Tuesday Apr 08, 2014

Advisor Webcast: Troubleshooting Essbase Analytics Link

Advisor Webcast

 Troubleshooting Essbase Analytics Link

16th April 2014

This one-hour session is recommended for technical and functional users who use and administer Essbase Analytics Link.

The Advisor Webcast will cover installation preparation and planning, troubleshooting techniques, log file locations, how to read and interpret the logs as well as talk about the internal communication between EAL components.

In addition the Ports and Protocols used as well as the prerequisites to establish the connections will be addressed, with a quick look at tools to assist with troubleshooting.


  • EAL Architecture
  • EAL Communication Paths
  • Use Cases
  • Troubleshooting Installation and Configuration

Register Now - visit:

Troubleshooting Essbase Analytics Link
Doc ID 1633062.1


To view scheduled & archived recordings of previous Business Analytics Advisor Webcasts visit:

Oracle Business Analytics Advisor Webcast [Doc ID 1456233.1]


Attendees using recent Chrome or Firefox browser versions maybe required to activate the WebEx plug-in before joining a WebEx meeting.

For up to-date information ensure to review the WebEx Support page:

Friday Mar 21, 2014

Patch Release: Hyperion Essbase PSU

The Oracle Hyperion Essbase Patch Set Updates (PSU) have been released.

These are available for download via the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates section. The "Patch" ID links below will access each these PSU patches directly.

Hyperion Essbase Server
     - Patch 17767302: Essbase Server

Hyperion Essbase Client
     - Patch 17767299: Essbase RTC
     - Patch 17767301: Essbase Client
     - Patch 17767307: Essbase Client MSI

Hyperion Essbase Studio Server
     - Patch 17767295: Essbase Studio Server
     - Patch 17767296: Essbase Studio Console MSI

Hyperion Essbase Administration Services (EAS)
     - Patch 17767309: EAS Server
     - Patch 17767316: EAS Console MSI

Hyperion Analytic Provider Services (APS)
Patch 17767293: APS Services

Be sure to review the related Readme files
available per Patch Set Update

... for the latest Business Analytics Patch Sets & Patch Set Updates visit:

Doc ID 1400559.1 - Oracle Hyperion EPM Products
Doc ID 1488475.1 - OBIEE 11g

Thursday Oct 24, 2013

Java update alert: issue with EAS

(in via Nancy)

Customers using EPM and a web browser to launch the Essbase Administration Services Console will lose the ability to launch EAS Console via the Web URL if they apply Java 1.7 build 45.

Development is currently investigating this issue.


If Java 1.7 Update 45 has been installed, it will need to be uninstalled and a previous version will need to be installed.

Older versions of Java are available in the Java Archive


Though it may work, Java 1.7 is not supported in previous versions of EAS.
(Exception for PSU which introduced JRE 1.7 support in the code line)

Customers running a version of EAS Console prior to need to install the supported version of JRE.

Please follow this also in the Oracle Community

Update, 28 Feb 2014:
This issue is fixed in patch set update
Available as:
patch 17609518 for the server and
patch 17609497 for the client component

Thursday Oct 17, 2013

Essbase - FormatString

A look at the documentation for "Typed Measures" shows:
"Using format strings, you can format the values (cell contents) of Essbase database members in numeric type measures so that they appear, for query purposes, as text, dates, or other types of predefined values. The resultant display value is the cell’s formatted value (FORMATTED_VALUE property in MDX). The underlying real value is numeric, and this value is unaffected by the associated formatted value."

To actually switch ON the use of typed measures in general, you need to navigate to the outline properties:
  1. open outline
  2. select properties
  3. change "Typed Measures enable" to TRUE

(click to enlarge)

As an example, I created two additional members in the ASOSamp outline.
- A member "delta Price" in the Measures (Accounts) Dimension with the Formula: ([Original Price],[Curr_year])-([Original Price],[Prev_year])
This is equivalent to the Variance Formula used in the "Years" Dimension.

