Monday Apr 14, 2014

Hyperion Planning Data Forms

(in via Suruchi)

For  Oracle Hyperion Planning comes a NEW Knowledge article which explains how the data type of a cell on a Planning Form is determined. 

"Display Non Numeric Data e.g TEXT, %, Smart List, Currency In Hyperion Planning Data Forms" Doc ID 1635668.1

This document assists Planning Interactive Users and Administrators who design Planning Forms.  It discusses the evaluation order of dimensions on the data forms and provides details to set the evaluation order for "EPMA Planning" and "Classic Planning" applications.

Related article links have been provided for common errors that can be encountered with forms when evaluation order is not set.

Have a question or an issue that you can not identify - why not speak to the Hyperion Planning Community as a first step on your way to a solution?

My Oracle Support Community (MOSC)
Hyperion Planning

Monday Apr 07, 2014

Hyperion Planning JVM OutOfMemory

The following NEW Knowledge article has been published for Oracle Hyperion Planning which looks at some of the common reasons for an OutOfMemory error:

Hyperion Planning JVM OutOfMemory
Doc ID 1639475.1

This document provides details for setting the JVM heap size for the Hyperion Planning environment and resolving the OutOfMemory error messages that are commonly encountered.

The Knowledge article is targeted towards Hyperion Planning Server Administrators who configure and maintain the Hyperion Planning environment.

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My Oracle Support Community (MOSC)
Hyperion Planning

Wednesday Mar 26, 2014

Monitoring Hyperion Planning JVM in EPM Environment

A NEW Knowledge article is now available that provides information on tools that are used for monitoring the Oracle Hyperion Planning Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Monitoring the Planning JVM in EPM Environment
Doc ID 1636657.1

At times when you encounter slow performance or JVM crash the monitoring information is requested by support for troubleshooting. This document assists in the gathering of the required information.

This Knowledge article is targeted towards Hyperion Planning Server Administrators who configure and maintain the Planning environment. The same principals can be applied to any JVM in the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System.

Have a question or an issue that you can not identify - why not speak to the Hyperion Planning Community as a first step on your way to a solution?

My Oracle Support Community (MOSC)
Hyperion Planning

Wednesday Mar 19, 2014

Hyperion Product Name Changes in My Oracle Support

Within My Oracle Support (MOS) some changes have been made to the following Hyperion product names:

Previous Product Name New Product Name
Hyperion Profitability Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management
Hyperion Financial Close Analytics Dashboard Oracle Financial Management Analytics
Hyperion Business Performance Management Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect
Hyperion FDM Essbase Adaptor Hyperion FDM Essbase Adapter

These changes will be seen in the MOS Service Requests and Knowledge sections. This aligns the names of the products across all MOS sections.

Details for this change are also outlined in the Knowledge article:

  • Hyperion Product Name Changes for Hyperion Profitability, Hyperion Financial Close Analytics Dashboard, Hyperion Business Performance Management, and Hyperion FDM Essbase Adaptor [Doc ID 1636212.1]

Monday Aug 05, 2013

EPM Patch Releases July 2013

(in via Ian)

The following provides a listing of the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Patch Set Updates (PSU) that were released during the last month (July 2013):


  • PSU 14558930: for Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis for Workspace
  • PSU 16901797: for Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management
  • PSU 17250880: for Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
  • PSU 16992252: for Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management


  • PSU 15883303: for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect
  • PSU 16906210: for Oracle Hyperion Planning 

Keep up to-date with the latest EPM Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for current releases by visiting:

  • Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Products [Doc ID 1400559.1]
  • Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Crystal Ball, DRM, FCM, HPCM and HSF [Doc ID 1525518.1]

Want to share or seeking further information relating to EPM Patches - why not visit the My Oracle Support Community:

Hyperion Patch Reviews

Did you know - adding a comment on the My Oracle Support | "Patch & Updates" page for a specific patch generates a discussion thread in the "Hyperion Patch Reviews" community

Thursday Jan 03, 2013

reminder: 10 Jan 2013 - HBR to Calc Manager migration Advisor Webcast

To all those Planning Admins who are about to migrate to v and need to migrate their systems from Hyperion Business Rules (HBR) to Calculation Manager:

We do have a Webcast about the migration on
Thursday, 10th of January 2013

Suruchi will present the process to you in a nice 45 minute session and as with all Advisor Webcasts we will have a brief Q&A session at the end to answer your questions.
You can find out more about the session in  KM Doc ID 1506296.1 or register directly at the  webex site.

As of our KM Doc:
"This one-hour session is recommended for technical Planning administrators. The focus will be around migrating the business rules from EAS to Calculation Manager. There will be additional information provided regarding how to approach troubleshooting in the event something were to go wrong."

