Friday Jun 05, 2015

New Knowledge Article: HFM New Features & Differences from Previous Releases

(in via Tanya)

The following new My Oracle Support Knowledge Article is available:

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)
New Features and Differences from Previous Releases

Doc ID 2015669.1

This article provides a high level list of the new features that exist in HFM and details the changes/differences between HFM and previous releases.

The details contains brief overview of the architectural changes and information relating to utilities, tools and logs that HFM Administrators will want to know.

Did you know ...

The EPM Cumulative Feature Overview Tool - New Web-Based Interface is available. This tool outlines the new and enhanced features and functionality for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) product releases.

To access the tool directly visit:

Enterprise Performance Management
Cumulative Feature Overview Tool

Questions specific to Hyperion Financial Management ...

The My Oracle Support Community "HFM" is an ideal place to seek & find product specific answers:

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)

Tuesday May 26, 2015

My Oracle Support - Essentials Webcast Series

The My Oracle Support (MOS) Essentials Series brings interactive expertise straight to your desktop.

This program provides tips and tricks on how to effectively work with Oracle Support, and take advantage of the PROACTIVE tools that are provided with your Oracle Support contract.

My Oracle Support Essentials Webcast Series - Schedule
Doc ID 553747.1

The MOS Essentials Webcast Series offers live presentations and covers many topics that assist in improving support interactions.

Topics include:

  • My Oracle Support New Features
  • Working Effectively with Support
  • Using My Oracle Support
  • Oracle Cloud Support
  • Finding Answers in My Oracle Support
  • Getting Started with My Oracle Support Community (MOSC)
  • My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) Best Practices for Advanced Users
  • Service Request Flow and Best Practices
  • Support Configuration Based Services Essentials
  • Hardware Support Best Practices
  • Customer User Administration
  • Understanding Support Identifier Groups

Getting Started:

Locate the Webcast session of interest in Doc ID 553747.1. View the scheduled times and language for the live sessions, and Register.

The Doc ID 553747.1 contains a description of each of these sessions, and also provides access to the PDF of the Presentation and the Recording where available.

Additional Information:

Also available is the MOS "How-to" training series, that provides feature-based training videos arranged by experience level, role or task that is being peformed.

How to use My Oracle Support - How-to Training Video Series
Doc ID 603505.1

This training collection of videos and quick reference guides allow you to quickly learn in depth knowledge of the features of MOS in just a few minutes. They are the foundational knowledge you will need if you are considering "My Oracle Support Accreditation". Details for the MOS Accreditation are outlined in:

Oracle Support Accreditation - Series Index
Doc ID 1583898.1

Tuesday Mar 10, 2015

My Oracle Support Community - New Rewards and Recognition Program

My Oracle Support Community recently introduced the:

NEW Rewards and Recognition Program.

Using the My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) is a great way to get answers to your questions, collaborate with others and share your product knowledge.

If you've ever been part of an online community, you are likely to have experience with a content rating, or user rating system. When a community member posts something meaningful or highly relevant, other users can flag or mark the content as such.

The Oracle Community has had a content and user rating system for some time. With the My Oracle Support (MOS) 15.1 release, an enhanced Rewards and Recognition program was implemented, that includes new user levels, visual perks, badges, and achievements. The changes increase the visibility of quality contributors, giving participants a more flexible, fun way to share knowledge and work within the community while increasing the value of content.

We highly recommend checking out the new program ...

To learn more:

If you would like to provide feedback on the new program, visit the MOSC Thread:
New Reward & Recognition program!

My Oracle Support Community - Business Analytics (BI & EPM)

MOSC - Business Intelligence MOSC - Oracle Hyperion EPM

Friday Sep 05, 2014

Logging a SR: New Guided Resolution Feature in MOS

(in via Lia)

Anyone logging Service Requests in the last month or so would have noticed changes to some of the options made available to you.

Oracle has enhanced My Oracle Support (MOS) to provide a new Guided Resolution feature to help streamline the process for solving common software and hardware issues.

The feature was introduced in MOS 14.3, released July 2014.
It is designed to guide you to a technical resolution for known issues by using fact-driven logic based on your specific situation and/or configurations.

The example below shows what you will see if a guided resolution flow is available, in this case for Essbase / Shared Services

Essbase Guided Resolution

(click to enlarge in new tab)

The aim is for users to get access to Oracle best practices for diagnosing issues across key product areas while retaining the flexibility of filing an SR in the event that a solution is not found.

