Thursday Nov 20, 2014

Patch Set Update: Essbase Analytics Link for HFM

Hyperion Product Management have advised the release of a Patch Set Update (PSU) for Oracle Essbase Analytics Link (EAL) for Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)

This PSU is available from the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates section.

Oracle Essbase Analytics Link for Hyperion Financial Management
Patch 17395188

This PSU provides various defect fixes and is a cumulative patch that includes the previous patches. It can be applied to the following releases only:

  • EPM
  • EPM

The EPM releases are not supported.

The EAL for HFM requires a fresh installation and the previous release is required to be uninstalled prior starting the install. The installation process will use the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) 11.2 (32-bit), however it will install a version that matches either 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System as applicable.

Ensure to review the Readme file prior to proceeding with this PSU implementation for the full details of the above, along with important information that includes additional support information, defects fixed listing, prerequisites and installation details for this PSU.

The Readme file is available from the Patches & Updates download screen.

Share your experience about installing this patch ...

In the MOS | Patches & Updates screen for EAL for HFM Patch 17395188 - simply click the "Start a Discussion" and submit your review.

The patch install reviews and other patch related information is available within the My Oracle Support Communities. Visit the Oracle Hyperion EPM sub-space:

Hyperion Patch Reviews

Questions specific to Essbase Analytics Link for Hyperion Financial Management ...

The My Oracle Support Community "HFM" is an ideal place to seek & find product specific answers:

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)

Tuesday Jul 15, 2014

QMR for Solvency II - PSU

A Patch Set Update (PSU) has been made available for Oracle Insurance Quantitative Management and Reporting for Hyperion Financial Management.

This PSU can be downloaded via the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates section. The following "Patch" link will access the PSU directly.

Oracle Hyperion Quantitative Management and Reporting for Solvency II
Patch Set Update

Patch 19129891


  • Ensure to review the Readme documentation for important QMR information, including details on:

    • New Features
    • Supported Format, Releases and Platforms
    • HFM Registry Settings
    • Installation Updates
    • Known Issues
    • and listing of Defects and other updates within this release
  • The Readme document is available via the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates screen when downloading.


The QMR for Solvency II documentation is available from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) EPM System Documentation Library (Financial PM Applications):

For guidance on implementing and using QMR for Solvency II, refer to following available from OTN EPM Document Library:

Administration (Implementation) Guide (HTML | PDF)
Administrator / User Guide (HTML | PDF)

Additional Information:

Review the previous Blog post for the QMR 2.2.0 initial release at: QMR 2.2.0 Now Available

The QMR - Solvency II Community is the ideal first step location to share or collaborate with others for QMR issues and questions:

Friday Jul 11, 2014

Oracle University courses for EPM

The Oracle University offers several courses for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

The Oracle University provides the training formats in Classroom Training and/or Live Virtual Class (LVC).

A quick summary view of what awaits is below. Visit the Oracle University website for full details.

Enterprise Performance Management Link

Oracle Hyperion Planning 11.1.2: Create & Manage Applications
- This Hyperion Planning training will teach you how to create and administer Planning applications. You'll learn how to manage metadata and add dimensions and members.

Learn To:

  • Create planning applications.
  • Manage metadata and add dimensions and members and import members.
  • Load data.
  • Set up security.
  • Create forms, set up task lists and set up business rules.
  • Manage the approval process.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Mgmt 11.1.2: Create & Manage Applications
- This Oracle Hyperion Financial Mgmt 11.1.2: Create & Manage Applications training teaches you how to create and manage applications using Financial Management. Expert Oracle University instructors will take you through the process of creating an application, entering data and adjusting and viewing data using data grids and data forms.

