Thursday Mar 13, 2014

Important! Discoverer Statement of Direction

Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer
Statement of Direction

March 2014

Product Management have released the Statement of Direction for Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Tools.  This document is available to download from My Oracle Support (MOS) Knowledge article:

Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Statement of Direction - March 2014
Doc ID 1634827.1

If you are using Discoverer please ensure to read this document as it contains vital information about:

  • Oracle’s Product Strategy
  • Oracle’s Support Policy
  • Oracle’s Recommendations to Customers

NOTE: Oracle recommends migrating to our strategic business intelligence offering by June 2015. Please contact Oracle Sales Account teams for details.

Friday May 31, 2013

OBIEE predicts: xls is dead - long live xlsX

(in via Martin)

To the observant reader of Microsofts own Lifecycle policy it is not new that the file format for Excel 2003 (xls) is about to be de-continued with the end of extended support for Office 2003 in April 2014

Hence, it is only reasonable that OBIEE also discontinues the Office 2003 products and formats after a certain grace period.

To quote the announcement made in
KM Doc - Support of Microsoft Office 2003 with Oracle Business Intelligence Answers, Dashboards and Publisher OBIEE 11g [ID 1558215.1]:

"Over the past several releases, Oracle Business Intelligence has supported Office 2007, Office 2010 and the newer Office XML file formats (*.xlsx, pptx, *.docx). Customers are strongly encouraged to use the Office XML formats and the Microsoft Office versions that support those formats. Starting with Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle will begin removing functionality that supports Office 2003 products and file formats."

Having said that, a closer look at the attached PDF shows that not all hope is lost on your old spreadsheets. Some functionality will be carried over and continued to be supported for some time. e.g:

  • Excel Templates will continue to support *.xls as the template type and the output type
  • RTF Templates and XPT templates will continue to support *.rtf output
  • Excel binary *.xls files will continue to be supported as a data source type

Reassuringly this means, that you still have time to adjust your projects and processes and get used to using xlsX where possible.

So far, we did not get an announcement when the xls format will be finally buried, but thinking ahead it is likely a wise move to start using xlsX as your new standard.

Monday Apr 08, 2013

FDM & ERPI to be combined into FDMEE starting with

(in via Lia)

Starting with release,

Oracle Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)
Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management ERP Integration Adapter for Oracle Applications (ERPI)

are being combined into a single product named

Oracle Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition (FDMEE)

built on the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform.
Pricing and related adapters remain unchanged, and there is no fee for existing FDM customers to migrate to FDMEE.

Existing customers may:

  • upgrade to FDM version,
  • migrate to FDMEE,
  • or run both in parallel.

New customers may license FDMEE only.

Please note that starting with EPM, existing FDM customers will be required to migrate to FDMEE if they chose to upgrade other EPM products to release (Release is the last release of FDM as it is currently offered.)

Please note that enhancements will not be provided for the current FDM and ERPI products after the release.
Customers who wish to take advantage of enhanced features and functionality should plan to migrate to FDMEE.

Support for these products follows the published  Oracle Lifetime Support Policy Guidelines.

Any questions related to this announcement should be directed to your Oracle account manager.

This information was also announced in the Oracle Knowledgebase
under  KM Doc ID 1542470.1

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Essbase Excel Add in - S.o.D.

sadly another long lasting friend is about to be buried in the wet, cold data void that holds past programs (... and AOL CDs).

The Essbase Excel Add In is about to be de-continued
(see  Doc ID 1466700.1) in January '13.

The (already out) version of the Excel Add In must be considered the last release of this particular program
(Unless the guys from Applied OLAP bring out their own version next to the openOffice Add In that they already sport).

As expected, SmartView achieved parity in functionality with Release and ever since then it was just a question of time when our old buddy would get the shoe.

For all users out there like me that have known and worked with the Excel Add In for the last decade(s) this is a loss.

SmartView may have functionality parity, and may altogether be the stronger, open technology - capable of Planning forms, connection to HFM etc. .
But (from my personal point of view) it will not give the end user the same direct access to his databases, with nothing between him and his Essbase Server. Of course it was to be expected that only one of the two could survive and it was obvious that this would be SmartView, so this does not come as a surprise.
A minute for an old friend . . .

. . .

Thank you, and let us look forward!
Unless you had other plans for the upcoming season, why not spend it investigating SmartView for your Essbase interaction needs.
We hear that the days between Christmas and new year hold unlimited potential to test out new things.
Or take it as a new year resolution: "I will switch to SmartView at the earliest possible moment".


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