Wednesday Oct 14, 2015

OBIA 11g Is Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of Oracle Business Intelligence Application

In this release of Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) you can deploy:

  • Oracle BI Applications with Oracle Service Cloud source system.
  • Oracle BI Applications with Oracle Taleo Cloud source system.
  • Fusion Applications Releases 9.2 and 10 data sources.
  • Oracle Data Integrator Repository for Non-Oracle Source Databases

New certifications

  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Oracle Data Integrator

Upgrade is only supported in this release from OBIA Version

OBIA is available for download from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

For information on this release visit My Oracle Support (MOS) Knowledge Article:

OBIA: Getting Started with an OBIA Install and Upgrade
Doc ID 2065612.1

This note provides details about:

  • New Features
  • Where to find the documentation
  • The certification matrix
  • Installation Details
  • Upgrade Details 
  • Data Lineage

The patch install reviews and other patch related information can viewed within the My Oracle Support Communities. Visit the sub-space:

BI Patch Reviews

For other Oracle Business Intelligence Applications questions and assistance visit the My Oracle Support Community:


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Monday Sep 28, 2015

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 - Focus On Business Analytics

Oracle OpenWorld Flag

Oracle OpenWorld is only a few weeks away ...
October 25–29, 2015 | San Francisco

If your interest is in Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), or Big Data Analytics then this if for you ...

Oracle OpenWorld 2015
Focus on Business Analytics

The "Focus on Business Analytics" provides information relating to the events, presentations and demonstrations during Oracle OpenWorld 2015 for Business Analytics - EPM, BI and Big Data Analytics.

To register for Oracle OpenWorld 2015 visit: Registration

Stay updated with Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Oracle OpenWorld - Facebook Oracle OpenWorld - Twitter Oracle OpenWorld - Linked In Oracle OpenWorld - Blog

Tuesday Mar 10, 2015

Tips and Tricks on Using this Blog

To those customers migrating from our legacy newsletters ... Welcome.

The Proactive Support - Business Analytics team provide regular up to-date information via this very Oracle Support Blog. This includes new product, patch and patch set update release information, scheduled Oracle Advisor Webcasts, new white paper releases and much more.

The Blog posts are displayed in chronological order. To assist with finding relevant information "Categories" are available. These categories allow the content to be filtered relevent to the content.

- All general items (not in other categories).

- Details of "other' links of interest.

Monthly Index
- Summary of posts during previous months.

Patch Releases
- All patch related information, also includes end of month summary of patches released.

- Details of Advisor Webcasts scheduled.

The category links are located in the Categories Section - menu on the right ...

To return to the full listing after viewing via any of the Categories or individual Blog posts
- select the Main link at the top of the screen.

Staying Informed:

Keeping up todate is made easy using various available Social Media avenues. The Proactive Support team advise of the Blog updates by posting to various relevant avenues available which includes:

Twitter: Oracle PSD EPM BI (Oracle_EPMBI)
Linked In: Official Oracle Business Analytics group (Link)

The Business Analytics - Proactive Support Blog posts can also be viewed via the RSS and Atom . The "Feeds" section within this Blog provides the RSS and Atom URL's.

Business Analytics - Support News:

The Proactive Support team were producing a quarterly Support News within My Oracle Support. By utlising the Blog and other Social Media avenues, the EPM and BI information is being provided as it comes to hand. With this in mind, the Business Analytics - Support News was retired.

To view archived Support News editions April 2014 and prior visit:

Thursday Jul 17, 2014

My Oracle Support Accreditation For Business Analytics

The My Oracle Support Accreditation Program offers a modular learning path that provides an opportunity to test your expertise with My Oracle Support and the support of Oracle products.

The MOS Accreditation Series is designed to increase your expertise with My Oracle Support (MOS) core functions and to help build skills to leverage solutions, tools, and knowledge.

Following this learning path will deepen the understanding of supporting Business Analytics, detailing how to find answers, ensuring products are certified, and recommended best practices to maintain the Oracle products.

The series content is intended for Oracle Customers who are active users of My Oracle Support. Accreditation is optional & self-paced, and accreditation can be selected at any time.