Learn To:

  • Create accounts, entities, scenarios and custom dimensions.
  • Import and export data and metadata.
  • Create and deploy an application.
  • Enter data in data forms and data grids.
  • Enter intercompany data.
  • Perform data consolidation.
  • Create application metadata.
  • Deploy applications.
  • Load data from external systems.
  • Secure data.
  • Translate and consolidate data.
  • Manage the review process.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Mgmt 11.1.2: Create Rules Using Calc Mgr
- This Oracle Hyperion Financial Mgmt 11.1.2: Create Rules Using Calc Mgr( is based on Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, and is designed to teach you the methodology to create rules for advanced business calculations. Expert Oracle University instructors will demonstrate how you can design, maintain and execute complex rules by using Calculation Manager..

Learn To:

  • Create formulas, rules, rule sets and rules templates with Calculation Manager.
  • Reduce database size and calculation time by properly using the custom and value dimensions in rules.
  • Calculate percentages and ratios for dynamic accounts.
  • Create loops by using member lists and data ranges.
  • Create rules with proper data-handling techniques.
  • Create allocation, currency translation, consolidation and elimination rules.

Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management EE Administration
- This Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management EE Administration training will teach you how to implement Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition (FDMEE), an advanced metadata and data transformation management solution. Explore a single, systematic process for loading source metadata and data from disparate systems into target analytical applications.

Learn To:

  • Define system, application, and user profiles.
  • Perform integration tasks.
  • Create import formats for file systems.
  • Set up locations, period mappings, and category mappings.
  • Create member mappings.
  • Define data load rules and load data to target applications.
  • Create check rules and check entities.
  • Process batches and manage reports.
  • Set up security.
  • Create import and event scripts.
  • Describe FDMEE integration with other source systems.

Oracle Data Relationship Management 11.1.2 Administration
-This Oracle Data Relationship Management 11.1.2 Administration training teaches you how to implement a Data Relationship Management application. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to start building the application structure by adding versions, hierarchies and nodes.

Learn To:

  • Support the application data.
  • Create properties both manually and in bulk through the Migration Utility.
  • Clean the data by creating queries and compares.
  • Update the data with action scripts.
  • Blend versions to create a final version.
  • Create business rules for your data by creating validations and derived properties with formulas and scripts.
  • Fine-tune the display of properties for nodes by setting up node types.
  • Export the data to a file and to a database table.

Oracle Hyperion Planning 11.1.2 for Interactive Users
-This course will teach you create forms, manage task lists, enter and adjust data and execute calculations in Planning. You'll also learn how to manage the approval process, which includes moving a plan through the budget review-and-approval process.

Learn To:

  • Discuss Planning capabilities, Planning’s relationship with Essbase and dimension requirements.
  • Navigate Workspace to access Planning and Financial Reporting.
  • Create and test forms and ad hoc grids.
  • Enter, adjust and analyze data in Planning and Smart View.
  • Set up and test business rules.
  • Set up and implement task lists.
  • Create reports to analyze planning results.
  • Enter and adjust plan and forecast data.
  • Create forms and ad hoc grids.
  • Analyze data in Smart View.
  • Create production quality reports.

Oracle Essbase 11.1.2: Calculate Block Storage Databases
- This Oracle Essbase 11.1.2: Calculate Block Storage Databases ( training teaches you the principal techniques and theories for the design of calculations in block storage databases with Essbase Release Expert Oracle University instructors will review database structure and configuration and teach you basic calculation building blocks, including FIX and IF statements.

Learn To:

  • Describe Essbase and block storage database structures.
  • Develop and test calculation scripts.
  • Develop advanced calculations.
  • Optimize databases though dynamic calculations.
  • Normalize and allocate data.

Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2 for Planning
- This Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2 for Planning ( training teaches you how to use Smart View to enter, adjust and analyze Planning data. You learn how to annotate and predict data and use ad hoc tools to analyze data.

