Wednesday Jun 26, 2013

New Online Learning Library (OLL) content

Looking to brush up on OAM or OVD skills? Want some help with OIM?
Well, have you checked our Online Learning Library (OLL) recently?

OLL is a great way to pickup new skills in short blocks of time, and there is an enormous selection, on a diverse set of products. Every month these trainings get hundreds or thousands of hits. It would be worth your while to spend some time just poking around the nooks and crannies for items that interest you.

A smattering of new OBEs and other content have recently become available, and if you haven't already, you might want to check them out:

 Also new is an Oracle University 5-day class you might want to investigate:

An OAM Advanced Administration class is in the works and should be available late summer or fall, so keep your calendar clear!

Be sure to let us know in the Comments if there is a training you would find useful.

Happy Trails :)

Wednesday Jun 19, 2013

NEW -- OAM Information Center

Have you been admiring the Information Centers (ICs) we have created for various products, like OID, OVD and OIM?

Have you been dreaming about a day when there would be one for OAM 11g?

In that case, you will be jumping with joy!

The ICs receive HUGE numbers of hits. Our most popular one, the OIM one, has had over 12,000 hits since we implemented it about a year and a half ago. And the OID one is not all that far behind, coming up on 11,000 hits.
Our DSEE IC has helped solve almost 300 Service Requests.

Including each of the IdM products, and counting each IC article as a separate entity, we have 40 ICs.

This is the reason we have collected the most useful OAM knowledge articles, Oracle University and Documentation links, links to White Papers, OTN download site, patch information, etc, and organized it into something that might help you at any stage in your OAM environment -- from planning and installation, to troubleshooting.

So, where is this magical creature? Start here:
And if your interest has been piqued, here are starting points for our other ICs:

Have you found some content that should be listed in one of these? Please post a Comment and we'll add it.

Happy Trails :)

Monday Jun 10, 2013

NEWS FLASH -- Updated OIM Connector Documentation (9.x and 11g)

Questions about OIM Connectors?

The OIM Connector documentation for 9.x and 11g has been refreshed on OTN to include the following instructions:

  • Usage Recommendation Section
  • Updated Certification Matrix
  • R2 (or R2+) deployment and configuration steps
You can access the updated 11g Connectors Guides for the following at this link:
  • AS 400
  • CRM OD
  • Lotus Domino
  • DBUM
  • Google Apps
  • JD Edwards
  • OID (including OUD and eDirectory)
  • PSFT Campus
  • SAP UM
  • Siebel
  • UNIX

Updated guides for 9.x Connectors, for the following, are at this link:
  • Active Directory (9.1.x)
  • DBAT (9.1.x)
  • Exchange (9.1.x)
  • Novell eDirectory (9.0.4.x)
  • Novell Groupwise (9.0.4.x)
  • EBS UM (9.1.x)
  • Windows (9.1.x)
You may want to bookmark the following articles, if you haven't already. They have also been updated with the new information:
  • Oracle Support Index for Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) Connector Master Notes [ID 1291117.1]
  • Index for OIM Connectors Patch History Documents [ID 1303052.1]

Friday Jun 07, 2013

"Help! Oracle, I have problem with your software...!!!"

Yes, if you are using any software, there is a chance that sooner or later you will have some problems or questions. Actually, one report mentions that there is no software in the world which does not have a bug or a problem. This almost makes one say that death, tax and (now) software bugs are part of life, and you can not avoid them! :-) 

Your next question, as a customer, is "What now? How can I solve this problem/bug/issue/question/how-to that I have?"  Oracle provides you with many comprehensive sets of resources that you can use to overcome any issue you may have with its products. Following are some of these resources:

1. Oracle Knowledge Documentations:

Oracle provides a rich set of documentation for every Oracle product. These documents have an immense amount of knowledge for each product that Oracle provides. These are dynamically evolving documents and contain almost every type of problem that has been encountered! Chances are, your solution is described in one of these documents. I would strongly suggest that first step  in finding the solution of your problem is to search these documents. The search can be performed using the My Oracle Support(MOS) portal accessible to you. The MOS search engine is very powerful and we are making it even more intelligent.( read Irina's Proactive blog "New MOS Search Engine" )

2. My Oracle Support Community(MOSC) Forums:

My Oracle Support Community(MOS) forums are specifically designed for Oracle's contracted customers only.  In this community forum, you can post your questions with confidence that they will be answered in a reasonable amount of time. This is a community forum and you are welcome to answer other community members' postings as well! ( read Kenn's Proactive blog "Why Use My Oracle Support Community (MOSC)" )

3. Oracle Technology Network(OTN) Forums:

Oracle Technology Network(OTN for short) is a one of the best open public forums and a good resource for finding your answers.

