Monday Feb 15, 2016

OBIEE 12c - Infrastructure Tuning Guide

The following whitepaper describes techniques for monitoring and optimizing the performance of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 12c components.

The reader of this document should have knowledge of server administration, Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW), hardware performance tuning fundamentals, web servers, java application servers and database.

OBIEE12c: Best Practices Guide for Infrastructure Tuning Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 12c (12.2.1)

(Doc ID: 2106183.1)

  • Performance Overview
  • Top Tuning Recommendations for OBIEE
  • Performance Monitoring and Testing OBIEE
  • Tuning OBIEE Components
  • Tuning Oracle Essbase

All tuning information stated in this guide is for orientation only and should be tested and monitored closely to determine what best suits your needs.

Wednesday Apr 22, 2015

New Whitepaper: OBIEE to Essbase Authentication Methods

(in via Steve)

We are happy to announce that Product Management has created a new Whitepaper:

OBIEE To Essbase Supported and Recommended Authentication Methods ( Doc ID 1993210.1 )

This is a clean up and compilation of some of the following KM notes:

  •  OBIEE 11g: How To Implement Single Sign-On Using CSS Token for Integration with Essbase ( Doc ID 1480755.1 )
  • Configuring OBIEE 11g to use Hyperion SSO Tokens when Communicating with Essbase, HFM,EPM ( Doc ID 1940079.1 )
  • OBIEE 11g Implement Single Sign-On Using CSS Token For Integration With Essbase ( Doc ID 1608620.1 )
  • OBIEE 11g: How To set up Credential Pass Through from OBIEE to Essbase ( Doc ID 1519240.1 )
  • OBIEE 11g: How to Set up Single Sign-On between OBIEE and Hyperion ( Doc ID 1982665.1 )

These notes have either been archived, deleted or corrected. They are listed here for your reference, and not to be bookmarked.

If you had these notes bookmarked, it is recommended to bookmark the new KM Note 1993210.1 and remove the obsolete references, to keep one single valid reference for all your Essbase/OBIEE authentification needs.

(info:Steve; text and layout: Torben; authorized: Lia)

Thursday Jan 22, 2015

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Version 11g Performance Recommendations

The following technical white paper (linked in the given KM note) was written by the OBIEE Performance Development team. It is intended for experienced Oracle BI Administrators, DBAs and Applications implementers:

 Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Version 11g Performance Recommendations (Doc ID 1963225.1)

It discusses performance topics for Oracle BI Applications 11g ( and higher) using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 11g, and using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11.1.1.x., such as:

  • Hardware Recommendations for Implementing Oracle BI Applications
  • Application Server Sizing and Capacity Planning Source Environments
  • Recommendations for Better Performance Oracle Warehouse
  • Recommendations for Better Performance Oracle BI Applications Best
  • Practices for Oracle Exadata Oracle BI Applications High Availability

Most of the recommendations are generic for BI Applications 11g contents and its BI techstack.

The document covers advanced performance tuning techniques in ODI, OBIEE and Oracle RDBMS, so all recommendations must be carefully verified in a test environment before applied to a production instance.

Customers are encouraged to engage  Oracle Expert Services to review their configurations prior to implementing the recommendations to their BI Applications environments.

Wednesday Jan 29, 2014

OBIEE Tuning Guide Whitepaper - update available

(In via Ahmed)

New updates have been made to the OBIEE  "Best Practices Guide for Infrastructure Tuning" whitepaper.

This updated whitepaper is for 11g Release 1 (, and can be downloaded from the My Oracle Support knowledge article:

OBIEE 11g Infrastructure Performance Tuning Guide
Doc ID 1333049.1

The new revised document contains the following useful new and/or updated tuning items:

  • Optimized JVM switches for Oracle JRockit / Sun JVM / IBM JVM etc
  • New tuning parameters settings / values for JavaHost / OPIS / OBIS components.
  • Improved BIEE / platform performance monitoring techniques.
  • IBM WebSphere tuning parameters.
  • More WebLogic Server tuning parameters.
  • Windows Server 2012 tuning parameters.
  • New optimized Linux / AIX tuning parameters.
  • Additional Essbase ASO tuning parameters.
  • libOVD authenticator search tuning

    And many more….

Disclaimer: All tuning information stated in this guide is only for orientation, every modification has to be tested and its impact should be monitored and analyzed. Before implementing any of the tuning settings, it is recommended to carry out end to end performance testing that will also include to obtain baseline performance data for the default configurations, make incremental changes to the tuning settings and then collect performance data. Otherwise it may worse the system performance.

Monday Jan 13, 2014

OBIEE 11g: Testing Using Oracle Load Testing 12.x

(in via Ahmed

Now available - NEW whitepaper for Load Testing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g Using Oracle Load Testing (OLT) 12.x.

This whitepaper produced via "Customer Engineering & Advocacy Lab" (CEAL) contains information to provide a quick start for performance / load testing of the OBIEE 11g infrastructure using Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS).  The contents include:

  • Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) Overview
  • OBIEE Load / Performance Testing Process Using OATS

The PDF document is available for download from the "My Oracle Support" Knowledge document:

OBIEE 11g: Load Testing OBIEE Using Oracle Load Testing (OLT) 12.x
[Doc ID 1611188.1]

Thursday Jan 09, 2014

OBIA: Upgrading to Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1 Hot Fix 2

Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1 Hot Fix 2 is now available in the Business Intelligence (BI) 11g media pack for download and use with BI Applications 7.9.x

By upgrading to Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1 Hot Fix 2, customers can avail of support for Informatica PowerCenter on higher versions of operating systems, support for the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse on higher versions of database platforms, and bug and security fixes.

To assist with the upgrade a New Whitepaper has been made available. This document covers information on downloading, the upgrading and configuring.  The Whitepaper is available via the "My Oracle Support" Knowledge article:

"Oracle BI Applications: Upgrading to Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1 Hot Fix 2"
[Doc ID 1610752.1]

Ref: OracleBIApps_UpgradeINFAPowerCenter_9.5.1HotFix2_Doc_ID_1610752.1.docx


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