Learn To:

  • Navigate the Smart View interface.
  • Connect to data sources.
  • Enter, calculate and analyze planning data.
  • Manage the approval process and task lists.
  • Embed dynamic data points in Microsoft Office documents.
  • Run and view predictions in Predictive Planning.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11.1.2 for Interactive Users
- This Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11.1.2 for Interactive Users ( training helps you deep dive into learning how to enter, view, consolidate and manage your financial information using this Oracle solution. With the help of expert Oracle University instructors, you'll develop the knowledge and skills to enter and view data, while creating and entering journal entries and inter-company transactions.

Learn To:

  • Navigate Financial Management.
  • Enter and calculate data.
  • Create journal entries.
  • Enter intercompany data.
  • Consolidate data.
  • Analyze and enter data in Smart View.

Oracle Hyperion PSPB 11.1.2: Create & Manage Applications
- This Oracle Hyperion PSPB 11.1.2: Create & Manage Applications training teaches you how to create and administer Public Sector Planning and Budgeting applications within Planning. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to design and manage the budgeting process, which includes building planning unit hierarchies and assigning responsibilities and promotional paths for planning units.

Learn To:

  • Create Public Sector Planning and Budgeting applications.
  • Maintain Public Sector Planning and Budgeting position and employee data.
  • Load metadata and data into applications and set up security.
  • Create and fill positions.
  • Manage employee assignments to positions.
  • Set up and maintain compensation budget defaults and maintain compensation data.
  • Link compensation and line item budgets.
  • Create and review funding requests.
  • Set up and manage the approval process.
  • Review budget books.
  • Manage revision requests.
  • Set up funding requests.
Keep up to-date with what's happening in Oracle University by visiting:
Oracle University Blog

Oracle University EPM Training Delivery Team blog post of interest:
The Coolest Features Available with Oracle Hyperion – Are You Using Them?

Friday Jun 13, 2014

Video on Hyperion Tax Provision

( in via Jan)

EPM Information Development has asked us to remind you about the new video available for Hyperion Tax Provision.

You can view it on the OracleEPMWebcasts YouTube channel


An information rich 4:40 minutes of your time. 
So please take a look.

The video gives a brief overview of the main features of  Hyperion Tax Provision. You will learn ...

  • That Tax Provision and reporting System builds on the Hyperion Financial Close Reporting Platform
  • That much of the Tax Provision flow process is similar to the Financial Close Process and that the modules have been aligned to work together very closely.
  • That HTP enables you to integrate Book- and Tax Reporting on a common platform.
  • That It uses the technology of HFM, ties in with SmartView and can be used with Hyperion Financial Reporting.
  • That the native integration between the Financial System and the Tax System creates transparency for the Tax Departments and removes bottlenecks in the tax process.

More technical information can be found here:

Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision Data Sheet

Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision White Paper

Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision Documentation

If you have another 45 minutes to spare and want to get into greater detail, then you can check out the recording of an Advisor Webcast that we did earlier last year:

You can find this via
KM Doc Oracle Business Analytics Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archive Recordings (Doc ID 1456233.1)

-> Select the Tab "Archived 2013" and it is the third from the top:
"Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision - Features and Overview with Demo"

If you have questions towards that Advisor Webcast, you may participate in the

Community Discussion

about it.

(layout and post: Torben, authorized: Lia)

Tuesday Apr 08, 2014

Advisor Webcast: Troubleshooting Essbase Analytics Link

Advisor Webcast

 Troubleshooting Essbase Analytics Link

16th April 2014

This one-hour session is recommended for technical and functional users who use and administer Essbase Analytics Link.

The Advisor Webcast will cover installation preparation and planning, troubleshooting techniques, log file locations, how to read and interpret the logs as well as talk about the internal communication between EAL components.

In addition the Ports and Protocols used as well as the prerequisites to establish the connections will be addressed, with a quick look at tools to assist with troubleshooting.


  • EAL Architecture
  • EAL Communication Paths
  • Use Cases
  • Troubleshooting Installation and Configuration

Register Now - visit:

Troubleshooting Essbase Analytics Link
Doc ID 1633062.1


To view scheduled & archived recordings of previous Business Analytics Advisor Webcasts visit:

Oracle Business Analytics Advisor Webcast [Doc ID 1456233.1]


Attendees using recent Chrome or Firefox browser versions maybe required to activate the WebEx plug-in before joining a WebEx meeting.

