Friday May 31, 2013

OBIEE - New Features And Recommendations For Working With Microsoft Office

(in via Martin)

If you are working with OBIEE and have not signed up for the Oracle OBIEE community yet, then you probably have missed the release of the PDF attached to KM Doc:

OBIEE - New Features And Recommendations For Working With Microsoft Office [ID 1558070.1]

It features information such as:

  • Integration Features (OBIEE vs MS Office)
  • Performance considerations
  • Export Limitations
  • Machine Configuration Tips and
  • report size estimations

Some screenshots in the PDF of reports outline the difference between various export functions (such as):

All in all, it will allow you to understand your OBIEE better. It guides you to integrate your OBIEE with SmartView and Office in ways that you might not have thought of, and alone for that I would consider this a must read for any (new) OBIEE user out there.

(unfortunately we can not attach the PDF to this blogpost for legal reasons - you need to go to MOS to actually look at the KM doc and the PDF)

Monday Mar 26, 2012

Essbase Data precision unraveled

(guest reference added by Nancy)

Anyone who has been working with Data import and exoport as well as the Essbase Excel Add In has probably come across a phenomenon that is called data precision:

Lots of zeroes are added to any given number that has been calculated by Essbase, and this gets displayed as "10.0000000000001" or "9.99999999999999" instead of a simple "10" .

This question is one of the recurring ones that Support get asked over and over again, and we therefore feel the need to give an explanation to it:

I would like to point you to the note The Limits of Data Precision in Essbase (Doc ID 1311188.1) which explains in detail why these numbers are showing up and what to do about it.

Friday Feb 24, 2012

OBIEE list of fixed Bugs

Not only have we seen the release of OBIEE but this is also accompanied by a list of fixed Bugs.

You can find this list in the  KM note 1412748.1

Tuesday Feb 07, 2012

Hot Topics on MOS and patches

  • Did you miss the latest patch set for your product?
  • Did you ever wonder where other people get the fresh information from?
  • Are you tired of searching for new fixes for Bugs?

How about signing up for some personalized newsfeed?

See our KM note  "Use My Oracle Support Hot Topics Email and Never Miss an Important Update (Doc ID 793436.1)"

It takes you step by step through the process of signing up for your Product and the news you want to receive on it.

(credits to Dan Henderson, who pointed us to this note)

Wednesday Feb 01, 2012

432.1 launched

Note internal link 432.1 is out

(so now you got a single point of entry into KM - sweet!)

Wednesday Nov 16, 2011

Virtualization or Raw Metal?

With the growing number of customers who want to run the Oracles EPM/BI (or other Fusion Middleware Software) in a virtualized environment, we face a growing number of people asking if running Oracle Software within VMware is supported or not.

Two KM articles reflect Oracles policy towards the use of VMware:
internal link 249212.1 and
internal link 1063937.1.

The bottom line is: “you may use it at your own risk, but Oracle does not recommend it”.

So far we have seen few problems with the use of VMware (other than performance and the usual limitations) but Oracle does not certify its software for the use in VMware (and specifically for RAC Software actively refuses any support) and any issue that may occur will be fixed for the native OS only.

It is on the customer to prove that the issue is NOT due to VMware in case that an issue is encountered.


Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations page

And also

Supported Virtualization and Partitioning Technologies for Oracle Fusion Middleware

(edit: link corrected as note was deleted)


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