Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

Patch Set Update: Hyperion Essbase

The following Patch Set Updates (PSU) have been released for Oracle Hyperion Essbase

These PSU downloads are available from the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates section.

Hyperion Essbase Server

Patch 19613865: Essbase Server

Hyperion Essbase Client

Patch 19613868: Essbase RTC
Patch 19613886: Essbase Client
Patch 19613877: Essbase MSI

These PSU releases can be applied to the following releases of existing Hyperion Essbase installations:


At time of writing, there is no current release for:

- Hyperion Essbase Administration Services (EAS)
- Hyperion Analytic Provider Services (APS)
- Hyperion Essbase Studio

It is recommended the same version of all Essbase portfolio products (Essbase, Essbase Administration Services, Hyperion Provider Services, and Essbase Studio) and components (server, client, runtime client, API, and JAPI) are used. When only some Essbase portfolio products are included in a patch release, the last released versions of the products that are not included in the patch are supported.

Essbase Administration Services, Provider Services, and Essbase Studio are supported for use with Essbase

Refer to the Readme files prior to proceeding with these PSU implementations for important information that includes a full list of the defects fixed, along with additional support information, prerequisites, details for applying patch and troubleshooting FAQ's.

It is important to ensure that the requirements and support paths to this patch are met as outlined within the Readme file. The Readme file is available from the Patches & Updates download screen.

To locate the latest Essbase Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates at anytime visit the My Oracle Support (MOS) Knowledge Article:

Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Hyperion Essbase
Doc ID 1396084.1

Why not share your experience about installing this patch ...

In the MOS | Patches & Updates screen simply click the "Start a Discussion" and submit your review.

The patch install reviews and other patch related information is available within the My Oracle Support Communities. Visit the Oracle Hyperion EPM sub-space:

Hyperion Patch Reviews

Friday Nov 08, 2013

November EPM Patch Set Updates released

(in via Greg)

Greg has provided us an updated listing of current patches for the EPM system.  These follow on from our previous Blog post last month in October [link].

17320505 - Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis for Foundation - PSU
17413112 - Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition - PSU
- Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis for Financial Reporting - PSU
17609530 - Hyperion Essbase RTC - PSU
17609535 - Hyperion Essbase Server - PSU
17609533 - Hyperion Essbase Client - PSU
17609539 - Hyperion Essbase Client MSI - PSU
- Hyperion Essbase Administration Services Server - PSU
17609497 - Hyperion Essbase Administration Services Console MSI - PSU
- Hyperion Analytic Provider Services - PSU
16692973 - Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management - PSU
16984944 - Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management - PSU
16989110 - Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management - PSU
17636270 - Hyperion Strategic Finance - PSU

Be sure to review the related Readme files available per Patch Set Update.  These describe the defects fixed and/or updates included along with requirements and instructions for applying the patch. To access simply click on the "Read Me" button when accessing the PSU via My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates.

At any time to see listing of the latest Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for the current releases visit:

Doc ID 1400559.1 - Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Hyperion EPM Products
Doc ID 1525518.1 - Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Crystal Ball, DRM, FCM, HPCM and HSF

For OBIEE keep up to-date with the latest Patches and Patch Set Updates by visiting:

Doc ID 1488475.1 - OBIEE 11g: Required and Recommended Patches and Patch Sets

Wednesday Jun 05, 2013

How to read product versions: " .x" versus " +"

(in via Lia)

You may have come across the different ways that Development uses to indicate more than one version of a Product,

namely " .x" vs " +".

While working through our certification documentation some people came across this and had a little chat with Development about it. Here is the simple yet easy to understand response that they got:

" .x"
in, the "x" indicates to include:,,

" +"
in, the "+" indicates any higher version of the same codeline e.g.,,

but not 11.1.2... nor 12...

One minimal yet important difference is, that the "+" usually is NOT separated by a dot, while the x is. So the versions referenced by the "+" are one level up from those referenced by the ".x"

We hope that this settles the question once and for all. So the next time you need to check a product compatibility via the product matrices or the certification tab, you will no longer have to worry about the question if JRE 1.6_34+ includes JRE 1.7_15 or not - you now know that it does not.


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