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Enterprise Performance Management Error Correction Policy

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Oracle recently published the Enterprise Performance Management Error Correction Policy.  This document describes how Oracle delivers error correction (fixes) for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) in the form of Patch Sets, Patch Set Updates (PSU) and Patch Set Exceptions (PSE) for releases under Premier and Extended Support, and the grace periods for which prior Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates are eligible for correction.  The document complements the Lifetime Support and Technical Support Policies.   

For information on the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Error Correction Policy, visit the My Oracle Support articles:

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Software Error Correction Policy
Doc ID 1617238.1

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management 11g Grace Periods for Error Correction
Doc ID 1590676.1

Understanding the Error Correction Policy and the related grace periods is important when planning a proactive maintenance strategy.  Within the lifecycle of a release, each version has a specific end of corrective maintenance as defined by the “grace period end date.”  Please note that the new policy supersedes and extends the grace periods specified at the end of the Hyperion tables in the Lifetime Support Policy.  

Additional information for Oracle Premier Support, including Oracle Technical Support Policies and Oracle Lifetime Support Policies, is availabe via:

Oracle Premier Support

Wednesday Aug 13, 2014

OBIEE Error Correction Support has Ended - What to do to keep receiving bug fixes and enhancements

A reminder that Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) "Error Correction Support" ended in April 2014.

OBIEE End of Error Correction Support
Doc ID 1642219.1

Although already outlined in previous posts, the support team is still receiving numerous requests for patchsets on older versions of OBIEE.

Every version within a product's life cycle has an "End of Error Correction Support after a defined Grace Period" date.  The grace period for OBIEE expired one year after the release of OBIEE 

With OBIEE now supported under the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy (PDF), it is important to be aware that development will no longer provide the following for OBIEE

  • one-off patches
  • back-port fixes
  • patch sets or bundle patches

This means there is no further addressing of errors, bugs or enhancements within OBIEE

Further information on OBIEE Error Correction Support is outlined in knowledge article:

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Error Correction Support
Doc ID 1664916.1

Customers with existing OBIEE environments should ensure they are on the terminal release of OBIEE

The OBIEE release was made available in September 2013. Details for the related patch numbers and direct links to download are listed in knowledge article:

OBIEE 11g: Required and Recommended Bundle Patches and Patch Sets
Doc ID 1488475.1

Upgrading to OBIEE ...

The download details for the latest version of OBIEE are also available within the knowledge article:

Doc ID 1488475.1 OBIEE 11g: Required and Recommended Bundle Patches and Patch Sets

There are several resources available to assist with an upgrade to OBIEE A recommended first stop is the knowledge article:

Doc ID 1517518.1 OBIEE Upgrade Advisor 11.1.1.x to

As part of Oracle Documenation Library for OBIEE the following direct link to the HTML documenation section 1.7:

1.7 Moving from,, or to

Additional related information is also available in:

Doc ID 1349983.2 Information Center: OBIEE Release 10g and Later

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