My Oracle Support Accreditation

The My Oracle Support Level 1 Accreditation Series is considered an important prerequistite for the product specific Level 2 Accreditations. It is highly recommended that Level 1 is completed to ensure there is a solid baseline of expertise on the core features of My Oracle Support, which are built on within the product specific paths.

To get started with the MOS Accreditation Level 1 visit:

My Oracle Support Accreditation Series - Level 1 My Oracle Support
Doc ID 1579751.1

Business Analytics Accreditation

The My Oracle Support Level 2 Accreditation for Business Analytics will provide the knowledge foundation required to effectively support and troubleshoot Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) products - helping you find solutions and answers more quickly in My Oracle Support

This product specific Level 2 Accreditation learning path consists of six (6) short videos. It is then followed by the Accreditation Assessment available online via Oracle University.

To get started with the MOS Accreditation for Business Analytics visit:

My Oracle Support Accreditation Series - Business Analytics
Doc ID 1626104.1

To view all available My Oracle Support Accreditation series or for additional information visit:

My Oracle Support Accreditation
Doc ID 1583898.1 - Series Index
Doc ID 1585906.1 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wednesday May 07, 2014

My Oracle Support Accreditation For Business Analytics

Oracle is proud to announce a NEW My Oracle Support Accreditation Program for Business Analytics.

The My Oracle Support Accreditation Program offers a modular learning path to provide Users with the opportunity to test their expertise of My Oracle Support and Oracle products to become support Accredited.

Accreditation is optional and self-paced. Users can select accreditation at any time.

Business Analytics Accreditation

The Business Analytics - Accreditation Learning Path program consists of six (6) short videos followed by the Accreditation Assessment online via Oracle University.

For the program guide links visit:

My Oracle Support Accreditation Series - Business Analytics
Doc ID 1626104.1

This accreditation will provide the knowledge foundation required to effectively support and troubleshoot Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management products - helping you find solutions and answers more quickly in My Oracle Support.

For additional information on the My Oracle Support Accreditation program visit:

Oracle Support Accreditation - Series Index
Doc ID 1583898.1

Frequently Asked Questions
Doc ID 1585906.1

Friday Mar 28, 2014

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 - Registrations Now Open

Oracle OpenWorld 2014
September 28 - October 2, 2014
San Francisco

The Oracle OpenWorld 2014 Registrations are now open. For more information and to register visit Oracle OpenWorld 2014.

Call for Proposals

If you're an Oracle technology expert, this is an opportunity to share your expertise directly with conference attendees. Proposals must be submitted by April 15.  For more details visit here

Call For Proposals is Now Open

Monday Feb 17, 2014

My Oracle Support Community - Subspaces

Further to our previous posting  "My Oracle Support Community - The New Look" (31-Jan-2014), here a few more details to assist with the new My Oracle Support Community (MOSC). 

The Business Analytics (BI/EPM) subspaces "Overview" pages can be quickly accessed via these quick links (NOTE: "My Oracle Support" login is required):

  • Business Intelligence
BI Patch Reviews
Certifications for BI
Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
  • Oracle Hyperion EPM

Hyperion Certification for EPM
Hyperion Essbase
Hyperion FDM
Hyperion Financial Close Management
Hyperion Other Products
Hyperion Patch Reviews
Hyperion Planning
Hyperion Reporting Products

The "Overview" page also provides functionality that includes both locating posts via a Search and filtering via Tags, along with options to Start a Discussion, setting to turn on Email Notifications and Communications Tracking for that subspace.

Select the "Content" tab to access all the new and previous Community Discussions and Documents.  Viewing any of these individual posts will provide the options to turn on email and/or "Communications" tracking for that post only - ensuring you are kept up to-date with any future thread updates on that post.

For the EPM and BI Product spaces and subspaces of interest - be sure to select the "Follow" button.  