For up to-date information ensure to review the WebEx Support page:

Monday Oct 07, 2013

Advisor Webcast: EPM new features in Financial Applications

(in via Tanya)

Are you on an older release of HFM and thinking about upgrading to the latest and greatest? What is holding you back from doing so? Is it fear of the unknown or not knowing how much effort is involved? Or maybe you’re concerned about how will it impact your other products?

If any of these questions/concerns sound all too familiar to you, put your mind at ease and join us for the

 Advisor Webcast:
EPM - New Features in Financial Applications Products: HFM, FR, FCM, FDM

on October 10th.

Take advantage of the fact that the experts from product management will be presenting the key items on They will walk you through all of the key features and main reasons that you should upgrade to the latest release…..and the best part is that you can ask them questions during the call.

In addition, keep in mind that although the main focus will be HFM, the team will also discuss the key enhancements with Financial Reporting, FDQM and SmartView.

This is your opportunity to learn about the new release and how it can benefit you and your company….so don’t hesitate in registering for the webcast!



  • New technical and functional enhancements
  • Information related to upgrading
  • Provide real customer examples who already upgraded
  • Provide some additional general information about FR, FDM and Smart View
  • Interactive session led by product management experts

As always with Advisor Webcasts - you do not need a Support ID to register - you can register directly via this  webex link as well.

Wednesday Oct 02, 2013

Advisor Webcast: Hyperion Tax Module

(in via Tanya)

Corporate income tax is one of the largest expense lines on the group income statement.

The tax expense often represents as much as 40% of total profit. Yet, the systems in use to calculate the tax provision - a key element in the financial close process - continue to be a disconnected array of point solutions and spreadsheets that lack the transparency warranted by such material numbers.

Furthermore, the tax provision continues to be a bottleneck in the financial close and consumes time that could otherwise be spent on more valuable activities such as risk analysis and tax planning.

Join us for a webcast; given by Product Management, on

Hyperion Tax Provisioning (HTP) Module
on October 8th.

It will highlight the benefits of this module and a demo will be provided.

This is your opportunity to learn about HTP and how it can benefit you and your company during the financial close process.

As always with Advisor Webcasts - you do not need a Support ID to register - you can register directly via this  webex link as well.

Monday Dec 03, 2012

Oracle Financial Management Analytics is available

(guest post by Greg)

Oracle Financial Management Analytics is now available for download from My Oracle Support as Patch 15921734

New Features in this release:

  • Support for the new Oracle BI mobile HD iPad client.
  • New Account Reconciliation Management and Financial Data Quality Management analytics
  • Improved Hyperion Financial Management analytics and usability enhancements
  • Enhanced Configuration Utility to support multiple products.
  • For HFM, FCM or ARM, and FDM, we support both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Simplified Test to Production migration of OFMA.

Web browsers support for Oracle Financial Management Analytics:

  • Internet Explorer Version 9 - The Oracle Financial Management Analytics supports the Internet Explorer 9 Web browser (for both 32 and 64 bit).
  • Firefox Version 6.x - The Oracle Financial Management Analytics supports the Firefox 6.x Web browser.
  • Chrome Version 12.x - The Oracle Financial Management Analytics supports the Chrome 12.x Web browser.

See OBIEE Certification Matrix

Oracle Financial Management Analytics Compatibility:

The Oracle Financial Management Analytics supports the following product version:

  • Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Release
  • Oracle Financial Close Manager Release
  • Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Release

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Advisor Webcast: Integrating DRM with EPMA

Leave out your shoes early this year!

On December 5th Saint Nicolas has something to put into them...

