Sunday Feb 15, 2015

OBIEE 11g: Troubleshooting Crash Issues

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We are pleased to advise the following NEW Knowledge Document for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)  which is now available in My Oracle Support:

OBIEE 11g: Troubleshooting Crash Issues
Doc ID 1964727.2

This Knowledge Document guides you through a series of steps to assist in investigating a crash in an OBIEE 11g environment.

Along with the Overview and Getting Started sections, details are provided for Investigating a Crash and Common Crash Symptoms. If an issue is not resolved, the important information to provide within a Service Request are also outlined.

Where more information is required, the References section provides links to related documents, and a useful list of the Log & Configuration File Locations.

Additional Information:

If encountering Stuck Threads or Hang Issues, refer to our previous Blog post:

OBIEE 11g: Troubleshooting Stuck Threads or Hangs

Before proceeding to troubleshoot any issues Oracle highly recommends the latest Bundle Patch Set available be installed. For more information on the latest releases please refer to the following Knowledge Document:

OBIEE 11g: Required and Recommended Bundle Patches and Patch Sets
Doc ID 1488475.1

Questions specific to OBIEE ...

For questions or an issue that you can not identify - visit the OBIEE Community as a first step on your way to a solution: :

My Oracle Support Community

Tuesday Oct 08, 2013

OBIEE problems with Chrome (update 30)

(in via Akhter)

You may have noticed that OBIEE has a problem with the latest Google Chrome update 30 ( specifically version 30.0.1599.66 ).

I was informed by Support that Development is aware of the issue and we have multiple open Bugs logged for this.

Symptoms may include (but are not limited to):

  • not being able to edit an Analysis in Answers
  • not being able to view the catalog
  • popups are blocked although they are specifically allowed
  • In nqsserver.log, it generates some 'FailedAuthentication : The security token can not be authenticated'
  • When opening the 'Catalog' it just freeze the screen.
  • When opening a report, you get
       'View Display Error'
       Assertion failure: criteria at line 437 of
       Error Details
       Error Codes: ACIOA5LN

In case that you do encounter an issue with OBIEE and Chrome, please continue to log Service Requests for the issue at hand. But you may also inform the Support Engineer that you are aware of this being a broader problem.


Patch 16068402 has just been posted to My Oracle Support ( ). Download and apply this patch to OBIEE

For those using please upgrade to latest patchset. The fix is included in and above (so in, automatically).

Friday Feb 24, 2012

OBIEE list of fixed Bugs

Not only have we seen the release of OBIEE but this is also accompanied by a list of fixed Bugs.

You can find this list in the  KM note 1412748.1


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