You can also find other Advisor Webcasts on the general Schedule via KM Doc ID 740966.1
or more EPM related Advisor Webcasts via
KM Doc ID 1456233.1

Also a quick reminder to those who are not familiar with this:
ALL Advisor Webcasts are recorded and then uploaded (within 48 hours after the session).
You can find them via the above links in KM in the ARCHIVE section of the Schedule.
Additional the EPM team has introduced a new policy: each Advisor Webcast is accompanied by a community thread for Q&A for the people who missed the session or find themselves having questions while reviewing the recording. The thread is observed by the presenter, so that you are still able to get in direct contact with her.

Friday Nov 09, 2012

Hyperion Calculation Manager in the Oracle Communities

(guest post by Mel)

Do you use the Oracle Hyperion Calculation Manager?

Did you know that an easy way to access the product knowledge of Oracle employees and other customers are the My Oracle Support Communities?

Oracle Hyperion Calculation Manager can be used with these Oracle Hyperion products:
  • HFM
  • Hyperion Planning
  • Hyperion Essbase

Please log into the  My Oracle Support Communities and post your question to the relevant community.

I like to encourage you to add Calculation Manager or "Calc Man" at the beginning of the subject field when posting your questions.
This will help the Oracle moderators and other Community member to quickly identify queries about the Oracle Hyperion Calculation Manager and assist you with it.

Thank you for your ongoing contributions to our My Oracle Support Community.

initially we had OBIEE and OBIA mentioned, but now upon check had to correct these as not supported with Calculation Manager)

Thursday Aug 23, 2012

Hyperion EPM Info Channels

Additional to the already mentioned YouTube channel, we now feature a link to the LinkeIn User Group "Hyperion EPM Info" make sure you join that group on LinkedIn to stay up to date with their announcements.

You find this in our link section under "EPM Blogs and User groups".

 If you prefer other networks you can also  join their channels on:

Friday Aug 10, 2012

Hyperion Disclosure Management Webinars

For anyone interested in Hyperion Disclosure Management, a series of webinars are now available.

The “TD Webinar” series is focused on Taxonomy Designer, specifically regarding the SEC extension taxonomy use case.

The webinars starts with an introduction to XBRL Reporting and Disclosure Management as it applies to the SEC Interactive Data Mandate.  The remaining webinars provide a more in-depth look at XBRL terminology and the Taxonomy Designer tool, starting with the simpler SEC 1st year taxonomy use case and increasing in complexity with 2nd year taxonomies and more advanced topics. 

These Hyperion Disclosure Management Webinars can be accessed via the KM Video Index at Doc ID 1463345.1.

Tuesday Jun 26, 2012

Interactive Reporting Translation Workbench utility is available

As you may have seen in our  Newsletter, Oracle has released the "Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting Translation Workbench" for Hyperion Interactive Reporting (IR) customers who are moving to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE).

A summary for this utility can be found  here.

To get the Utility along with documentation and training material we suggest that you visit the Oracle Technology Network ( OTN ) "Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting Downloads" page.

Friendly enough, instead of hundreds of pages of "getting started Docs", Oracle has packed some training videos into the downloads, so that getting started is made as easy as possible. But of course the documentation comes with it as well.

Thursday May 10, 2012

Hyperion Ledgerlink Sample Record and Windows 7: Now you see it, now you don’t

Do you use Hyperion Ledgerlink and have you upgraded to Windows 7?

There might be one thing that you may encounter when working in the Ledgerlink GL Temple Wizard:

You cannot see the sample record.

If this is the case, then your Operating system is using a template other then the 'Windows Classic' theme.
(This effect can also be seen if you are using Windows XP)

To ensure that you can see your sample record just change your current theme to 'Windows Classic'.

Check out  Doc Id 760034.1 - "Hyperion Ledgerlink: When Creating or Editing a GL Template in Hyperion LedgerLink the Sample Record Font is Not Visible" for information how to change the theme

Tuesday Jan 31, 2012

EPM / BI Patch overview KM Notes

The aforementioned software-elves seem not to live in Development alone...
We just got notice that a few overview KM notes on EPM / BI patches have gone live, that might just be worth bookmarking:

1395593.1 Recommended Patches for Oracle Hyperion Planning
1396084.1 Recommended Patches for Oracle Hyperion Essbase
1400076.1 Recommended Patches for Enterprise Performance Management Architect and Calculation Manager
1400561.1 Recommended Patches for Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management
1400559.1 Recommended Patches for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Products

 be sure to

  • bookmark these in MOS
  • check the pages when planning for an upgrade

Tuesday Oct 18, 2011

Dear EPM / BI Community

This is the first blog post to go into this EPM blog.

The blog will act as a direct channel to news, information, events and overall the activities of the EPM / BI Support Team.
We may talk about advisor webcasts, KM activities such as searching, Keywords, Product Information Centers, Master Notes, Upgrade and Troubleshooting Advisors and issues similar to those.

Over time we will build a collection of useful entry links into KM and we hope to make your Support Experience even better than it is today.


This blog talks about the latest news and upcoming events initiated by the EPM/BI Proactive Support Team.



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