Wednesday May 21, 2014

We Bring You OAM Pirate Treasure

What is found among the nooks and crannies, in dark corners, can be exciting and sometimes dangerous.

While diving in Monterey, off the coast of California, my husband was poking around a jetty, motioned to me to come see a moray eel whose mouth was slowly opening and closing. He assured me it was not warning me to swim away as fast as I could, but that it was sleeping, breathing rhythmically with the motion of the waves above. Just an arm's length was visible, the tip of the iceberg, if you will, as these animals are scary long. He's a Divemaster, but I'm not convinced that makes him all that much more cautious among the critters, as one time he surfaced in a herd of barking sea lions.

Another time we were diving in Hawaii and he and our young son went into a cave to get a closer look at a shark that he, yet again, assured me was asleep, despite its swimming back and forth at the back of the cave, clearly alert as it was not crashing into anything. The sea turtle just outside the cave that was floating on the sandy bottom I KNEW was asleep as it wasn't moving at all, just enjoying the massage from little fish picking gunk off its shell, and that's where I chose to position myself in case the shark attacked and I had to swim for help.

A few months ago, one of my colleagues was poking around the innumerable internal wiki pages with the help of our Dev contact (our "Devmaster"?), but instead of finding something threatening, he found a pirate's treasure. Oracle OAM Development had put together an impressive collection of Cloud troubleshooting wikis that have concrete steps to follow, showing what to expect, what is problematic and what isn't.

Over the course of a month, several of us converted the wikis into about 30 Knowledge Base articles that we now bring to you. There are flowcharts with boxes to click on, and you can go back up a level or back to the top article.

So -- TA DA! Start here:

It's big with lots of dank corners, but we assure you that exploration in the world of OAM FA Cloud troubleshooting will give you new insights and understanding to make the journey worthwhile.

Happy Trails!

Wednesday Sep 11, 2013

NEW -- OAAM Information Center

The time has come, the time is now.

We have Information Centers for various IdM products (OAM, ODSEE, OID, OVD, OIM). Isn't it about time for OAAM to have one too?

During the past few months, we have sorted through the OAAM articles in our knowledge base and organized them into what we hope will help you find what you need in a better way. Not only do we list those articles, but you can also quickly find the official documentation, patch release information, and links to our MOS Community where you can post questions that could be answered by those out in the field doing the same types of things that you're about to try.

The IC is organized into 5 different documents corresponding to Overview (Hot Topics + Resources), Use, Troubleshoot, Install/Configure, Certify.. The starting point is here, then use the tabs across the top to get to the topic of interest:

Information Center: Oracle Adaptive Access Manager 11g and later (Doc ID: 1559842.2)

The red arrows show some common IC features worth noting, such as the tabs and subtabs across the top, the widget subtabs, and how they can be collapsed or expanded.

We hope that you find this and all our ICs helpful.

Let us know if there are other resources you'd like for us to add!

Happy Trails

Friday Jul 05, 2013

A-Team and their Chronicles

Have you heard of our A-Team? Do you know that they have a new website called A-Team Chronicles?

If you have engaged Oracle Consulting, filed a service request, or worked with our Sales team, you may have indirectly worked with them.

Their global team of Enterprise Architects, Solution Specialists and Software Engineers provides guidance on implementation best practices, architecture, troubleshooting and how best to use Oracle products to solve customer business needs. They handle our toughest situations, hardest problems, greatest challenges.

AND -- they have just finished compiling and organizing a ton of content that YOU can access! Their Identity Management content can be found here, but don't stop there. They have content in lots of other areas too, including the Cloud, engineered systems. Select the link at the top right for Fusion Middleware to get a full listing.

Some recent additions include:

There is a handy Search bar that you can use to find articles on topics that have been puzzling you lately. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

Happy Trails

Wednesday Jun 26, 2013

New Online Learning Library (OLL) content

Looking to brush up on OAM or OVD skills? Want some help with OIM?
Well, have you checked our Online Learning Library (OLL) recently?

OLL is a great way to pickup new skills in short blocks of time, and there is an enormous selection, on a diverse set of products. Every month these trainings get hundreds or thousands of hits. It would be worth your while to spend some time just poking around the nooks and crannies for items that interest you.

A smattering of new OBEs and other content have recently become available, and if you haven't already, you might want to check them out:

 Also new is an Oracle University 5-day class you might want to investigate:

An OAM Advanced Administration class is in the works and should be available late summer or fall, so keep your calendar clear!

Be sure to let us know in the Comments if there is a training you would find useful.

Happy Trails :)

Wednesday Jun 19, 2013

NEW -- OAM Information Center

Have you been admiring the Information Centers (ICs) we have created for various products, like OID, OVD and OIM?

Have you been dreaming about a day when there would be one for OAM 11g?

In that case, you will be jumping with joy!

The ICs receive HUGE numbers of hits. Our most popular one, the OIM one, has had over 12,000 hits since we implemented it about a year and a half ago. And the OID one is not all that far behind, coming up on 11,000 hits.
Our DSEE IC has helped solve almost 300 Service Requests.

Including each of the IdM products, and counting each IC article as a separate entity, we have 40 ICs.

This is the reason we have collected the most useful OAM knowledge articles, Oracle University and Documentation links, links to White Papers, OTN download site, patch information, etc, and organized it into something that might help you at any stage in your OAM environment -- from planning and installation, to troubleshooting.

So, where is this magical creature? Start here:
And if your interest has been piqued, here are starting points for our other ICs:

Have you found some content that should be listed in one of these? Please post a Comment and we'll add it.

Happy Trails :)

Monday Jun 10, 2013

NEWS FLASH -- Updated OIM Connector Documentation (9.x and 11g)

Questions about OIM Connectors?

The OIM Connector documentation for 9.x and 11g has been refreshed on OTN to include the following instructions:

  • Usage Recommendation Section
  • Updated Certification Matrix
  • R2 (or R2+) deployment and configuration steps
You can access the updated 11g Connectors Guides for the following at this link:
  • AS 400
  • CRM OD
  • Lotus Domino
  • DBUM
  • Google Apps
  • JD Edwards
  • OID (including OUD and eDirectory)
  • PSFT Campus
  • SAP UM
  • Siebel
  • UNIX

Updated guides for 9.x Connectors, for the following, are at this link:
  • Active Directory (9.1.x)
  • DBAT (9.1.x)
  • Exchange (9.1.x)
  • Novell eDirectory (9.0.4.x)
  • Novell Groupwise (9.0.4.x)
  • EBS UM (9.1.x)
  • Windows (9.1.x)
You may want to bookmark the following articles, if you haven't already. They have also been updated with the new information:
  • Oracle Support Index for Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) Connector Master Notes [ID 1291117.1]
  • Index for OIM Connectors Patch History Documents [ID 1303052.1]

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