Thursday May 14, 2015

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

We are pleased to announce the release of:.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

The download is available from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and Oracle Technology Network (OTN):

Oracle Software Delivery Cloud | Oracle Business Intelligence

OTN | Oracle Business Intelligence ( Downloads


Ensure to download this OBIEE release from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud for production environments. 

Please note the OTN download is provided for non-production environments such as developing, testing and demonstrating, etc. 

For more information refer to the Oracle license agreement made available prior downloading within Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and OTN. The OTN license is also made available for review via Oracle Technology Network License Agreement.


Access OBIEE Documentation via Oracle Help Center:

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1 (

Release notes for OBIEE have been made available via:

Oracle Fusion Middleware Release Notes for Oracle Business Intelligence

New Features information is outlined within

OBIEE 11g: New Features in OBIEE [Doc ID 2010034.1]

OBIEE Supported Systems Configuration information is available for downlaod from OTN:

OTN | Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations

Keep up to-date with the latest OBIEE Patches and Patch Set Updates by visiting

OBIEE 11g: Required and Recommended Patches and Patch Sets
Doc ID 1488475.1

Footnote 19th May 2015: The content on this Blog post was updated to reflect download availability from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

Wednesday Mar 04, 2015

EPM Cumulative Feature Overview Tool - New Web-Based Interface

(in via Jan)

The Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Information Development team are pleased to announce the availability of the new web-based version for the Cumulative Feature Overview tool.

The Cumulative Feature Overview tool provides details of the new and enhanced features and functionality available between EPM product releases.

Enterprise Performance Management
Cumulative Feature Overview Tool

A few simple steps are all that is required, from selecting the EPM Product name/s, and the from/to release versions. Along with the concise descriptions, the tool provides the release version the specific feature or functionality was implemented in, and where applicable a Video Feature Overviews link is provided.

Previously provided as an XLS file, this new HTML web-based interface can be viewed on all devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The results can be downloaded as a report output in various formats such as PDF and Excel.

Tuesday Nov 18, 2014

Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service - New Features (

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is a flexible planning application based on Oracle Hyperion Planning that supports enterprise-wide planning, budgeting, and forecasting in a cloud-based deployment model.

Product Management have advised Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) release has been implemented.

This release includes internal performance improvements in addition to defect fixes. It also introduces many new features for Planning and Calculation Manager, along with additional browser support.

Summary of the New Features ...


  • New Simplified Interface:
    In addition to the standard Planning interface, this release provides a new, simplified interface to create, manage and work with the Planning application.

Users access Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service in the simplified interface by clicking Simplified Interface from the Landing page or by accessing the Simplified URL URL (i.e. /HyperionPlanning).

The Simplified Interface features the following:

  • A new application creation wizard that helps you easily create a sample, simple, or advanced application
  • Customizable application look and feel
  • A console in which to view and manage the application
  • A scheduler for recurring jobs
  • Easy access to import/export operations
  • Visual support for the planning process
  • Resources that help you get started with administering and using Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service
  • Support for dynamic dimension members:
    If a parent member is enabled to add dynamic children, you can create members by entering their names in the runtime prompt.

Calculation Manager

  • List location aliases for a block storage database and application
  • Track queries to select the most appropriate set of aggregate views to materialize for an aggregate storage database
  • Compact database outline to remove the records of deleted members, reduce the outline file size, and improve performance
  • Merge incremental data slices into the main database slice
  • Aggregate system generated views to calculate aggregations for an aggregate storage database.
  • Select a compression dimension to improve performance
  • Display level information of each dimension of the application if you are working with an aggregate storage database
  • Manage user sessions to view and terminate user requests
  • Switch between desktop and classic modes


  • Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service now supports Internet Explorer Versions 10 and 11, and Firefox ESR release 31.
    • The simplified interface of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is certified on Internet Explorer 11 standard mode.
    • The standard interface of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is supported, but not certified, on Internet Explorer 11 Enterprise mode.

Additionally, you can use Google Chrome on Android devices and Apple Safari on Apple iPad to access the simplified interface of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service.

For additional information refer to Oracle Help Center - Using Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service - Supported Browsers.

Want to know more about PBCS -

  • Key Features and Benefits by reviewinng the Oracle PBCS Data Sheet PDF
  • Visit the Oracle Help Center for tutorials, videos and books at:

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud - Get Started

Tuesday Jul 22, 2014

Meet the New Features in My Oracle Support Community

(In via Mel)

When you log into My Oracle Support and My Oracle Support Community you will notice that it looks and feels different than last week.

The system was updated during the weekend to provide you with new features.

My Oracle Support 14.3 Release brings many changes that will help you work more effectively with Oracle Support and  My Oracle Support Community.

To highlight these changes and new features Webcast sessions have been scheduled with a duration of 45 mins.

These essentials sessions are targeted to customers who are routine users of My Oracle Support and want to quickly learn about new features and improvements.

In addition, this session also offers a reference to further Oracle Support learning resources (duration 45 min).

You can register for an upcoming live session via:

My Oracle Support Essentials Webcast Series
- New Features in My Oracle Support 14.3

Doc ID 1907477.1

If you like to find out more visit::

How to use My Oracle Support
- Training Video Series [Video]

Doc ID 603505.1

The following provides direct links to ...

My Oracle Support Community Training Videos:

Watch : My Oracle Support Community Platform Overview (10:22)

Watch : How to complete your My Oracle Support Profile (08:23)

Watch : How to start a discussin in the My Oracle Support Community (08:11)

Watch : How to reply to a discussion in the My Oracle Support Community (08:35)

Got questions about the new features?

Try out the new ASK Feature in the:
Using My Oracle Support Community

Tuesday Jan 28, 2014

Smart View Documentation

Following on from the recent posting for "Patch Release: Smart View" - now available for download is the:

Oracle Smart View Documentation

The documents include:

  • Smart View for Office Readme
  • Smart View for Office New Features
  • Smart View for Office User's Guide
  • Smart View for Office Developer's Guide
  • Smart View for Office Accessibility Guide

These Oracle Smart View documents are available in HTML, PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats and can be access via the Oracle Documentation Library here


  • MOBI files are supported on Amazon Kindle devices
  • EPUB files are supported on mobile devices.

Thursday Jul 04, 2013

OBIEE Advisor Webcasts coming this month

Coming to you in July ...

During this July the Proactive Support Team will be presenting the following Advisor Webcasts for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE).

  • OBIEE 11g Using and Troubleshooting on Mobile Devices

July 23rd (15:00 GMT/UTC) - Recommended for technical and functional users who want to use OBIEE's capabilities but not be tied to a wired network. That is anyone needing reports on a smartphone or tablet. That could be a CEO, or a someone working out in the field. This presentation describes the functionality available on mobile and how to set it up and which mobile devices are supported.

  • OBIEE 11g New Features
July 30th (13:00 GMT/UTC) - Recommended for technical and functional users who want to know what are the latest features with OBIEE and

To register for these simply visit Oracle Business Analytics Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archive Recordings and follow the registration links.

Missed an Advisor Webcast?   You can also review any of the past Advise Webcasts via the Archived pages at:

Oracle Business Analytics Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archive Recordings

Document 1456233.1


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