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Today I would like to point your attention to one of the KM Docs that was created just recently:

BI Apps Release Known Issues (Doc ID 1581473.1)

The purpose of this list of known issues is described as:

  • To publish the list of known critical issues with BI Apps out-of-the-box standard metadata.
  • It contains only the issues that will prevent an implementer to install/upgrade/configure BI Apps
  • It does not include any other module specific (finance, procurement etc.) bug fixes.
  • BI Apps customers (install or upgrade) should review the information in this document before performing install/upgrade 

We then see a list of issue with Bug Number, patch number (if it exist), issue short and detailed description and - most important - workarounds and patches that fix the problem.

We can therefore only recommend to bookmark that KM Doc for a future visit in case that you are planning an update to your OBIA installation, as it is constantly updated with the latest information about known issues and their fixes.

If you still have an issue that you can not identify - why not speak to the OBIA community as a first step on your way to a solution?


The document has now been set to "published". Thanks for your pointers. Also - we are aware that the background colour of the table is slightly off - the Owner of the KM Document is working to resolve that at the moment.


The referenced My Oracle Support document (1581473.1) does NOT appear to be generally available. Searches for the specific document number are not finding the document.

Posted by guest on September 24, 2013 at 02:22 PM CEST #

Dear Guest,

Thanks for the pointer !

I did not spot that the current state is "review ready (external)".

I have asked to get this one set to "published" as soon as possible.

Consultants and Support Personnel should be able to view the doc though.


Posted by admin on September 24, 2013 at 02:57 PM CEST #

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