Friday Feb 22, 2013

OBIEE End of Error Correction Support

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Just to make you aware of the upcoming end of the grace period, we blog about this again:

The  Oracle Lifetime Support Policy states that once a new version is released, older versions of a product get a grace period in which they still receive some maintenance and bug fixing. This grace period is usually one year.

So with the release of of OBIEE in March 2012, OBIEE was put into its grace period.

Now - a year later the OBIEE grace period will end on March 1st 2013 (also see KM Doc 1530991.1 ). This means that there will be no further new fixes, patches, or bug repairs be done to this version.

We therefore recommend to upgrade your system to OBIEE, by following the steps outlined in the KM Doc: Upgrade Advisor: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) from to (Doc ID 1434253.1)

Monday Apr 16, 2012

OBIEE BP2 patch released

We are happy to announce that:

BP2 patch is released for four platforms : Win64, Linux64, AIX64, and Solaris SPARC 64

Remaining four platforms Win32, Linux32, Hp-Itanium, and Solaris x86-64 are expected in a few weeks.

This is released as
patch 13611078 on MOS /
Customers can download this patch directly, there is no password needed.

Please note these points:

  1. README contains a list of all bug fixes included in this patch.
    (Only "new" fixes are listed in the readme of the BP2 patch. The fixes in the BP1 patch (aka PS1 - Patch 13562882 ) are included in the BP2 patch, even though they are not explicitly listed in the BP2 Readme. The readme is currently under review to reflect this.)

  2. This is a (mostly) cumulative bundle patch, and includes all fixes from PS1 (patch 13562882) which was released for Linux64 platform.
    Customers who have PS1 applied will get the expected OPatch conflict message
    Since BP2 is cumulative,
    you can safely rollback PS1. 
    can do this prior to applying BP2, or you can choose to rollback at the time of applying the patch.

  3. Likewise, customers who have other one-off patches applied will get the expected OPatch conflict message
    If you have questions about this, please review the applied patches and compare them with list of bug fixes in README's of BP2 and BP1 Patch 13562882.
    If all thebug fixes are included, you can continue with patch installation and rollback applied patches.

  4. Please note, this is not a fully cumulative patch on 
    This means it does not contain all one-off patches given out so far on top of 
    is a small number of such bug fixes remaining, which will all be included in BP3 patch. In case you encounter this, please have Support log an OOB (one-off backport) requests for missing bug fixes so they can be included in BP3 cumulative bundle patch, which is expected to be fully cumulative going forward.

  5. This BP2 includes the CPU patch fix from BUG 12830486 - OCT 2011 CPU - UPDATE FOR OBIEE

  6. BP3 patch is in planning stage, no ETA is announced yet.

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