Another Advisor Webcast is on:

This time it is Matt Lontchar presenting the setup and use of Data Relationship Modeling ( DRM ) with Hyperion EPMA (to be then used with Planning and or HFM)

In this one-hour session he will demonstrate the setup and configuration of a Data Relationship Management application for chart of accounts management with Oracle General Ledger and dimension management for Oracle EPM System applications such as Hyperion Financial Management and Hyperion Planning.

Key Points will be:

  • Configuring Data Relationship Management for Oracle GL and EPM Architect integration
  • Configuring Hyperion Foundation Services (Weblogic, Web Services Manager, Shared Services)
  • Deploying and configuring the DRM Web Service
  • Setting up Oracle General Ledger for DRM integration
  • Configuring EPM Architect for DRM integration

So - treat yourself for some pre-season "chocolate" and join in on this webcast.

You find all relevant information on Doc ID 1504283.1 or via the Advsior Webcast Schedule Note  Doc ID 740966.1

Or simply go directly to the registration site at Webex:

UPDATE (19.03.14):
The recording is now available under:

Tuesday Nov 13, 2012

reminder - HFM Webcast tomorrow

This is the last reminder:

Tomorrow we will have the Advisor Webcast about new features in HFM.

Do not miss this one. Greg and Tanya have put together a nice set of Demonstrations of the new features, so this one will be low on the powerpoint footprint and more about - "look what this new thing does".

You can find more details in this  post or visit the "Advisor Webcast Current Schedule" on  MOS.

Thursday Nov 08, 2012

Announcement - Advisor Webcast HFM - Calc Manager

Stay tuned for next weeks Advisor Webcast.
Greg and Tanya are going to run a 45 Minute session on HFM and Calc Manager:

Advisor Webcast: New Features and Improvements in HFM and Calculation Manager
on Wednesday, 14.Nov.2012 - 16:00 CET

As of the  Registration Note 1494304.1:

This webcast is intended for people responsible for the operation and maintenance of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management application. This overview of new features and changes in HFM and Calc Manager, as well as upgrade paths and certified products is intended to support decision process for product upgrade.

  • New features and enhancements in Hyperion Financial Management
    • Adding custom dimensions to existing applications
    • Enhancements in Smartview, ICT, Equity Pickup and Taskflows modules
    • Changes in User Interface
    • Enhanced Copy Application Utility
  • New in Calculation Manager
    • Financial Management Script to Graphical Conversion

Friday Jan 27, 2012

Hyperion Enterprise - Statement of direction

Did you ever wonder what route your Hyperion Enterprise installation will go?
If you suspected that it has to pay its dept to nature at some point, you are right.

We now have an official answer to the question in a statement from Product Management.

See  Doc ID 1396504.1

From the Document:
"As of December 2012 Oracle Hyperion Enterprise and Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Reporting will be placed on controlled availability. [...] Oracle Hyperion Enterprise and Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Reporting release is the terminal release of these products. Support for these products will follow the published Oracle Lifetime Support Policy guidelines. "

Oracle recommends to "address financial consolidation and reporting requirements" via HFM

As HFM has been around for quite a while and Hyperion Enterprise is somewhat old(-ish) software this does not come as a surprise, since it is a long anticipated step in software development.

Having said that, it is still somewhat sad to see an old friend getting retired.

Wednesday Jan 18, 2012

New community: Oracle Financial Management Analytics

We would like to point out that a new community has been launched:

Oracle Financial Management Analytics

will go live on January 19th 2012.

You can find this the usual way: 

Proactive Support recommends using the Oracle communities for simple requests, as they provide some advantages over SRs:

  • you can start here if you are not sure what Product is affected 
  • you will have multiple experts look at your problem, not just one Support Engineer
  • you may get multiple solutions in a short time, and have the option to chose the best
  • simple inquiries like questions about documentation, where to find X or where to find a certain KM article may get answered faster than in an SR


This blog talks about the latest news and upcoming events initiated by the EPM/BI Proactive Support Team.



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