Wednesday Aug 20, 2014

EPM System Standard Deployment Video Series

(in via Jan)

A four-part video series on deploying Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System Products has been made available within the Oracle EPMWebcasts YouTube channel.

This video series is designed for system administrators. It provides an overview of how to deploy EPM System products using the standard deployment methodology.

Deploying EPM System Using Standard Deployment video series:

Part 1 - Overview [3:12]

Describes the EPM standard deployment and details each of the videos in the series.

Part 2 - Preparing for Deployment [3:41]

Discusses how to prepare for an EPM standard deployment.

Part 3 - Installing and Configuring an Initial Instance of EPM System [4:11]

Outlines the steps to install and configure an initial instance of EPM System components..

Part 4 - Scaling Out and Installing EPM System Clients [4:00]

Provides an overview of the steps to scale out EPM System components and install EPM System client software.

More information is available within the PDF document:

EPM System Standard Deployment Guide

To view and and access other Oracle EPM Webcast videos visit:

Oracle EPM Webcasts YouTube Channel

To view and download all of the EPM product documentation visit the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) EPM Documentation Library.

In addition to the Oracle EPM Webcasts YouTube channel these videos along with other EPM related product videos and information are available in the Oracle Learning Library (OLL) - visit:

Oracle Learning Library - EPM Consolidation and Planning Videos

Tuesday Feb 11, 2014

Port Numbers Used in an OBIEE 11g Installation and Configuration

(In via Tanya)

Did you ever wonder what port numbers are used during an Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) installation and configuration?

To assist and help during installations and ongoing support a new document has been created:

Information Regarding Port Numbers Used in an OBIEE 11g Installation and Configuration
Doc ID 1619572.1

This document outlines the default ports, custom ports, instructions on how to determine active ports and much more.

It is definitely worthwhile reviewing this document prior to undertaking any installation or configuration.

Monday Jun 03, 2013

WARNING - BI Applications installation issue

(in via Lia)

We were informed of the following advice from Development:

"We [Development] are issuing a notice ( KM Doc ID 1558419.1 ) to customers who are installing BI Applications

The installation of BI Applications requires BI EE to be installed as a pre-requisite. BI EE can be installed either in
Software Only Mode
(which requires WebLogic 10.3.6 to be installed first) or in
Enterprise Install Mode (which installs WebLogic 10.3.5). The installation of BI Applications in the two install scenarios is documented in the  Installation Guide.

However, we [Development] have observed that installations of BI Applications where BI EE has been installed in Software Only Mode with WLS 10.3.6 installed are erroring in either config BI or config Apps steps.

The errors manifest as hangs during these processes with failures to restart either the WLS Admin Server or the Managed Servers.

We are advising that all customers install BI Applications using the installation flow with BI EE installed in Enterprise Install mode until further notice.

Details for this advised installation with WebLogic 10.3.6 is available in the “Install Alert” PDF document in:

Doc ID 1558419.1 - Notice for Install of Oracle BI Applications OBIA

So if you missed the alert Development sent out via  MOS, then hopefully this gets to you, before you spend hours getting your installation with Software Only Mode to take off ground.If it reaches you later, then at least you now know what the installation problem was.

OBIA Documentation
OBIA Installation Guide

Thursday May 23, 2013

OBIA - revised installation guide has been published

(in via Lia)

We just had word from Development, that a new and updated installation guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) has been published.

Anyone planning to install version of OBIA is advised to use this installation guide. You can find it here:

Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

BI Apps with OBIEE - Installation Issue

If you are trying to install BI Apps on OBIEE, you will encounter an issue.

 Please be advised that BI Apps 7964 (which was released on OBIEE BP1) requires BI EE

You will therefore need to install BI EE and then patch to or higher. Then run the BI Apps installer. Once BI Applications has been installed, you can then upgrade BI EE to, if required.

Please note that “Certified” doesn’t automatically mean you can Install apps into the .7 environment. You must first install into what was originally certified and then upgrade the techstack.

Tuesday Jun 12, 2012

OBIEE Capacity Planning

I can not even recall how many times I was asked by a customer what size the machine should be bought to run our Software.

Unfortunately Tech Support is not even the right address to answer that question, as a purchase decision is closely tied to the answer.
Hence, Tech Support has been limited to the answer: "The biggest machine you can afford" :). Many Customers were unhappy with that and have tried to get us to be more precise and that causes a lot of explanation and lengthy discussion. In the end no one is wiser or happier. 

Therefore I am happy to report that at least for OBIEE the decision has just been made a whole lot easier.

Have a look at the note Oracle BI EE 11g Architectural Deployment: Capacity Planning (Doc ID 1323646.1)

The document attached to that note gives you a good overview for teh sizing of the machines that Oracle recommends to run OBIEE (be it a small installation or a bigger distributed installation)

If you have any more questions about this topic and what machines we recommend, then get in contact with  Oracle Consulting or speak to your sales representative.


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