Wednesday Jul 08, 2015

Patch Set Update: Enterprise Performance Management

The Hyperion Product Management team have advised the release of Patch Set Update (PSU) for:

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

These PSU downloads are available from within the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates section.

Foundation Services

Patch 20675028 Hyperion Shared Services (HSS)
Patch 21292109 Hyperion Calculation Manager
Patch 20929659 Hyperion EPM Architect (EPMA)

Reporting and Analysis

Patch 20768325 Reporting and Analysis Framework
Patch 20838970 Hyperion Financial Reporting (FR)

Financial PM Applications

Patch 20619384 Hyperion Disclosure Management (HDM)
Patch 20768349 Hyperion Financial Close Management (FCM)
Patch 20955781 Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)
Patch 20643564 Hyperion Planning
Patch 20915688 Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management (HPCM)
Patch 21219363 Hyperion Tax Provision

Data Management

Patch 21107706 Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM)
Patch 20779592 Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition

Please note: this posting is not a comprehensive listing of patches, any subsequent patches will be posted separately. For the comprehensive list please bookmark and refer to Doc ID 1400559.1.

Prior to proceeding with this PSU implementation refer to the Readme file for important information. In addition to the details of new features and full list of the defects fixed, the Readme file contains important support information that includes prerequisites, install details for applying patch, post-installation instructions, and tips & troubleshooting information.

It is important to verify that the requirements and support paths for this patch are met as outlined within the Readme file. The Readme file is available from the Patches & Updates download screen.

To share your experience about installing this patch ...

In the MOS | Patches & Updates screen for each of the PSU Patch IDs, click the "Start a Discussion" and submit your review for that Patch

The patch install reviews and other patch related information is available within the My Oracle Support Communities. Visit the Oracle Hyperion EPM sub-space:

Hyperion Patch Reviews

Have a question for a specific EPM product....

The My Oracle Support Community "Hyperion EPM" contains a sub-community for each of the EPM products, and are the ideal first stop to seek & find product specific answers:

Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

To locate the latest Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for the EPM products visit the My Oracle Support (MOS) Knowledge Article:

Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for
Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Products

Doc ID 1400559.1

Wednesday Mar 26, 2014

Patch Release: EPM Client PSE

A download is available for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Clients (refer list below) and is bundled as a single Patch Set Exception (PSE).

This has been made available via the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates section. The following "Patch" link will access the PSE directly.

PATCH BUG FOR Client Installers PSE
Patch 18383790

This PSE download provides client .exe/.msi installers for the following EPM clients:

  • Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA)
  • Hyperion Strategic Finance (HSF)
  • Planning SV Extension
  • Predictive Planning
  • Crystal Ball (CB)

Important to Note:

  • The installers are for Microsoft Windows.
  • This patch supports English Only.
  • It is not an Opatch patch.
  • Ensure to read the Readme file available from the PSE download screen.
  • This is a single PSE download file (approx 652Mb) and includes the above mentioned EPM Client products.

For related EPM information also refer to previous Blog posts:

Patch Release: EPM PSU
Patch Release: Hyperion Essbase PSU

Wednesday Mar 19, 2014

Hyperion Product Name Changes in My Oracle Support

Within My Oracle Support (MOS) some changes have been made to the following Hyperion product names:

Previous Product Name New Product Name
Hyperion Profitability Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management
Hyperion Financial Close Analytics Dashboard Oracle Financial Management Analytics
Hyperion Business Performance Management Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect
Hyperion FDM Essbase Adaptor Hyperion FDM Essbase Adapter

These changes will be seen in the MOS Service Requests and Knowledge sections. This aligns the names of the products across all MOS sections.

Details for this change are also outlined in the Knowledge article:

  • Hyperion Product Name Changes for Hyperion Profitability, Hyperion Financial Close Analytics Dashboard, Hyperion Business Performance Management, and Hyperion FDM Essbase Adaptor [Doc ID 1636212.1]

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Advisor Webcast: Integrating DRM with EPMA

Leave out your shoes early this year!

On December 5th Saint Nicolas has something to put into them...

Another Advisor Webcast is on:

This time it is Matt Lontchar presenting the setup and use of Data Relationship Modeling ( DRM ) with Hyperion EPMA (to be then used with Planning and or HFM)

In this one-hour session he will demonstrate the setup and configuration of a Data Relationship Management application for chart of accounts management with Oracle General Ledger and dimension management for Oracle EPM System applications such as Hyperion Financial Management and Hyperion Planning.

Key Points will be:

  • Configuring Data Relationship Management for Oracle GL and EPM Architect integration
  • Configuring Hyperion Foundation Services (Weblogic, Web Services Manager, Shared Services)
  • Deploying and configuring the DRM Web Service
  • Setting up Oracle General Ledger for DRM integration
  • Configuring EPM Architect for DRM integration

So - treat yourself for some pre-season "chocolate" and join in on this webcast.

You find all relevant information on Doc ID 1504283.1 or via the Advsior Webcast Schedule Note  Doc ID 740966.1

Or simply go directly to the registration site at Webex:

UPDATE (19.03.14):
The recording is now available under:


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