4. Log Service Request Using My Oracle Support(MOS) Portal:

In an urgent situation when the above 3 resources fail, you can log a Service Request using the My Oracle Support(MOS) portal and an expert support engineer from the product team will contact you to help. There is even option of initiating chat session with support engineer! You will need a Customer Support Identification(CSI) number to log a Service Request. Visit the Oracle Support website for more details about product support and licenses.

5. Log Service Request By Phone:

This resource is same as #4, but a Service Request is logged using a phone call. Locate an appropriate phone number for your country by looking into Oracle Global Customer Support Contacts Directory. Likewise, you will need a Customer Support Identification(CSI) number to log a Service Request.

With these powerful resources, rest assured, you will have the prompt answer to any types of problems you are confronted with while using Oracle products. Oracle provides an unsurpassed customer service with various resources to solve any issue quickly!


Thursday Jun 06, 2013

NEWS FLASH: Important patches for OIM 11gR2

If you have deployed OIM 11gR2 and are experiencing performance issues with the UI, take a look at this article:
OIM 11gR2: Patches for Performance Issues Related to Self-service UI [ID 1557879.1]

It announces the availability of the two one-off patches on top of Together, the patches have fixes to greatly improve UI performance for several common use cases. 

Let us hear of your experience with the article and application of the patches.


Monday Jun 03, 2013

Why Use My Oracle Support Community (MOSC)

Why Use MOSC?

Can you use My Oracle Support Community to receive support from Oracle?

Yes. In addition to using the robust knowledge base, service request (SR), and configuration management functions, My Oracle Support Community is designed to share knowledge, ideas, and expertise with your industry peers. The community enables you to obtain real-time access to an expanded network of trusted industry professionals, including Oracle experts, to help you get the information you need faster and more efficiently.

You have many Oracle Product experts that are checking these communities on a daily basis:

Should I attempt to get an answer to a problem in lieu of opening an SR?

Yes by all means, by using the forum you may get the answer you need without opening an SR!

Not only do you have multiple Oracle experts viewing the IDM forum, but I would suggest also using the search tool within the IDM forum.

As an example:

Let’s say you are having OC4J_Security Startup Issues , Then you can just “Create a Post” or “Do a Search” and see if your issue has already been addressed within the IDM MOSC.

1. Log in to the Identity Management Community

 2. Enter as search criteria “OC4J security startup issue”

 3. Results:

Notice there has been numerous discussions about OC4J security startup issue and possibly one of these will help you resolve your issue!

Who can participate in the My Oracle Support Community?

If you have access to My Oracle Support, Oracle's customer support portal, you automatically are a member. There is no additional registration required.

How do I access My Oracle Support Community?

Login to My Oracle Support, formerly known as MetaLink, navigate to the Community tab. My Oracle Support Community opens in a new browser window. To return to other areas of My Oracle Support, select the previous browser session. 

Why Use MOSC?

As a customer “My Oracle Support Community” should be one of your favorite Oracle Web Places to bookmark and continuously visit?

What is My Oracle Support Community?

My Oracle Support Community is a multi-channel interactive community for sharing information, posting questions and answers, and providing suggestions about Oracle products, services, and related technologies.

My Oracle Support Community content is structured as follows:

  • Categories represent a collection of communities. Often, categories are used to organize communities into a tree structure so members can find the right topics more easily.
  • Community is the area where individual discussions take place, knowledge is shared, and you can see the latest activity pertaining to your community.
  • Users can create documents and upload it to specific communities.
  • Oracle provides additional content which is useful to members of each community.
  • Discussions are commonly known as forums and areas where individual discussions take place are as a listing of threads. Discussions are most commonly used to post a question and receive responses.
  • Threads are the discussions that consist of one or more messages displayed as a list, or in a tree structure of messages and their replies.
  • Messages are the individual discussion posts made by community members.

Is there a “Help” document for MOSC?

Yes: My Oracle Support Help - Community [ID 733393.5]


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