Friday Oct 10, 2014

Patch Set Update: Financial Close Management

The following Patch Set Update (PSU) has been released for Hyperion Financial Close Management (FCM)

This PSU download is available from the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates section.

Hyperion Financial Close Management PSU
Patch 18295563

This PSU can be applied to the following releases only:

NOTE: This PSU prequisites includes Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) PSU ( Patch 17529887). Refer to the Readme file for other required patch information.

Prior to proceeding with this PSU implementation refer to the Readme file for important information. In addition to the details of new features and full list of the defects fixed, the Readme file contains important support information that includes prerequisites, install details for applying patch, post-installation instructions, and tips & troubleshooting information.

It is important to verify that the requirements and support paths for this patch are met as outlined within the Readme file. The Readme file is available from the Patches & Updates download screen.

New Feature:

The new feature introduced in release allows multiple tasks to be selected and right click to Submit, Approve, or Reject.

To share your experience about installing this patch ...

In the MOS | Patches & Updates screen for FCM Patch 18295563 - click the "Start a Discussion" and submit your review.

The patch install reviews and other patch related information is available within the My Oracle Support Communities. Visit the Oracle Hyperion EPM sub-space:

Hyperion Patch Reviews

Have a question for FCM specificially ....

The My Oracle Support Community "Hyperion Financial Close Management" is the ideal first stop to seek & find product specific answers:

Hyperion Financial Close Management (MOSC)

To locate the latest Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for the EPM products visit the My Oracle Support (MOS) Knowledge Article:

Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for
Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Products

Doc ID 1400559.1

Thursday Jul 31, 2014

Procedure to clone Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management Single Node Environment

(In via Mel)

We are pleased to advise the following knowledge document is now available in My Oracle Support:

Procedure to clone Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management
Single Node Environment (

Doc ID 1903665.1

Following recent support requests from our FCM Customers for instructions regarding the FCM Node Cloning, the Global Customer Support have published the above article (thank-you Dave).

This document details how to clone an Financial Close Management single node installation in order to create a test environment from a production environment.

Stay tuned for the instructions for multi-node environments ...

Questions relating to the FCM Single Node Environment Cloning may be posted via reply to the discussion thread that has been created in the FCM Subspace:

My Oracle Support Community:
Procedure to clone Oracle Hyperion FCM
Single Node Environment

For other FCM questions please start a new discussion in the

My Oracle Support Community
Hyperion Financial Close Management


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