- A member "Var_Quickview" in the "Years" Dimension with the same formula as the "Variance" Member.
This will be used to simply display a second cell with the same underlying value as Variance - but formatted using Format String hence enabling BOTH in the same report.

(click to enlarge)

In the outline you now select the member you want the Format String associated with and change the "associated Format String" in the Member Properties.
As you can see in this example an IIF statement reading:
MdxFormat(IIF(CellValue()< 0,"Negative","Positive" ) )
has been chosen for both new members.

After applying the Format String changes and running a report via SmartView, the result is:

(click to enlarge)

Essbase Database Admin Guide ,Chapter 12 "Working with Typed Measures "

Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

EPM - Essbase - Runtime Substitution Variables

With being out, I would like to point out the biggest change that we got in Hyperion Essbase:

Runtime Subsitution Variables.

They have been documented in the new features guide.

In short - you can now define Substitution Variables on the fly in a Calc Script or MaxL script.
Nice eh?
How do you do it?

The MaxL syntax looks like this:

execute calculation "myscript" on <App>.<DB> with runtimesubvars 'Currmonth = "Jan";';

(make sure that if you have a list of RTSubVars, that you end EACH ONE with a semicolon

execute calculation "myscript" on Sample.Basic with runtimesubvars 'Currmonth=Jan;CurrProd=Cola;';

there is a slight glitch in the documentation about this - we will get that fixed soon)

In a calc script you can simply use

Currmonth = "Jun";

again - multiple need to end on semicolon each:

SET Runtimesubvar {
Currmonth = "Jun";
Currlocation = "Florida";

We were also told that a new function is included in the API to prompt a user for a variable but so far this has not been implemented in any product (MaxL, SmartView, CalcManager, EAS - none of them yet). Products based on the API (e.g. Calc Manager) may in the future make use of that though - so stay tuned.

Along with a few changes to the performance of XREF (should be a lot faster now) and some added calculation functions this is the main change in Essbase.

Wednesday Apr 10, 2013

How to track MDX queries against Essbase

(in via Nancy)

Nancy pointed me at a newly created KM Doc that talks about MDX tracking unsurprisingly called:  Tracking MDX Queries Against an Essbase Database [ID 1543793.1].

This CFG setting is not yet fully documented, but may make it into the next documentation update.

MDX queries run against an Essbase application can be tracked by adding a line in the Essbase configuration file,

TRACE_MDX appname dbname 2

The appname and dbname refer to the specific application and database that you want to track.
Both are optional. Omit them if you want all applications tracked.

The MDX queries are dumped to a file named mdxtrace.log in ARBORPATH/appname/dbname folder,
i.e. /Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/epmsystem1/EssbaseServer/essbaseserver1/app/Sample/Basic

The log contains:

  • The time stamp at the time of completion of the query.
  • The elapsed time for the query
  • it does NOT contain the user who issued this statement - for that you would need to cross check in the Application log file

So for example, executing an MDX query against the Sample/Basic database, the mdxtrace.log contains:

Following MDX query executed at Mon Apr 08 08:56:13 2013
{[100-10], [100-20]} ON COLUMNS,
{[Qtr1], [Qtr2], [Qtr3], [Qtr4]} ON ROWS
FROM Sample.Basic

=== MDX Query Elapsed Time : [0.009] seconds ===================

Please Note:

Only queries that were executed successfully are printed to file. Queries that end in error are not printed.

We hope that this can assist you in tuning your Database/MDX queries.

Thursday Apr 04, 2013

EPM / OBIEE on Exalytics patching Advisor Webcast

One of the frequently requested topics for Advisor Webcast sessions is "patching and maintenance of EPM".

As one of the EPM hosts, I am therefore particularly happy to announce a session that covers patching on Exalytics based on examples of OBIEE, Essbase and Times Ten.

