Friday Feb 28, 2014

BIApps ODI Cumulative Patch 1 Now Available

The BIApps ODI Cumulative Patch 1 has been released.  This is available for download via  My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates.

Patch 17546336

Be sure to review the related Readme file for important pre-requisites and post installation details.  This is available via the "Read Me" button on the "Patches & Updates" download screen.

For a summary list of Bugs resolved in this patch visit:

Doc ID 1629879.1

For information on BIApps release visit our previous Blog Post
"BIApps is ready for download".

Friday Jan 31, 2014

Installation of BI Applications with Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1

Update 4-Feb-2014: The Informatica .rep file for BI Applications in INFA 9.5.1 has been made available via Login Required Patch 18104144.

For updated information refer to:

NOTICE: Installation of BI Applications with Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1"
Login Required
Doc ID 1615994.1

The following notice has been made for customers who are in the process of either installing or upgrading to Oracle BI Applications with Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1 Hot Fix 2.

Included in the Business Intelligence 11g media pack is the Informatica .rep file for Oracle BI Applications V7.9.6.4 in Informatica PowerCenter V9.5.1 format. The part is titled 'Informatica Repository 9.5.1 for BI Applications' (part # V41981-01).

The Informatica .rep file provided is an incorrect development version. Do not use this file to restore the Informatica repository for BI Applications Drop this repository if you have already restored it.

For more information and details on how to restore the correct repository please read:

NOTICE: Installation of BI Applications with Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1
Doc ID 1615994.1

Latest Cumulative Patch for DAC

If you are ever needing to know what the latest cumulative patches are for DAC look no further than the following articles:

What is the latest Cumulative Patch for DAC
Doc ID 1365152.1


What is the latest Cumulative Patch for DAC
Doc ID 1616861.1

Being cumulative means you can apply them without needing to apply previous patches, all fixes from previous patches are incorporated.

Direct links for the January 2014 Cumulative Patches:

Instructions for obtaining the January patches from within My Oracle Support:

   1. Log into
   2. Navigate to "Patches and Updates" tab

  • For the January Patch
    - Enter 18125904 for "Patch Name Or Number" in the Patch Search section and click Search
    - It should find "DAC STANDALONE CUMULATIVE PATCH - JAN 2014" patch

  • For the January Patch
    - Enter 18119302 for "Patch Name Or Number" in the Patch Search section and click Search
    - It should find "DAC CUMULATIVE PATCH FOR BI APPS - JAN 2014" patch

Be sure to review the related Readme files
available via "Patches and Updates"

Thursday Jan 09, 2014

OBIA: Upgrading to Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1 Hot Fix 2

Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1 Hot Fix 2 is now available in the Business Intelligence (BI) 11g media pack for download and use with BI Applications 7.9.x

By upgrading to Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1 Hot Fix 2, customers can avail of support for Informatica PowerCenter on higher versions of operating systems, support for the Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse on higher versions of database platforms, and bug and security fixes.

To assist with the upgrade a New Whitepaper has been made available. This document covers information on downloading, the upgrading and configuring.  The Whitepaper is available via the "My Oracle Support" Knowledge article:

"Oracle BI Applications: Upgrading to Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1 Hot Fix 2"
[Doc ID 1610752.1]

Ref: OracleBIApps_UpgradeINFAPowerCenter_9.5.1HotFix2_Doc_ID_1610752.1.docx

Tuesday Sep 24, 2013

BI Apps (v - known issue document

(in via Lia)

Today I would like to point your attention to one of the KM Docs that was created just recently:

BI Apps Release Known Issues (Doc ID 1581473.1)

The purpose of this list of known issues is described as:

  • To publish the list of known critical issues with BI Apps out-of-the-box standard metadata.
  • It contains only the issues that will prevent an implementer to install/upgrade/configure BI Apps
  • It does not include any other module specific (finance, procurement etc.) bug fixes.
  • BI Apps customers (install or upgrade) should review the information in this document before performing install/upgrade 

We then see a list of issue with Bug Number, patch number (if it exist), issue short and detailed description and - most important - workarounds and patches that fix the problem.

We can therefore only recommend to bookmark that KM Doc for a future visit in case that you are planning an update to your OBIA installation, as it is constantly updated with the latest information about known issues and their fixes.

If you still have an issue that you can not identify - why not speak to the OBIA community as a first step on your way to a solution?


