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OBIEE Sample App V406 is available via OTN

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OBIEE SampleApp V406 virtual box appliance
is now available for public download from  OTN.

( VirtualBox Image (includes OEL6.5, Mobile App Designer v2 & Oracle Database 12c and more) )

OBIEE Sample Application V406 combines a

  • BI-platform
  • ad-hoc queries
  • Dashboards
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Scorecards
  • Multidimensional OLAP
  • and more

in a standalone virtual box image, creating a comprehensive OOB collection of examples and integrations designed to demonstrate Oracle BI capabilities, product integrations, and design best practices.

The OTN Public V406 image appliance is a collection of OBIEE examples demonstrating capabilities of OBIEE stack, as well as some design best practices.

V406 image is an enhanced version of the earlier Internal V403 version. V406 includes latest code patches, several bug fixes, new ODM content examples, new workshops and new datasets.

It does ">not include Cloudera installation.


  • Latest GA Software & Patches
    Oracle Db 12c PDB, OBIEE (two instances), EID 3.1, BI MAD V2, TT, Oracle Loader for Hadoop, Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS
  • Mapviewer html5 JS integration, Integrated ADF visualizations
  • New BIMAD V2 examples and BIMAD plugins
  • Enhanced OAA integration : ODM Workflows, new ORE scripts
  • EPM and BIApps Companion plug-ins to V406, EID Demos, Domain Demos, Workshops, MVDemo
  • Custom Interactions & Configurations Examples

Find the release documentation (zipped) here.


Download all zip files into a single directory (approx 28.5 GB).
Optionally verify integrity of zip files using checksums.
Open a zip file manager such as 7zip and select the first zip file (001) and extract.
This will extract a compressed VMDK file, and .ovf file into Sampleappv406appliance folder.
Open VBox Manager, select Import, navigate to the directory, select the .ovf file and click import.
After import the initial image size is about 67 GB.

The SampleApp contents and its code are distributed free for demonstrative purposes only.
It is neither maintained nor supported by Oracle as a licensed product

The last previous release was also blogged here:

We recommend to use the videos on the Youtube Channel "Oracle BI Techdemo" to get started with the OBIEE Sample Apps.

Update: 23 September 2014: Sample App FAQ:

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    Use Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to monitor OBIEE Dashboards

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    If your OBIEE is set up in the following way:

    1. The OBIEE repository is an Oracle Database and is set up as a data warehouse
    2. Usage tracking is enabled in OBIEE.
      ( For information on how to enable usage tracking in OBIEE, refer to the following link: Setting Up Usage Tracking in Oracle BI 11g )
    3. The OBIEE instance is discovered in EM Cloud Control.
      ( For information on how to discover an OBIEE instance in Cloud Control, refer to the following link: Discovering Oracle Business Intelligence Instance and Oracle Essbase Targets )
    4. The OBIEE repository is discovered in EM Cloud Control.
      ( For information on how to discover an Oracle database, refer to the following link: Discovering, Promoting, and Adding Database Targets )

    then we've got news for you:

    KM Article:  OBIEE 11g: How To Diagnose Slowly Performing Dashboards using Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (Doc ID 1668236.1)

    takes you step by step through monitoring the SQL query performance behind your OBIEE dashboard.

    This Diagnostic approach ...

    • .. will help you piece together information on BI dashboard performance, e.g. processing time from the different layers of the BI system including the repository.
    • .. should enable you to get to the bottom of slow dashboards by using the wealth of information available in EM Cloud Control on OBIEE and Oracle DB.
    • .. will NOT fix any performance issues on its own, but will help identify bottlenecks while processing dashboard requests.

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    Video on Hyperion Tax Provision

    ( in via Jan)

    EPM Information Development has asked us to remind you about the new video available for Hyperion Tax Provision.

    You can view it on the OracleEPMWebcasts YouTube channel


    An information rich 4:40 minutes of your time. 
    So please take a look.

    The video gives a brief overview of the main features of  Hyperion Tax Provision. You will learn ...

    • That Tax Provision and reporting System builds on the Hyperion Financial Close Reporting Platform
    • That much of the Tax Provision flow process is similar to the Financial Close Process and that the modules have been aligned to work together very closely.
    • That HTP enables you to integrate Book- and Tax Reporting on a common platform.
    • That It uses the technology of HFM, ties in with SmartView and can be used with Hyperion Financial Reporting.
    • That the native integration between the Financial System and the Tax System creates transparency for the Tax Departments and removes bottlenecks in the tax process.

    More technical information can be found here:

    Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision Data Sheet

    Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision White Paper

    Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision Documentation

    If you have another 45 minutes to spare and want to get into greater detail, then you can check out the recording of an Advisor Webcast that we did earlier last year:

    You can find this via
    KM Doc Oracle Business Analytics Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archive Recordings (Doc ID 1456233.1)

    -> Select the Tab "Archived 2013" and it is the third from the top:
    "Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision - Features and Overview with Demo"

    If you have questions towards that Advisor Webcast, you may participate in the

    Community Discussion

    about it.

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