Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Essbase Excel Add in - Statement of Direction

sadly another long lasting friend is about to be buried in the wet, cold data void that holds past programs (... and AOL CDs).

The Essbase Excel Add In is about to be de-continued
(see  Doc ID 1466700.1) in January '13.

The (already out) version of the Excel Add In must be considered the last release of this particular program
(Unless the guys from Applied OLAP bring out their own version next to the openOffice Add In that they already sport).

As expected, SmartView achieved parity in functionality with Release and ever since then it was just a question of time when our old buddy would get the shoe.

For all users out there like me that have known and worked with the Excel Add In for the last decade(s) this is a loss.

SmartView may have functionality parity, and may altogether be the stronger, open technology - capable of Planning forms, connection to HFM etc. .
But (from my personal point of view) it will not give the end user the same direct access to his databases, with nothing between him and his Essbase Server. Of course it was to be expected that only one of the two could survive and it was obvious that this would be SmartView, so this does not come as a surprise.
A minute for an old friend . . .

. . .

Thank you, and let us look forward!
Unless you had other plans for the upcoming season, why not spend it investigating SmartView for your Essbase interaction needs.
We hear that the days between Christmas and new year hold unlimited potential to test out new things.
Or take it as a new year resolution: "I will switch to SmartView at the earliest possible moment".

Friday Aug 24, 2012

Transition from Excel Add in to SmartView

For all of you that have received the information about the End of Life of the classic Excel Add In for Essbase, and now wondering what to do once it is no longer with us.
Oracle has released a White Paper with the title: "Moving from Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in to Oracle® Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition".

You can find it here:

It gives you some of the reasons why SmartView is preferred to the classic Add In:

Smart View is the Strategic Office Add-in for Oracle EPM and Oracle® BI products including Oracle® Essbase. Smart View is vastly improved from the Oracle® Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in many ways. Here are some reasons to consider for moving from Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in to Smart View:

  • Improved feature functionality over Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in
  • Single add-in for multiple products as opposed to only Essbase
  • Rich functionality specific to the data source (Essbase, Planning etc.)
  • Support for Word and PowerPoint
  • 64-bit Office support
  • Support for newer versions of Office and Windows O/S’s
  • "When accessing EPM sources, end users like to see the same type and quality of chart across all Office products."
  • The new release of Smart View allows users accessing EPM sources from an Office environment to render the same type and quality of charts across Office products - Excel, Word, or PowerPoint.
  • Improved architecture keeping pace with newer trends in Office and Analysis
  • HTTP(s) makes access possible via internet/

As well as a number of tips on how to migrate and how to use some of the features.

Looking for more information about SmartView? - visit its Documentation on technet


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