Thursday Oct 09, 2014

Automating the OBIEE patching process from EM Cloud Control 12c

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With Software patching being one of the more work intensive and error prone tasks in your daily business, it is nice to see that there are people constantly working to make this easier, more reliable and less demanding.

OBIEE Development has taken the time to lay out steps to automate the patching process of OBIEE by using Deployment Procedures (DP) that are already available in Enterprise Manager 12c.

A Deployment Procedure (DP) is a sequence of steps and phases, where each phase can contain sequence of steps. The steps can be scripts or commands to be run on any BI host where patch has to be applied. The DP once created can be used to:

  • Apply a patch on multiple BI environments.
  • Apply multiple patches if the steps to patch are the same.
  • Apply multiple patches having different patching instructions by customizing the DP (adding new steps and enabling/disabling certain steps).

The complete article including detailed explanations, steps and screenshots can be found in:

Automate Patching of OBIEE using EM Cloud Control (Doc ID 1919956.1)

Apart from the obvious work to create this detailed guide and the simplicity of the idea to use what already exists, what I personally like about this is that these Deployment Procedures carry the potential to work for other software that runs on a Weblogic Server just as well. 

  • They are pointed at any Weblogic Server that are managed by Enterprise Manager 12c
  • They call opatch with a user defined set of instructions

so unless we hear different, it is fairly safe to assume that the same technique can be applied to any other Weblogic based Application that uses opatch for patching.

To prevent anyone from thinking that I am are jumping to conclusions here: there is a KM note indicating this:

Master Index for Provisioning and Patching through Deployment Procedures (a Generic Note specific to a Target Type) (Doc ID 1305014.1)

definitely one to keep bookmarked to ease the troubleshooting of DPs:

Tips and Tricks on Debugging Deployment Procedures (Doc ID 463355.1)

And finally the detailed steps to use Deployment Procedures in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Lifecycle Management Administrator's Guide (  Chapter 42 "Customizing Deployment Procedures") along with the instructions how to create them in the first place ( Chapter 41.6 "Creating, Saving, and Launching User Defined Deployment Procedure (UDDP)")

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Tuesday Aug 05, 2014

OBIEE 11g: Configuration Management for OBIEE in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

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The Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) support team have provided a new knowledge article for OBIEE configuration management:

OBIEE 11g: Configuration Management for OBIEE in
Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c
Doc ID 1912834.1

This article will assist in understanding how to use Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to manage OBIEE configurations and includes:

  • Compare configuration data to detect changes
  • Compare patches applied across different systems
  • Create custom Comparison Templates
  • Use Configuration Extensions to collect additional files/data

The article also assists in identifying changes in configuration that maybe resulting in differences in the behavior of similar systems.

The content by itself will not fix "performance" but its use is beneficial to identify differences in configuration between slow and fast performing systems that would be expected to behave the same.

An article of interest relating to slow performing Dashboards ... visit:

OBIEE 11g: How To Diagnose Slowly Performing Dashboards
using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
Doc ID 1668236.1


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