Thursday Nov 05, 2015

Advisor Webcast: Integrating Oracle Essbase with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g

Advisor Webcast

 Integrating Oracle Essbase with
Oracle Business Intelligence 11g

12th November 2015

This Advisor Webcast is recommended for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) Administrators and Developers who will be working with OBIEE 11g integrated with Oracle Essbase.


  • Overview
  • Prerequisites
  • Importing Essbase data source into a BI repository
  • Creating sample OBI reports using an Essbase data source
  • Configuring Data-Level Security using Essbase Filters
  • Summary
  • References

Additional Information and Registration Details - visit:

My Oracle Support Community
Integrating Oracle Essbase with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g


The recording can be found here:

To view scheduled & archived recordings of previous Business Analytics Advisor Webcasts visit:

Oracle Business Analytics Advisor Webcast
Doc ID 1456233.1

CUSTOMER NOTIFICATION : Attendees using recent Chrome or Firefox browser versions maybe required to activate the WebEx plug-in before joining a WebEx meeting. For up to-date information review the WebEx Support page:

Thursday Aug 20, 2015

Cumulative Feature Overview Tool for Business Intelligence and Big Data Discovery

(in via Jan)

The Oracle Business Analytics - Cumulative Feature Overview tool now includes Business Intelligence and Big Data Discovery, in addition to Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) features and enhancements.

Oracle Business Analytics
Cumulative Feature Overview Tool

The Cumulative Feature Overview Tool provides concise descriptions of new and enhanced solutions and functionality that have become available between starting and target releases.

Select "BI (Business Intelligence)" tab for:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA)

Select "BDD (Big Data Discovery)" tab for:

  • Big Data Discovery (BDD)

A few simple steps are all that is required, from selecting the product name/s, and the from/to release versions. Along with the concise descriptions, the tool provides the release version the specific feature or functionality was implemented in, and where applicable a Video Feature Overviews link maybe provided.

This HTML web-based interface can be viewed on all devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The results can be downloaded as a report output in various formats such as PDF and Excel.

Friday Feb 27, 2015

OBIA 11g: Configuring BIAPPs with External LDAP Authentication

(in via Julie)

Wanting to configure Business Intelligence Applications (BIAPPS) with External Authentication?

The Oracle Business Intelligence Application (OBIA) Support team have provided a new document to assist:

OBIA 11g How to Configure BIAPPs with External LDAP Authentication
Doc ID 1984267.1

This document provides steps to configure BI Applications 11g with External Authentication, and is available from the My Oracle Support (MOS) - Knowledge section.

Prior to implementing the steps outlined in this document, BI Applications should be installed and set up as detailed in the BI Applications 11g Installation Guide. Once that is completed it can be configured to use an external LDAP for authentication.

Seeking assistance for OBIA ...

Some of the available links that you may be interested to visit include:

  • Information Center: OBIA Release 7.9.6.x and Later
    Doc ID 1406496.2

  • Troubleshooting Assistant: Product Information for OBIA
    Doc ID 1318707.2

  • OBIA: Getting Started with an OBIA Install
    Doc ID 1672298.1

  • Oracle BI Applications to Upgrade Guide
    Doc ID 1673221.1

  • Oracle Technology Network (OTN):
    Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations [Link]

Questions specific to OBIA ...

For questions or an issue that you can not identify - visit the OBIA Community as a first step on your way to a solution: :

My Oracle Support Community

Tuesday Jul 23, 2013

New Look for the Business Analytics Communities

(in via Mel)

Breaking News!

The Business Analytics Communities are transforming into Community Information Centers!

What does this mean for you?

Most importantly, nothing changes to the way you post your questions to our Communities.

Did you know that questions are not the only thing you can post?

If you want to share some product experiences, workarounds and other features why not start a discussion in the Community and let others learn from it?

A great way to 'Meet and Learn'.

So, what are the changes?

It's the layout. A new 'Look and Feel'.

If you check out the Hyperion Certifications for EPM Community you will see what you can expect from your Community once it has been transformed.

You will find your 'Welcome Message' followed by expandable blue widgets containing: Webcasts, Top Knowledge Documents, Links to documentation, etc.

Under this section (which is completely collapsible in the top left corner) you will find the featured discussions, discussions and documents.

If you have posted in either of these 3 section you will still find it here.

We hope to see you soon in our My Oracle Support Communities with your questions.

Oracle Hyperion EPM  /  Business Intelligence

Wednesday Jul 18, 2012

EPM / BI Analytic white paper central

 I just came across this site and would like to share it with you:

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System (EPM System) / Business Intelligence White Papers


You will find TONS of:

  • White Papers
  • Tips and Tricks documents
  • Migration and Rehosting Information
  • Communication flow information (what module talks to what other module)
  • Relational Database of the EPM Repository and Registry
  • Tuning Information
  • Clustering Setups
  • etc.

So if you are dealing with EPM / BI on a technical level, you may want to pay a visit and bookmark this site for future reference.

(A permanent link to this site also exist in our sidebar (on the right) )


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