The following screen shot shows the start of guided resolution with the list of options available to you

Guided Resolution Essbase details

(click to enlarge in new tab)

Click here to reference the official statement on the  Guided Resolution Feature (PDF).

Please be aware that Guided Resolutions are being constantly improved with new flows and will incorporate more products

We encourage you to send feedback on your experience by selecting the "Contact Us" link from  My Oracle Support then selecting "General Issues" >> "Software-MOS Feedback".

Your feedback helps drive our ongoing efforts to enhance your My Oracle Support experience.

(Text and Picture: Lia; Layout: Torben)

Tuesday Jul 22, 2014

Meet the New Features in My Oracle Support Community

(In via Mel)

When you log into My Oracle Support and My Oracle Support Community you will notice that it looks and feels different than last week.

The system was updated during the weekend to provide you with new features.

My Oracle Support 14.3 Release brings many changes that will help you work more effectively with Oracle Support and  My Oracle Support Community.

To highlight these changes and new features Webcast sessions have been scheduled with a duration of 45 mins.

These essentials sessions are targeted to customers who are routine users of My Oracle Support and want to quickly learn about new features and improvements.

In addition, this session also offers a reference to further Oracle Support learning resources (duration 45 min).

You can register for an upcoming live session via:

My Oracle Support Essentials Webcast Series
- New Features in My Oracle Support 14.3

Doc ID 1907477.1

If you like to find out more visit::

How to use My Oracle Support
- Training Video Series [Video]

Doc ID 603505.1

The following provides direct links to ...

My Oracle Support Community Training Videos:

Watch : My Oracle Support Community Platform Overview (10:22)

Watch : How to complete your My Oracle Support Profile (08:23)

Watch : How to start a discussin in the My Oracle Support Community (08:11)

Watch : How to reply to a discussion in the My Oracle Support Community (08:35)

Got questions about the new features?

Try out the new ASK Feature in the:
Using My Oracle Support Community

Thursday Jul 17, 2014

My Oracle Support Accreditation For Business Analytics

The My Oracle Support Accreditation Program offers a modular learning path that provides an opportunity to test your expertise with My Oracle Support and the support of Oracle products.

The MOS Accreditation Series is designed to increase your expertise with My Oracle Support (MOS) core functions and to help build skills to leverage solutions, tools, and knowledge.

Following this learning path will deepen the understanding of supporting Business Analytics, detailing how to find answers, ensuring products are certified, and recommended best practices to maintain the Oracle products.

The series content is intended for Oracle Customers who are active users of My Oracle Support. Accreditation is optional & self-paced, and accreditation can be selected at any time.

My Oracle Support Accreditation

The My Oracle Support Level 1 Accreditation Series is considered an important prerequistite for the product specific Level 2 Accreditations. It is highly recommended that Level 1 is completed to ensure there is a solid baseline of expertise on the core features of My Oracle Support, which are built on within the product specific paths.

To get started with the MOS Accreditation Level 1 visit:

My Oracle Support Accreditation Series - Level 1 My Oracle Support
Doc ID 1579751.1

Business Analytics Accreditation

The My Oracle Support Level 2 Accreditation for Business Analytics will provide the knowledge foundation required to effectively support and troubleshoot Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) products - helping you find solutions and answers more quickly in My Oracle Support

This product specific Level 2 Accreditation learning path consists of six (6) short videos. It is then followed by the Accreditation Assessment available online via Oracle University.

To get started with the MOS Accreditation for Business Analytics visit:

My Oracle Support Accreditation Series - Business Analytics
Doc ID 1626104.1

To view all available My Oracle Support Accreditation series or for additional information visit:

My Oracle Support Accreditation
Doc ID 1583898.1 - Series Index
Doc ID 1585906.1 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wednesday May 07, 2014

My Oracle Support Accreditation For Business Analytics

Oracle is proud to announce a NEW My Oracle Support Accreditation Program for Business Analytics.

The My Oracle Support Accreditation Program offers a modular learning path to provide Users with the opportunity to test their expertise of My Oracle Support and Oracle products to become support Accredited.

Accreditation is optional and self-paced. Users can select accreditation at any time.

Business Analytics Accreditation

The Business Analytics - Accreditation Learning Path program consists of six (6) short videos followed by the Accreditation Assessment online via Oracle University.

For the program guide links visit:

My Oracle Support Accreditation Series - Business Analytics
Doc ID 1626104.1

This accreditation will provide the knowledge foundation required to effectively support and troubleshoot Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management products - helping you find solutions and answers more quickly in My Oracle Support.