The document has now been set to "published". Thanks for your pointers. Also - we are aware that the background colour of the table is slightly off - the Owner of the KM Document is working to resolve that at the moment.

Tuesday Aug 20, 2013

Oracle BI Mobile App Designer is Now Available

(in via Lia)

This went out as a newsletter, so not much we can add to the information, but we want this to be recognized, so here is the release information for the BI Mobile Apps Designer as a blogpost:

The News
Now generally available, Oracle BI Mobile App Designer is a new design tool for business users easily to create stunning and interactive analytical applications for use on any major mobile device.  With Oracle BI Mobile, businesses have been able to deploy full interactive dashboards with zero additional development using Oracle BI Mobile HD on iOS devices, and now can create purpose-built mobile analytic applications for smartphones and tablets with drag-and-drop simplicity using Oracle BI Mobile App Designer.  BI Mobile App Designer complements BI Mobile HD and is packaged with BI Foundation Suite and the BI Mobile option to OBIEE at no additional cost.

Example Screenshot

App Designer

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

What’s New

  • Mobile-first Business Apps – BI Mobile App Designer is the ideal solution for users that want targeted, business-specific mobile apps that are easy and fast to build, require no programming expertise, and can be delivered to users across all the major mobile platforms and devices. Apps are built with support for touch and gestural interactions built in.

  • Intuitive App Design Interface – BI Mobile App Designer has a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows business users to select their data visualizations—including tables, charts, navigation panels, repeating grids, images, text narrative, etc.—and then drop these elements onto a palette to create mobile apps within minutes. Third-party plug-ins like Google Maps, Sunburst visualizer, etc., can be incorporated and used in a similar manner. A preview function allows users to preview their apps within a computer’s browser, or on a mobile device by scanning a QR code – without requiring any installation or configuration.

  • Portable Device, Platform, Screen-size Design – BI Mobile App Designer is certified to support iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets.  Since it supports HTML5, most mobile browsers can run BI Mobile App Designer apps; it requires no plug-in, no installation, and no download from a third-party app store.

  • Enterprise Integration - Oracle BI Mobile App Designer is a part of and fully integrated with the Oracle BI Foundation. Users can create mobile apps with enterprise data from the BI Semantic layer (RPD), with data from BI Publisher data models, or even Excel data files, with seamless support for and the benefits of role-based data-level security that the Oracle BI Foundation suite provides.

Product Availability & Licensing

  • BI Mobile App Designer is available now as a patch to Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, version [patch number 17220944 at]

  • BI Mobile App Designer is licensed at no extra charge with Oracle BI Foundation Suite and Oracle BI Mobile.

Where can I find more information?

Monday Jun 03, 2013

WARNING - BI Applications installation issue

(in via Lia)

We were informed of the following advice from Development:

"We [Development] are issuing a notice ( KM Doc ID 1558419.1 ) to customers who are installing BI Applications

The installation of BI Applications requires BI EE to be installed as a pre-requisite. BI EE can be installed either in
Software Only Mode
(which requires WebLogic 10.3.6 to be installed first) or in
Enterprise Install Mode (which installs WebLogic 10.3.5). The installation of BI Applications in the two install scenarios is documented in the  Installation Guide.

However, we [Development] have observed that installations of BI Applications where BI EE has been installed in Software Only Mode with WLS 10.3.6 installed are erroring in either config BI or config Apps steps.

The errors manifest as hangs during these processes with failures to restart either the WLS Admin Server or the Managed Servers.

We are advising that all customers install BI Applications using the installation flow with BI EE installed in Enterprise Install mode until further notice.

Details for this advised installation with WebLogic 10.3.6 is available in the “Install Alert” PDF document in:

Doc ID 1558419.1 - Notice for Install of Oracle BI Applications OBIA

So if you missed the alert Development sent out via  MOS, then hopefully this gets to you, before you spend hours getting your installation with Software Only Mode to take off ground.If it reaches you later, then at least you now know what the installation problem was.

OBIA Documentation
OBIA Installation Guide

Thursday May 23, 2013

OBIA - revised installation guide has been published

(in via Lia)

We just had word from Development, that a new and updated installation guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) has been published.

Anyone planning to install version of OBIA is advised to use this installation guide. You can find it here:

Tuesday May 07, 2013

BIApps is ready for download

(in via Lia)

listening closely to the chirps from Development, we heard that a new version of BI Apps is on the loose:

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications version

has been uploaded and is ready for use via technet.