ADVISOR WEBCAST: Exalytics Patching
April 23, 2013

17:00, Europe Time (Berlin, GMT+01:00)

16:00, GMT Time (London, GMT)

11:00, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

09:00, Mountain Daylight Time (Denver, GMT-06:00)

Saresh has signed up to guide you to this Advisor Webcast.

As this was classified as a Webcast for "Oracle Engineered Systems" it does NOT show up in the usual "Oracle Business Analytics" Section of the  "Advisor Webcasts: Current Schedule and Archived recordings" KM Doc 740966.1.
Instead you find this under - you have guessed it "Oracle Engineered Systems".

You can directly jump to KM Doc 1533869.1 for more information, or even register from here without the use of KM via this link:  https://oracleaw.webex.com/oracleaw/onstage/g.php?d=595289751&t=a

So - do not miss out on this valuable session for a direct contact with our Engineers. There will be a Question & Answer Session at the end for all the unanswered things that are hard to find in the documentation.
But even if you do miss it: As with every Advisor Webcasts - the session will be recorded and you can find the content on the same KM Doc 740966.1 as the registration. We also usually create accompanying threads in the Oracle Communities that are then monitored by the presenter for later questions. So even if you can not attend the live session, your questions may be answered if you just view the recording.

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Essbase Excel Add in - S.o.D.

sadly another long lasting friend is about to be buried in the wet, cold data void that holds past programs (... and AOL CDs).

The Essbase Excel Add In is about to be de-continued
(see  Doc ID 1466700.1) in January '13.

The (already out) version of the Excel Add In must be considered the last release of this particular program
(Unless the guys from Applied OLAP bring out their own version next to the openOffice Add In that they already sport).

As expected, SmartView achieved parity in functionality with Release and ever since then it was just a question of time when our old buddy would get the shoe.

For all users out there like me that have known and worked with the Excel Add In for the last decade(s) this is a loss.

SmartView may have functionality parity, and may altogether be the stronger, open technology - capable of Planning forms, connection to HFM etc. .
But (from my personal point of view) it will not give the end user the same direct access to his databases, with nothing between him and his Essbase Server. Of course it was to be expected that only one of the two could survive and it was obvious that this would be SmartView, so this does not come as a surprise.
A minute for an old friend . . .

. . .

Thank you, and let us look forward!
Unless you had other plans for the upcoming season, why not spend it investigating SmartView for your Essbase interaction needs.
We hear that the days between Christmas and new year hold unlimited potential to test out new things.
Or take it as a new year resolution: "I will switch to SmartView at the earliest possible moment".

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

Statements of direction for EPM 11.1.1.x series products

Some of the older parts of EPM that have been replaced with newer software will phase out after January 2013.
For most of these the 11.1.1.x Series will be the last release.
They will then only be supported via sustaining support (see policy).

We have notes about:

  • the Essbase Excel Add In (replaced by SmartView which nearly achieved functionality parity with release
     Oracle Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in Statement of Direction (Doc ID 1466700.1)
  • Hyperion Data Integration Management (replaced by Oracle Data Integrator ( ODI ))
    Hyperion Data Integration Management Statement of Direction (Doc ID 1267051.1)
  • Hyperion Enterprise and Enterprise Reporting (replaced by HFM)
    Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Enterprise Reporting Statement of Direction (Doc ID 1396504.1)
  • Hyperion Business Rules (replaced by Calculation Manager)
    Hyperion Business Rules Statement of Direction (Doc ID 1448421.1)
  • Oracle Visual Explorer (this one phased out in June 11 already - just in case anyone missed it)
    Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer Statement of Direction (Doc ID 1327945.1)

For a complete list of the Supported Lifetimes, please review the
"Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Applications"

Tuesday May 22, 2012

Essbase varying attributes and how they assist you in Analysis

I just found this rich article in the trainers section blog at oracle.com.

It talks in length about the use of varying attributes in Essbase and how they are used.


