Monday Apr 14, 2014

Hyperion Planning Data Forms

(in via Suruchi)

For  Oracle Hyperion Planning comes a NEW Knowledge article which explains how the data type of a cell on a Planning Form is determined. 

"Display Non Numeric Data e.g TEXT, %, Smart List, Currency In Hyperion Planning Data Forms" Doc ID 1635668.1

This document assists Planning Interactive Users and Administrators who design Planning Forms.  It discusses the evaluation order of dimensions on the data forms and provides details to set the evaluation order for "EPMA Planning" and "Classic Planning" applications.

Related article links have been provided for common errors that can be encountered with forms when evaluation order is not set.

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Hyperion Planning

Monday Apr 07, 2014

Hyperion Planning JVM OutOfMemory

The following NEW Knowledge article has been published for Oracle Hyperion Planning which looks at some of the common reasons for an OutOfMemory error:

Hyperion Planning JVM OutOfMemory
Doc ID 1639475.1

This document provides details for setting the JVM heap size for the Hyperion Planning environment and resolving the OutOfMemory error messages that are commonly encountered.

The Knowledge article is targeted towards Hyperion Planning Server Administrators who configure and maintain the Hyperion Planning environment.

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Wednesday Mar 26, 2014

Monitoring Hyperion Planning JVM in EPM Environment

A NEW Knowledge article is now available that provides information on tools that are used for monitoring the Oracle Hyperion Planning Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Monitoring the Planning JVM in EPM Environment
Doc ID 1636657.1

At times when you encounter slow performance or JVM crash the monitoring information is requested by support for troubleshooting. This document assists in the gathering of the required information.

This Knowledge article is targeted towards Hyperion Planning Server Administrators who configure and maintain the Planning environment. The same principals can be applied to any JVM in the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System.

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Hyperion Planning

Thursday Feb 14, 2013

retired Business Rules and the migration to Calculation Manager

(in via Nancy)

With the retirement of Business Rules as of the EPM v11.1.2.2 release, a white paper has been written  "Hyperion Business Rules (HBR) to Calculation Manager Migration White Paper (Doc ID 1528121.1)" to assist in the migration when upgrading from previous versions of EPM to  It is published as an attachment to the KM document that can be downloaded for reference. 

Additionally, an Advisor Webcast took place on January 10, 2013 – Migrating Business Rules to Calc Manager.  To view the recording of this session or to access the presentation, please refer to KM article: "Advisor Webcasts: Current Schedule and Archived recordings (Doc ID 740966.1)".

Once the Welcome to the Oracle Advisor Webcast Program page is displayed, select Oracle Business Analytics from the Select a product to get started drop-down list then navigate to the Archived 2013 tab.

Additional to the Webcast there is a thread in the Planning community in which questions and answers towards the Webcast and the migration are collected.

Thursday Jan 03, 2013

reminder: 10 Jan 2013 - HBR to Calc Manager migration Advisor Webcast

To all those Planning Admins who are about to migrate to v and need to migrate their systems from Hyperion Business Rules (HBR) to Calculation Manager:

We do have a Webcast about the migration on
Thursday, 10th of January 2013

Suruchi will present the process to you in a nice 45 minute session and as with all Advisor Webcasts we will have a brief Q&A session at the end to answer your questions.
You can find out more about the session in  KM Doc ID 1506296.1 or register directly at the  webex site.

As of our KM Doc:
"This one-hour session is recommended for technical Planning administrators. The focus will be around migrating the business rules from EAS to Calculation Manager. There will be additional information provided regarding how to approach troubleshooting in the event something were to go wrong."

You can also find other Advisor Webcasts on the general Schedule via KM Doc ID 740966.1
or more EPM related Advisor Webcasts via
KM Doc ID 1456233.1

Also a quick reminder to those who are not familiar with this:
ALL Advisor Webcasts are recorded and then uploaded (within 48 hours after the session).
You can find them via the above links in KM in the ARCHIVE section of the Schedule.
Additional the EPM team has introduced a new policy: each Advisor Webcast is accompanied by a community thread for Q&A for the people who missed the session or find themselves having questions while reviewing the recording. The thread is observed by the presenter, so that you are still able to get in direct contact with her.

Friday Dec 14, 2012

Advisor Webcast: Hyperion Planning: Migrating Business Rules to Calc Manager

As you may be aware EPM was the terminal release of Hyperion Business Rules (see Hyperion Business Rules Statement of Direction ( Doc ID 1448421.1).

This webcast aims to help you migrate from Business Rules to Calc Manager.

Date: January 10, 2013 at 3:00 pm, GMT Time (London, GMT) / 4:00 pm, Europe Time (Berlin, GMT+01:00) / 07:00 am Pacific / 8:00 am Mountain / 10:00 am Eastern


    Calculation Manager in
    Migration Consideration
    How to migrate the the HBR rules from to Calculation Manager
    How to migrate the security of the Business Rules.
    How to approach troubleshooting and known issues with migration.

For registration details please go to Migrating Business Rules to Calc Manager ( Doc ID 1506296.1).

Alternatively, to view all upcoming webcasts go to Advisor Webcasts: Current Schedule and Archived recordings [ ID 740966.1] and chose Oracle Business Analytics from the drop down menu.

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Advisor Webcast: Integrating DRM with EPMA

Leave out your shoes early this year!

On December 5th Saint Nicolas has something to put into them...

Another Advisor Webcast is on:

This time it is Matt Lontchar presenting the setup and use of Data Relationship Modeling ( DRM ) with Hyperion EPMA (to be then used with Planning and or HFM)

In this one-hour session he will demonstrate the setup and configuration of a Data Relationship Management application for chart of accounts management with Oracle General Ledger and dimension management for Oracle EPM System applications such as Hyperion Financial Management and Hyperion Planning.

Key Points will be:

  • Configuring Data Relationship Management for Oracle GL and EPM Architect integration
  • Configuring Hyperion Foundation Services (Weblogic, Web Services Manager, Shared Services)
  • Deploying and configuring the DRM Web Service
  • Setting up Oracle General Ledger for DRM integration
  • Configuring EPM Architect for DRM integration

So - treat yourself for some pre-season "chocolate" and join in on this webcast.

You find all relevant information on Doc ID 1504283.1 or via the Advsior Webcast Schedule Note  Doc ID 740966.1

Or simply go directly to the registration site at Webex:

UPDATE (19.03.14):
The recording is now available under:

Thursday Jun 14, 2012

RDA version 4.28 released

Oracle proudly presents:

RDA 4.28

 This version of RDA comes with

  • a new HCVE rule set (pre installation checks) Doc ID 1435695.1
  • now alsocollects Calc Manager Information

Enjoy a faster resolution and clear communication about what Software is installed, the logs retrieved and have Tech Support react faster to the issue at hand by getting a detailed overview of the system they are dealing with.

More information about RDA in general can be found here.


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