You can find the downloads here:

And the documentation here:

Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

BI Apps with OBIEE - Installation Issue

If you are trying to install BI Apps on OBIEE, you will encounter an issue.

 Please be advised that BI Apps 7964 (which was released on OBIEE BP1) requires BI EE

You will therefore need to install BI EE and then patch to or higher. Then run the BI Apps installer. Once BI Applications has been installed, you can then upgrade BI EE to, if required.

Please note that “Certified” doesn’t automatically mean you can Install apps into the .7 environment. You must first install into what was originally certified and then upgrade the techstack.

Monday Apr 22, 2013

new Oracle BI Apps (OBIA) performance recommendations released

(in via Lia)

We just got note that Development has released a new version of the OBIA 7.9.6.x performance recommendations document.

You can find this in the  KM note Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Version 7.9.6.x Performance Recommendations [870314.1]

Some of the key points (and really just some in this 134 page long guide):

  • Storage Considerations for Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse
  • Source Environments Recommendations for Better Performance
  • Oracle Warehouse Recommendations for Better Performance
  • Oracle BI Applications Best Practices for Oracle Exadata
  • OBIEE Queries Performance Recommendations
  • Oracle BI Applications High Availability

A word to the wise:
It is intended for Oracle BI Administrators, DBAs and Applications implementers.
Customers are encouraged to engage  Oracle Expert Services to review their configurations prior to implementing the recommendations to their BI Application environments.

You have been warned ;)

So - although it is available for anyone to read, we strongly advise that you only tweak your live system with this guide if you really, really know what you are doing - There is no magic button labelled "Click here for faster system" but a lot of things make sense and can assist in speeding up your OBIA system.

Tuesday Jan 08, 2013

Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) released

We are happy to announce the GA release of OBIA

This version features two new Applications:

  • Oracle Manufacturing Analytics, part of the Oracle BI Applications product family, helps discrete and process manufacturing organizations optimize their supply networks by integrating data from across the enterprise value chain, thereby enabling executives, operations managers, cost accountants and production supervisors to make informed and actionable decisions related to manufacturing execution.  The application includes 21 analytical subject areas that are leveraged to deliver 32 dashboard pages that consist of more than 200 pre-built reports.

  • Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Analytics, part of the Oracle BI Applications product family, offers complete and enhanced visibility to enterprise-wide maintenance information. Pre-built reports covering Maintenance History, Maintenance Cost Analysis and Maintenance Work Orders, provide Maintenance Managers information to maximize performance, identify potential issues much in advance, and address them before they escalate into serious problems. The application includes 11 analytical subject areas that are leveraged to deliver 26 dashboard pages that consist of more than 200 pre-built reports.

Highlights of the Oracle BI Applications Release:

  • New Application - Oracle Manufacturing Analytics with pre-built adapters for EBS Process Manufacturing R12.x and EBS Discrete Manufacturing R12.x and 11.5.10
  • New Application - Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Analytics with pre-built adapters for EBS R12.x, EBS 11.5.10 and IBM Maximo 7.5
  • Universal Adapter to extend the capability to other source systems
  • Certified for OBIEE 11g
  • Certified for Exalytics
  • Certified for DAC 11g including support for Exalytics / Times Ten, Patching Framework, Dual ETL Support and many other performance enhancements
  • Native support for mobile and tablet devices
  • Localized in 28 languages
  • Supported on Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Teradata DB
  • Rollup patch resolving 122 BI Applications bugs

More information can be found on:

Part Number: E35287-01

Thursday Oct 11, 2012

Name Changes for the Business Analytic My Oracle Support Communities

(guest post by Mel)

Please let us welcome the new names for the EPM communities!

You will shortly be seeing the following names when looking at your communities:

Business Intelligence

Oracle Hyperion EPM
            Hyperion FDM
            Hyperion Enterprise & Hyperion Enterprise Reporting
            Hyperion Essbase
            Hyperion Other Products
            Hyperion Planning
            Hyperion Reporting Products
            Hyperion Shared Services
            Hyperion Patch Reviews

We would also like to take this opportunity to mention that externally kept bookmarks may not work after the change, as the name of the community is part of the URL.
So in case you have bookmarked discussions whitepaper-lists etc in your browser, you may want to re-visit these after the name-change.

We hope that you continue your contribution to your community.
Thank you for your ongoing support.


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