For additional information on the My Oracle Support Accreditation program visit:

Oracle Support Accreditation - Series Index
Doc ID 1583898.1

Frequently Asked Questions
Doc ID 1585906.1

Friday Apr 25, 2014

New My Oracle Support Community - QMR (Solvency II)

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new EPM Community Subspace:

My Oracle Support Community

QMR (Solvency II)

Oracle Insurance Quantitative Management and Reporting (QMR) is a pre-built application for Oracle Financial Close Suite specifically to address Solvency II reporting requirements. QMR will perform all the necessary calculations/aggregations/consolidations logic based on the necessary risk and actuarial data to produce the Solvency II reports.

QMR (Solvency II) provides:

  • Pre-defined QRT task integration activities for Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management (FCM)
  • Pre-built QRT asset validations and reporting leveraging Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)
  • A complete Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) application including metadata, rules, forms and reporting

We hope to see you within this new Community Subspace.

My Oracle Support Community - Oracle Hyperion EPM

Thank you for being part of our growing Communities.

To keep up todate with this new QMR subspace and for all other EPM/BI Product subspaces of interest - be sure to select the "Follow" button.  

Once "Following" this will also add the subspace to your profile "Places" list - which is a great way to quickly access those subspaces.  These can be listed by simply selecting:

  • Your Profile Picture (Avatar) | Places

Wednesday Mar 19, 2014

Hyperion Product Name Changes in My Oracle Support

Within My Oracle Support (MOS) some changes have been made to the following Hyperion product names:

Previous Product Name New Product Name
Hyperion Profitability Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management
Hyperion Financial Close Analytics Dashboard Oracle Financial Management Analytics
Hyperion Business Performance Management Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect
Hyperion FDM Essbase Adaptor Hyperion FDM Essbase Adapter

These changes will be seen in the MOS Service Requests and Knowledge sections. This aligns the names of the products across all MOS sections.

Details for this change are also outlined in the Knowledge article:

  • Hyperion Product Name Changes for Hyperion Profitability, Hyperion Financial Close Analytics Dashboard, Hyperion Business Performance Management, and Hyperion FDM Essbase Adaptor [Doc ID 1636212.1]

Monday Feb 17, 2014

My Oracle Support Community - Subspaces

Further to our previous posting  "My Oracle Support Community - The New Look" (31-Jan-2014), here a few more details to assist with the new My Oracle Support Community (MOSC). 

The Business Analytics (BI/EPM) subspaces "Overview" pages can be quickly accessed via these quick links (NOTE: "My Oracle Support" login is required):

  • Business Intelligence
BI Patch Reviews
Certifications for BI
Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
  • Oracle Hyperion EPM

Hyperion Certification for EPM
Hyperion Essbase
Hyperion FDM
Hyperion Financial Close Management
Hyperion Other Products
Hyperion Patch Reviews
Hyperion Planning
Hyperion Reporting Products

The "Overview" page also provides functionality that includes both locating posts via a Search and filtering via Tags, along with options to Start a Discussion, setting to turn on Email Notifications and Communications Tracking for that subspace.

Select the "Content" tab to access all the new and previous Community Discussions and Documents.  Viewing any of these individual posts will provide the options to turn on email and/or "Communications" tracking for that post only - ensuring you are kept up to-date with any future thread updates on that post.

For the EPM and BI Product spaces and subspaces of interest - be sure to select the "Follow" button.  

Once "Following" this will also add the subspace to your profile "Places" list - which is a great way to quickly access those subspaces.  These can be listed by simply selecting:

  • Your Profile Picture (Avatar) | Places

For additional information review the previous Blog post  "My Oracle Support Community - The New Look" which provides details for two offerings that will assist in getting you started:

  • New "How To Series" Videos
  • Live Webcast sessions

These provide an overview of the new platform, steps on completing your profile setup, details on starting and reply to community discussions, and information on participating within the community.

Monday Aug 26, 2013

My Oracle Support Meet Up Event (within OpenWorld 2013)

(in via Mel)

Imagine you have spent a second long exhausting day at Oracle OpenWorld 2013....

Imagine you are now hungry, thirsty, want to rest your feet for a while and chat with people of similar occupation

Imagine someone now offers you this:

Looks inviting - doesn't it?

That is exactly why Oracle Support is hosting an MOS Community meeting at the end of day 2 of Oracle Open World 2013.

You probably already know that the OpenWorld will take place in San Francisco (US) from September 22nd to 26th, but the MOS Community meeting on

Monday, September 23, 2013 from 6:30pm – 9:30pm

may have slipped your attention.

