Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

HPCM Community about to merge into Hyperion Other Products Community

(in via Mel)

The HPCM Community was feeling a bit lonely and wanted to be with its Product friends in another Community.

The chosen Community is the Hyperion Other Products Community.
Rest assured that all relevant posts and information has been transferred to the Hyperion Other Products Community.

With a new member joining this Community, it would very helpful if you add a abbreviation at the beginning of your subject when posting. 

  • "HPCM":  Performance Issues with new application
  • "Ent":        Error:"Cannot open HPAPP.DAT"
  • "HSS":      Cannot connect into Shared Services
  • "CB":        (Crystal Ball): How to activate a license
  • "DRM":    How to create ......

Did you know that the  Hyperion Certification for EPM Community is a perfect place for all your Certification questions about any of the EPM products.

With your Community contributions you will help to make this Community a success.

Using a different EPM Product? We got a Community for it:

Why not have a look and see what these Communities can do for you? You never know.....the answer to your questions may already in the Community....."

Monday Aug 26, 2013

My Oracle Support Meet Up Event (within OpenWorld 2013)

(in via Mel)

Imagine you have spent a second long exhausting day at Oracle OpenWorld 2013....

Imagine you are now hungry, thirsty, want to rest your feet for a while and chat with people of similar occupation

Imagine someone now offers you this:

Looks inviting - doesn't it?

That is exactly why Oracle Support is hosting an MOS Community meeting at the end of day 2 of Oracle Open World 2013.

You probably already know that the OpenWorld will take place in San Francisco (US) from September 22nd to 26th, but the MOS Community meeting on

Monday, September 23, 2013 from 6:30pm – 9:30pm

may have slipped your attention.

Well - snacks and drinks are on the tab of Oracle Support at that meeting, and you may have the chance to put a face to some of the names you see posting in the community.
The good thing is: admission to the meeting is free, only pre-registration is required.

So with this you are invited to head over to the Oracle Communities, where you find the link to registration for this event and to the Oracle OpenWorld Website.

MOS Community

Want to know more or share information relating to your Oracle Products?

Join our MOS community today.

Tuesday Feb 12, 2013

Where are your questions now?

Based on the fact that compatibility questions are asked in a good percentage of Support Cases (SRs), it seemed necessary to decipher this area for our customers.

Initiatives included the MOS "Certification"-Tab that you can use to check if your system/OS is compatible with your release of an Oracle Product (lately including EPM), and of course for EPM there has always been the  compatibility matrix. And for BI we have a similar one here.

But of course these may not answer every last question that you may have towards compatibility, and therefore
on January 31st 2013 we have launched 2 new Certification Communities:

Our Moderators have been busy posting information on common questions that customers are asking in Service Requests.

Certification in this case is equivalent to "supported on", "compatible with" "Compatibility Matrix" etc.

Want to be the first customer to take advantage of our new Certification Communities in BI and EPM?

Take a look and see if we already posted the information you are looking for.

Should you not find the information you need, please post to the community and our moderators are happy to answer your question.
There is no need to log a Service Request, just a post is all you need to get your question answered.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

Log in and see what these communities can do for you!


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