My Oracle Support Community - The New Look

With the NEW My Oracle Support Community Platform Release just around the corner here is a great way to get a head start with the new look and feel.

Two offerings available to get you started:

  • Watch the New "How To Series" Videos
  • Attend Live Webcast session

These videos and the presentation session will not only assist with getting started, but will assist with your community interactions and strengthen your use of the new features. They will inform you of the MOS Community changes which brings enhanced search capabilities that return answers from discussions, content, and other resources. Learn about the new results sort options and other added functionality such as notification options.

Each of the "How To Series" videos cover a different aspect of the new My Oracle Support Community Platform and will explain what to expect. These are available now via My Oracle Support Knowledge articles:

My Oracle Support Community - How To Series [Video]:

Doc ID 1614073.1 - New Platform Overview (08:57)

Doc ID 1614358.1 - How to complete your profile setup (07:20)

Doc ID 1614724.1 - How to start a community discussion (08:49)

Doc ID 1614734.1 - How to reply to discussions (07:20)

Doc ID 1614725.1 - Participating in the community (08:07)

Register Now to attend one of the scheduled Live Webcasts.

With a duration of just 40 minutes, multiple languages and several dates/times to choose from we look forward to you joining us for one of these sessions.

Get Proactive Essentials Webcast Series - My Oracle Support Community
Doc ID 1615047.1

We hope that you enjoy the new look and feel, and find these videos and live Webcast sessions helpful for your preparation for the new My Oracle Support Community Platform.

Your participation is key to build a strong My Oracle Support Community.


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