Well - snacks and drinks are on the tab of Oracle Support at that meeting, and you may have the chance to put a face to some of the names you see posting in the community.
The good thing is: admission to the meeting is free, only pre-registration is required.

So with this you are invited to head over to the Oracle Communities, where you find the link to registration for this event and to the Oracle OpenWorld Website.

MOS Community

Want to know more or share information relating to your Oracle Products?

Join our MOS community today.

Thursday May 09, 2013

We will be right back - My Oracle Support Communities Maintenance

(in via Mel)

When you log into My Oracle Support Communities and select the Main Home page, you will see the following message:

Effective immediately there will be a maintenance window for My Oracle Support Community
daily at 2100 PT US (convert time zone) for 40 minutes,
My Oracle Support Community will be unavailable during this time.

Thank you for using My Oracle Support Community and thank you for your patience.

(additional - via Mel)

"The Communities decided that 2000 PDT suit them better for a little break ( more biscuits ?) so please join them again at 2100PDT.
We apologise if you have encountered any issues during downtime we advertised previously , but who can resist a nice biscuit?"


The same message is also visible in all Hyperion and BI Communities - in case you use bookmarks for fast and easy access to your Community (*hint* *hint*)

See - there is nothing to worry about, just a quick break and the Communities are back up ready for your questions.

Tuesday Feb 28, 2012

Essbase Patch Set released (for Oracle Exalytics)

guest article by Nancy Dailey:

Oracle is pleased to announce that the Oracle Hyperion Essbase, Essbase Administration Services and Analytic Provider Services v11. Patch Sets are generally available via My Oracle Support.

These Patch Sets contain defect fixes and changes that are specific to the Oracle Exalytics In-Memory machine.

You should install this Patch Set only in the following circumstances:

  • You are installing Essbase on the Exalytics In-Memory Machine, or
  • There is an urgent need for a defect fix that is included in this Patch Set

Customers considering this Patch Set for a platform other than the Exalytics In-Memory Machine should carefully review the list of fixed defects, known issues and deprecated functions. If there is not a true urgent need for a defect fix included in this Patch Set, Oracle recommends customers install the upcoming Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) release, which will contain an update, instead of this Patch Set.

To check the availability of the EPM release prior to installing this Patch Set Update, visit the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (

Oracle highly recommends that you do extensive testing before making this patch available in a general production environment.

This patch is available on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)
  • Linux x86 (64 bit)

1. Log into My Oracle Support.
2. Choose the Patches & Updates tab
3. Perform a search for Patches.

Review each Product Readme carefully as there are prerequisites and deprecated functions that may affect your decision to apply these patches.

Essbase Server v11. Patch ID 11865143
Essbase Client v11. Patch ID 11865133
Common Runtime Client v11. Patch ID 12911847
Essbase Administration Server v11. Patch ID 12680469
Essbase Administration Services Console: Patch ID 12680465
Analytic Provider Services v11. Patch ID 11892451

CAUTION: The Essbase security file (essbase.sec) in PS is incompatible with Essbase or, which are the supported releases for this patch.
Therefore, if you apply the Essbase Server patch, that patch cannot be rolled back.
You can, however, rollback the Essbase Client and Common Runtime Client patches.

Tuesday Feb 07, 2012

Hot Topics on MOS and patches

  • Did you miss the latest patch set for your product?
  • Did you ever wonder where other people get the fresh information from?
  • Are you tired of searching for new fixes for Bugs?

How about signing up for some personalized newsfeed?

See our KM note  "Use My Oracle Support Hot Topics Email and Never Miss an Important Update (Doc ID 793436.1)"

It takes you step by step through the process of signing up for your Product and the news you want to receive on it.

(credits to Dan Henderson, who pointed us to this note)

Thursday Nov 03, 2011

Advisor Webcast: How to resolve your EPM and BI technical issues faster.

Live Advisor Webcast: How to resolve your EPM and BI technical issues faster.

This one-hour Oracle Advisor Webcast is recommended for technical and functional users who are responsible for resolving issues with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence (Hyperion and OBIEE) products.

You can register for this free live Webcast through My Oracle Support:

internal link - 22nd November 2011, 10 am GMT (5 am EST)


internal link - 22nd November 2011, 5 pm GMT (12 pm EST)

Topics will include:

  1. Resolving technical issues yourself. The quickest way to resolve EPM and BI software problems
  2. Logging a Service Request. How to efficiently work with Oracle support and speed up resolution process.
  3. Troubleshooting your EPM and BI software.

This blog talks about the latest news and upcoming events initiated by the EPM/BI Proactive Support Team.




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