Thursday Feb 11, 2016

Oracle BI Mobile Support for iOS 9

Information on iOS 9 Support with Oracle BI Mobile Apps

 We've recently been receiving questions on compatibility with iOS 9, so this post is to inform you that..

iOS 9 has been supported since app release and higher.

For more information on support compatibility with iOS9 and BI Mobile App versions, please review the following:

  • OBIEE 11g|12c: BI Mobile (iOS/Android) Latest Application Versions and Supported Compatibility
     Doc ID 1986237.1)

In addition, if you're interested in knowing if third party devices can be used with iOS and OBIEE Mobile Applications, please review this document for more information:

  • OBIEE 11g FAQ: Can Third Party Mobile Device Management ( MDM ) Be Used With The iOS and Android OBIEE Mobile Application?
     Doc ID 1672436.1

Additionally, the respective app store will show the operating system compatibility and requirements:

Friday Jun 20, 2014

Oracle BI Mobile App Designer v2 is Now Available

( in via Paul R. )

The News:
Oracle BI Mobile App Designer (BIMAD) v2 is a major release that incorporates significant new capabilities, including:

  • New map visualization
  • Better navigation and contextual awareness
  • App level filters and calculated field support
  • Completely re-designed calculated field editor UI
  • An improved property pane, plug-in SDK, and playground
  • New app theme that matches the modern iOS 8 look and feel

What’s New

  • Exploration Template
    Including, drag & drop for drop down list and range filter, breadcrumbs for currently selected values, filter with dropdown and range slider, single and multi-value select support.
  • Sidebar
    New way to quickly drill down to show detail data of your interest. Including drag & drop for creating vertical table, 'Group By' support, standard filter, sorting and calculated field support.
  • New Map Visualization
    It is designed from the ground up for business users to easily visualize their data with Map and to interact on mobile devices to zoom, filter, and drill down.
  • New Custom Map
    On top of the pre-seeded map types for US states, US counties, etc, it allows customers to add their own regions and maps by simply uploading their own geoJSON files for polygon boundaries. Flexible custom keyword matching is also included as well as support for native interaction and filtering.
  • Completely Redesigned Authoring UI
    Redesigned, modern and easy to use property pane, simplified toolbar, consistency across various components and support for multiple component selection to set and update configuration all at once.
  • New Set of Functions with Redesigned Calculated Field
    Calculated Field Editor (previously,'Formula Editor') has been re-designed from the ground up to make the creation of custom calculated fields a lot more intuitive and simple yet flexible with a set of newly introduced functions.
  • Application Level Calculated Fields and Filters
    Filters and Calculated Fields can now be created and managed centrally at App level. Users can drag and drop to assign Calculated Fields to any component and assign Filers from the newly re-designed Property.
  • Plugin SDK and Gallery
    Download SDK with sample data, enjoy offline development, a plugin 'playground' with dynamic refresh, remote publish and a standard set of APIs to leverage BIMAD interactive filtering. A new plugin gallery is also included to make existing plugins easy to browse, find and download/upload.
  • And much more, including
    o    Type search in BI Mobile Apps Library
    o    Upload with drag and drop to refresh Excel data files and upload / replace images
    o    Share via QR code, link to copy and embed within web pages, blog posts and applications

Where can I find more information?

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Thursday Aug 22, 2013

BI Mobile App Designer - Training

(in via Lia)

Now - with the lately released BI Mobile Apps Designer ( we reported earlier ; ) )  it might all be good and nice, but the real question for this kind of thing is:

How do I get started?

Lucky as we are, Oracle has thought along the same lines and provides an "Oracle by Example" training for BI Mobile Apps Designer.

"This Oracle-by-Example (OBE) introduces features of Oracle BI Mobile App Designer, introduced in Release of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (Oracle BI EE). This OBE covers creating basic mobile apps, designing apps with tile pages, and creating navigation lists for investigating data."

You can find this in the Oracle Learning Library (OLL), which is available for customers, partners and Oracle employees. (A direct link is BI App Designer OTN )

Oh, and while you are on it - have a look around the OLL - there are tons of Examples for a variety of products.

If there is something specific that you need and it can not be found there, you may want to use their contact form, to get in touch and put in a request for content.


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