Once "Following" this will also add the subspace to your profile "Places" list - which is a great way to quickly access those subspaces.  These can be listed by simply selecting:

  • Your Profile Picture (Avatar) | Places

For additional information review the previous Blog post  "My Oracle Support Community - The New Look" which provides details for two offerings that will assist in getting you started:

  • New "How To Series" Videos
  • Live Webcast sessions

These provide an overview of the new platform, steps on completing your profile setup, details on starting and reply to community discussions, and information on participating within the community.

Tuesday Oct 15, 2013

Introducing the Business Analytics Proactive Support Team

Dear Reader,

So you're reading this blog and its all pretty cool but have you ever wondered who are these "Proactive" people behind the blog and what exactly do they do?
Well here's a visual to help you out. It pretty much sums up our tasks: 

(click to enlarge)

The Business Analytics Proactive team are a team of 11 engineers located worldwide focused on getting information out to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. We're close to the SR-handling arm of the org so we get to know the common hurdles and questions coming in.

Our job is to try to pre-empt these questions thereby improving your overall experience with our products.

We also get involved in knowledge management, product improvements, diagnostics and testing.

So say hello to :

  • Paul (AU, Brio/BI+)
  • Nancy (US, Essbase)
  • Debbie (UK, Essbase/OBIEE)
  • Greg (UK, HFM)
  • Tanya (US, OBIEE, HFM)
  • Mel (UK, HFM/Enterprise)
  • Martin (DE, OBIEE)
  • Ian (UK, OBIEE)
  • Julie (UK, WCP/OBIEE )
  • Maurice (UK, BI/automation) and
  • Torben (DE, Essbase)

You'll see them pop up on LinkedIn occasionally as well as in  MOS Communities and you may even bump into them during a SIG or user group. We'll let you know where they'll be loitering next in the  'Meet the team' section.

Tuesday Mar 05, 2013

Business Analytics - Support News Vol 7 now available

Now Available - Business Analytics Support News Volume 7

The March 2013 Volume 7 edition provides a wide range of information for the Business Intelligence BI and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) products.

The Support News not only provides a “one-stop” reference point for Oracle Business Analytics ... with information for communities, webcasts, training modules, and more ... it also contains featured topics including:

  • OBIEE Tuning Whitepaper
  • Remote Diagnostic Agent 4.30
  • A Different Way To Get Answers
  • Oracle BI Applications
  • Exalytics Patching Policy
  • Hyperion Business Rules Migration to Calculation Manager
  • Patching and Maintenance Advisor - EPM

To access and subscribe to your copy of Support News visit

'My Oracle Support' Doc ID 1347131.1

Ensure to check out the how to utilize "Hot Topic" feature section - watch the video to learn how. This will allow you to subscribe to Product Support news - and never miss future updates.

Thursday Dec 06, 2012

Business Analytics Newsletter v6 is out

Our latest Business Analytics Newsletter (v6) has just gone live.

This edition features the topics:

  • Profitability and Cost Management on Exalytics
  • Hyperion Calculation Manager
  • Oracle By Example - New Tutorial
  • OBIEE 11g: Current and Future Patching Strategy
  • OBIEE releases
  • EPM Patch Set Updates - Recent Releases
  • Product Retirement
        -Hyperion Application Builder
        -Oracle Essbase Spreadsheet Add-In
        -Hyperion Financial Reporting XBRL Functionality

Of course you also find all relevant links to webcasts, communities, whitepapers and Social media etc. regarding Oracle Business Analytics in this newsletter.

You find the newsletter under

Thursday Sep 06, 2012

Latest Business Analytics Support News has been released

The latest edition of Business Analytics Support News is now available.

You can read our quarterly newsletter

Volume 5 Doc ID 1347131.1

Featured topics include
  • details on Smartview 64-Bit Support
  • Patch Set Update information for various products
  • Social Media for EPM Documentation
  • plus more

Did you miss any of the newsletters and want to find archived copies? 
Volumes one to four are all listed on the

News Index Doc ID 1347159.1

To ensure you don't miss out on future releases and recent changes you can subscribe to the Product News.
More details about the subscription are outlined in the volume 5 "Subscribe to Product Support News" section.


This blog talks about the latest news and upcoming events initiated by the EPM/BI Proactive Support Team.
Lia, Torben, Paul, Julie, Tanya


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