers.

4. Log Service Request Using My Oracle Support(MOS) Portal:

In an urgent situation when the above 3 resources fail, you can log a Service Request using the My Oracle Support(MOS) portal and an expert support engineer from the product team will contact you to help. There is even option of initiating chat session with support engineer! You will need a Customer Support Identification(CSI) number to log a Service Request. Visit the Oracle Support website for more details about product support and licenses.

5. Log Service Request By Phone:

This resource is same as #4, but a Service Request is logged using a phone call. Locate an appropriate phone number for your country by looking into Oracle Global Customer Support Contacts Directory. Likewise, you will need a Customer Support Identification(CSI) number to log a Service Request.

With these powerful resources, rest assured, you will have the prompt answer to any types of problems you are confronted with while using Oracle products. Oracle provides an unsurpassed customer service with various resources to solve any issue quickly!


Saturday May 11, 2013

How to track My Oracle Support Community subscription and thread ?

Oracle provides an abundant resources to its customers. One of many perks of being an Oracle customer is to have access to specific forums where you can post your product related questions and problems. These forums are called My Oracle Support Community - MOSC for short. We will discuss MOSC in detail some other time, but if you have used My Oracle Support Community and are familiar with its working process, you may wonder how do you keep track of your subscription? At some point, you may also get curious to find out how can you keep track of a thread you or anyone posted in community? This is an important function that I use frequently. I followed few quick steps and now I get an email every time there is an update to the subscription. There is also a one-click setup, to follow any thread that I am interested in.

Allow me to describe these setups in detail.

Set up for community subscription email notification is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Login to My Oracle Support Community

Step 2: Click link 'My Profile' on top right corner

Step 3:: Select the check-box 'Receive emails based on your community subscriptions' and click button 'Save'

That's all! And now you will receive an email every time there is posting for your subscription

On the other hand, in order to receive an email every time a thread is updated, go to the thread of interest and click link 'Subscribe' located at the right side bottom of the thread

This action will change 'Subscribe' link to 'Un-subscribe' and you will start receiving email whenever there is update to this thread. If you would like to stop receiving this email, click link 'Un-subscribe', that is available on same thread which was subscribed earlier.

(If you have question about above instructions or for anything related, feel free to comment here)


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