So in case you have missed this new feature of the 11.1.x codeline, you are now lacking one excuse not to use it. : )

Monday Mar 26, 2012

Essbase Data precision unraveled

(guest reference added by Nancy)

Anyone who has been working with Data import and exoport as well as the Essbase Excel Add In has probably come across a phenomenon that is called data precision:

Lots of zeroes are added to any given number that has been calculated by Essbase, and this gets displayed as "10.0000000000001" or "9.99999999999999" instead of a simple "10" .

This question is one of the recurring ones that Support get asked over and over again, and we therefore feel the need to give an explanation to it:

I would like to point you to the note The Limits of Data Precision in Essbase (Doc ID 1311188.1) which explains in detail why these numbers are showing up and what to do about it.

Friday Mar 09, 2012

Essbase Studio - the unknown friend

  • You are new to EPM and have just started using Essbase with the Excel Add In and now wonder what the "Essbase Studio" is all about?
  • You found Essbase Studio but have no idea what to do with it?
  • You always wanted to have a nice graphical User Interface that maps your RDBMS tables into a usable Essbase database?
  • You want to run data loads from source Databases but do not want to write the SQL yourself?
  • You want to find out about what Essbase Studio is and how to make the most of it? 

Good news - all these questions can be answered with a nicely documented guide that you can find at  Adiva Consulting

And if that does not give you enough information, you may want to re-visit the Essbase Studio User Guide

Tuesday Feb 28, 2012

Essbase Patch Set released (for Oracle Exalytics)

guest article by Nancy Dailey:

Oracle is pleased to announce that the Oracle Hyperion Essbase, Essbase Administration Services and Analytic Provider Services v11. Patch Sets are generally available via My Oracle Support.

These Patch Sets contain defect fixes and changes that are specific to the Oracle Exalytics In-Memory machine.

You should install this Patch Set only in the following circumstances:

  • You are installing Essbase on the Exalytics In-Memory Machine, or
  • There is an urgent need for a defect fix that is included in this Patch Set

Customers considering this Patch Set for a platform other than the Exalytics In-Memory Machine should carefully review the list of fixed defects, known issues and deprecated functions. If there is not a true urgent need for a defect fix included in this Patch Set, Oracle recommends customers install the upcoming Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) release, which will contain an update, instead of this Patch Set.

To check the availability of the EPM release prior to installing this Patch Set Update, visit the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (  https://edelivery.oracle.com).

Oracle highly recommends that you do extensive testing before making this patch available in a general production environment.

This patch is available on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)
  • Linux x86 (64 bit)

1. Log into My Oracle Support.
2. Choose the Patches & Updates tab
3. Perform a search for Patches.

Review each Product Readme carefully as there are prerequisites and deprecated functions that may affect your decision to apply these patches.

Essbase Server v11. Patch ID 11865143
Essbase Client v11. Patch ID 11865133
Common Runtime Client v11. Patch ID 12911847
Essbase Administration Server v11. Patch ID 12680469
Essbase Administration Services Console: Patch ID 12680465
Analytic Provider Services v11. Patch ID 11892451

CAUTION: The Essbase security file (essbase.sec) in PS is incompatible with Essbase or, which are the supported releases for this patch.
Therefore, if you apply the Essbase Server patch, that patch cannot be rolled back.
You can, however, rollback the Essbase Client and Common Runtime Client patches.

Tuesday Dec 13, 2011

Patch Set 501 for Essbase is GA via My Oracle Support

We are pleased to announce that the two patch sets

Hyperion Essbase Patch Set Update is generally available via My Oracle Support as

  • Server Patch #13448704 and
  • Client Patch  #13448691

Hyperion Essbase Patch Set Update is generally available via My Oracle Support as

  • Server Patch #13069202 and
  • Client Patch  #13069179

are openly available via My Oracle support now

You can locate these by logging in to  http://support.oracle.com ->"Patches & Updates" and then search for the patch numbers given above.


This blog talks about the latest news and upcoming events initiated by the EPM/BI Proactive Support Team.




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