Tuesday Jun 16, 2015

New Knowledge Article: Interactive Reporting with Internet Explorer 11

The following new My Oracle Support (MOS) Knowledge Article is available, that provides information for Oracle BI+ Interactive Reporting (IR) with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 11:

Limited Support for Interactive Reporting in
Internet Explorer 11 by using Enterprise Mode to Emulate IE 10

Doc ID 2015779.1

Additional Information ...

For information on Oracle Support Policy for IE 11 with Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), refer to:

Policy for Supporting EPM System & with IE11
Doc ID 1920566.1

Related details for the IE recommended settings are outlined in:

IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 & IE11: Recommended Settings for Oracle Hyperion Products
Doc ID 820892.1

For supported platform information, review the EPM Certification Matrix located on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) website:

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System - Release 11.x

Did you know ...

The " EPM Cumulative Feature Overview Tool" (Web Interface) is available, and provides an outline of the new and enhanced features and functionality for EPM product releases:

Enterprise Performance Management
Cumulative Feature Overview Tool

The "EPM System Defects Fixed Finder" resource provides an efficient way to review the defects fixed in patch set updates, patch set exceptions, and patch sets for major releases. Access via the MOS article:

EPM System Defects Fixed Finder
Doc ID 1292603.1

Questions specific to Hyperion EPM Certification ...

The My Oracle Support (MOS) Community "Hyperion Certification for EPM" is an ideal place to seek & find product certification answers:

Hyperion Certification for EPM

For questions specific to BI+ Interactive Reporting (IR) visit the MOS Community:

Hyperion Reporting Products

Friday May 08, 2015

Premier Support for EPM Release 11.1.2.x Ends April 30, 2015 for IR, PR, WA, HPS, IMP, SOP

Please be advised that Premier Support for the following EPM products:
  • Hyperion BI+ (Interactive Reporting, Web Analysis and Production Reporting)
        -   See the appropriate SOD documents for other pertinent details; an exception applies for Web Analysis when used with an EPM application product
        -   Timelines for Financial Reporting follow the timelines of the related application product
  • Hyperion Performance Scorecard
  • Oracle Integrated Margin Planning
  • Oracle Strategic Operational Planning

ended on April 30, 2015 as documented in the Lifetime Support Policy.  This marks the first time that Oracle’s Hyperion customers have the opportunity to purchase Extended Support for a product release.

Beginning May 1, 2015 new bugs and fixes for the products listed above will only be created for those customers that have purchased Extended Support.

Sustaining Support is available for those customers that do not purchase Extended Support. 

Please see the Lifetime Support Policy for further information about the Lifetime Support stages.

Reference Materials

Doc ID 1617238.1 Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Software Error Correction Policy

Doc ID 1590676.1 Oracle Enterprise Performance Management 11g Grace Periods for Error Correction

Doc ID 1901891.1 Hyperion Performance Scorecard Statement of Direction 

Doc 1907819.1 Oracle Hyperion BI+ Interactive Reporting Statement of Direction

Doc 1932533.1 Oracle Hyperion BI+ Production Reporting Statement of Direction

Doc 1932177.1  Oracle Hyperion BI+ Web Analysis Statement of Direction


Sunday Oct 26, 2014

Interactive Reporting support on MS Windows 2008 R2

Product Management have released an announcement on the Oracle Support position for Interactive Reporting (IR) on Microsoft Windows 2008 R2.

This announcement is available via the My Oracle Support (MOS) article:

Support Position for Hyperion BI+ Interactive Reporting on Windows 2008 R2
Doc ID 1927881.1

The Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Supported Platform information is available at the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) website:

OTN EPM System - Support Platforms

Additional Interactive Reporting product information:

For BI+ Interactive Reporting Statement of Direction (June 2014) details visit the previous blog post at:

Hyperion BI+ Interactive Reporting - Statement of Direction

The latest EPM Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates information for IR is available via the MOS Knowledge article.

Doc ID 1360962.1 - Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis, Financial Reporting and Interactive Reporting.

For BI+ Interactive Reporting specific product questions visit the My Oracle Support Community (MOSC):

Hyperion Reporting Products

Friday Jul 18, 2014

Hyperion BI+ Interactive Reporting - Statement of Direction

Hyperion BI+ Interactive Reporting
Statement of Direction

June 2014

Oracle Product Management have released the Statement of Direction for Hyperion BI+ Interactive Reporting (IR). This document is available to download from My Oracle Support (MOS) Knowledge Article:

Oracle Hyperion BI+ Interactive Reporting Statement of Direction
Doc ID 1907819.1

For customers who are currently using Hyperion BI+ Interactive Reporting we highly recommend reviewing this document as it contains vital information about:

  • Oracle’s Product Strategy
  • Oracle’s Support Policy
  • Oracle’s Recommendations to Customers

Please be advised that Oracle BI+ Hyperion Interactive Reporting release will be the terminal release of this product. The supported platforms will remain at the level.


Tuesday Jun 26, 2012

Interactive Reporting Translation Workbench utility is available

As you may have seen in our  Newsletter, Oracle has released the "Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting Translation Workbench" for Hyperion Interactive Reporting (IR) customers who are moving to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE).

A summary for this utility can be found  here.

To get the Utility along with documentation and training material we suggest that you visit the Oracle Technology Network ( OTN ) "Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting Downloads" page.

Friendly enough, instead of hundreds of pages of "getting started Docs", Oracle has packed some training videos into the downloads, so that getting started is made as easy as possible. But of course the documentation comes with it as well.

Friday Jan 20, 2012

New Information Centers are online

We are happy to announce that three more Information Centers are online for EPM:

You will find the corresponding links to Communities, Documentation, latest News, latest Articles and Webcasts in each of these.


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