Friday May 24, 2013

Oracle EPM supported platforms (refresher)

We have mentioned this before in a number of blogposts. But as the functionality is on the rather new side and as people tend not to read old blogposts, I have decided to give you another round of "How to use the certification tab in on "My Oracle Support"".

Step 1)
You may or may not have noticed the tab "Certification" on MOS. Chances are, you never clicked on it, as you were too busy logging a new Service Request for your current issue.
Let us discover what this can do for you in four easy screenshots.

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Step 2)
Clicking on this tab will not only take you to the certification search part, but also sports a number of links on the left. These include information about the state of the certification tool, the Oracle lifetime policy and a link to the video outlining the use of this tool.

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Step 3)
In this case we are looking for information on Essbase v on Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit) - let us see what we can get back from the certification tool

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Step 4)
Not only can we instantly see that this version of Essbase is compatible with Win2K8R2x64 but we also see a list of Supported Databases and the versions supported, the OS itself and the JDK that can be used.

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With a search that goes for the entire EPM System, we get the following result - note the additional information you find at the bottom that can take you to a more specific product related view.

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I have had a look at earlier blogposts here and found a few related to certification / supported platforms - so in case your product is not yet covered by the MOS tab, you may want to give these a visit to find the information you are looking for:

Friday Apr 26, 2013

Locating Certification Information for OBIEE

We've just uploaded a new 4 minute video showing how to quickly find OBIEE certification information in MOS.

There's been  a lot of progress in the way certification information can be found, if you have the time please take a look.

(edit - the video had to be removed from YouTube due to legal reasons - you can now find it in  KM Doc EPM Support Matrix - Product Compatibility Information [ID 1507504.1]  )

Wednesday Mar 06, 2013

Official Oracle Certification Definition

One of the frequent topics that comes up in conversation between support and customers circles around the terminology of "supported", "certified" and in general what systems work with other systems. The following official definition may help to clarify this a bit.

What are certifications?
A certification is a combination of Oracle and third-party products and operating systems that Oracle has tested and should work together.

What is the difference between certified and supported?
Certified is not the same as supported. Each product has its own support policy and timeframe, completely separate to certification. For example, a product combination may have been certified by Oracle in 1995. However, one or more of the products in that certification may no longer be supported by Oracle or a third-party vendor.

For information about Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy, view the following URL in a browser:

Where do I find information about what systems work with other systems?

There are a number of ways:

  • We do have certification communities for EPM and BI. Simply go to these on Oracle Communities and ask your question.
  • You can have a look at the "supported Platform Matrix" for your Product. A general entry point for Fusion Middleware is  this one. And more specific you find the links to the EPM Support Matrices here. (both do not require a login :) )
  • When Logged into My Oracle Support (MOS) you can navigate to the certification tab and locate your version certification there.

One special topic are the browsers - where do I find information about browser certification?

Probably the best overview page (thanks Greg for keeping this current):

  • Enterprise Performance Management Products Compatibility with Internet Explorer ( IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9)
    ( Doc ID 1355681.1) ( bookmarking this is strongly recommended )
  • Internet Explorer (IE7, IE8 and IE9) Recommended Settings for Oracle Hyperion Products
    ( Doc ID 820892.1)
  • EPM Support Matrix - Product Compatibility Information
    ( Doc ID 1507504.1)
  • When Will EPM Support Windows 8 and Internet Explorer (IE) 10?
    ( Doc ID 1492671.1)

Tuesday Feb 19, 2013

OBIEE certification update

(in via Lia)

Some new Client Operating Systems were added to the OBIEE certification in January:

So from now on, the OBIEE Application is supported on pretty much all Apple Operating Systems (save those that slipped me here).

More Fusion Middleware certification information can be found  here.

Did you notice our new certification communities? All questions regarding "does version X work with version Y?", "Is Version X Supported on Operating System Z" or "What Data sources can be used as Repository for Version A" can and will be answered by the moderators and participants.

Where to find these? Simply go to either:

Tuesday Dec 11, 2012

Premier Support for Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System 11.1.1.x Ends July 2013

Premier Support for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System release 11.1.1.x expires July 2013. After July 2013, Sustaining Support will continue to be provided in accordance with Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy.

Customers must follow a supported upgrade path.

If your deployment is at EPM System release
- Your supported upgrade path is directly to release

If your deployment is at EPM System Release release
- Your supported upgrade path is directly to release

If your deployment is at a prior release
- The recommended path is to upgrade to release From here, you can continue a direct upgrade to release

For more information see Doc ID 1511588.1 or the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy

Wednesday Sep 19, 2012

Internet Explorer 9 Support for EPM Products

(source: Greg) 

Internet Explorer 9 support for Enterprise Performance Management products:

With release of Patch Set Update Internet Explorer 9 is now a supported browser for EPM products.

This PSU has been released for:

  • Shared Services <Patch 14142678>
  • Workspace <Patch 14119724>
  • Enterprise Performance Management Architect EPMA <Patch 14224664>
  • Planning <Patch 14464109>
  • Hyperion Financial Management HFM <Patch 14354419>

For full information regarding IE compatibility with EPM products please review  Doc ID 1355681.1
Enterprise Performance Management Products Compatibility with Internet Explorer ( IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9).

For the list of latest PSUs for EPM products please see ( Doc ID 1400559.1) Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Products.

Monday Jun 11, 2012

How to actually receive media from Oracle

If you ever wondered how to receive actual physical media from Oracle, then you may want to check out the KM Doc:

How to Request Physical Shipment or FTP download of Software Media (Doc ID 1071023.1)

Rachelle has created a very nice note on the topic.

So, should your DSL line be slow or you actually want to get something physical for your money - check this one out.


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