Friday Jan 31, 2014

Installation of BI Applications with Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1

Update 4-Feb-2014: The Informatica .rep file for BI Applications in INFA 9.5.1 has been made available via Login Required Patch 18104144.

For updated information refer to:

NOTICE: Installation of BI Applications with Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1"
Login Required
Doc ID 1615994.1

The following notice has been made for customers who are in the process of either installing or upgrading to Oracle BI Applications with Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1 Hot Fix 2.

Included in the Business Intelligence 11g media pack is the Informatica .rep file for Oracle BI Applications V7.9.6.4 in Informatica PowerCenter V9.5.1 format. The part is titled 'Informatica Repository 9.5.1 for BI Applications' (part # V41981-01).

The Informatica .rep file provided is an incorrect development version. Do not use this file to restore the Informatica repository for BI Applications Drop this repository if you have already restored it.

For more information and details on how to restore the correct repository please read:

NOTICE: Installation of BI Applications with Informatica PowerCenter 9.5.1
Doc ID 1615994.1

Latest Cumulative Patch for DAC

If you are ever needing to know what the latest cumulative patches are for DAC look no further than the following articles:

What is the latest Cumulative Patch for DAC
Doc ID 1365152.1


What is the latest Cumulative Patch for DAC
Doc ID 1616861.1

Being cumulative means you can apply them without needing to apply previous patches, all fixes from previous patches are incorporated.

Direct links for the January 2014 Cumulative Patches:

Instructions for obtaining the January patches from within My Oracle Support:

   1. Log into
   2. Navigate to "Patches and Updates" tab

  • For the January Patch
    - Enter 18125904 for "Patch Name Or Number" in the Patch Search section and click Search
    - It should find "DAC STANDALONE CUMULATIVE PATCH - JAN 2014" patch

  • For the January Patch
    - Enter 18119302 for "Patch Name Or Number" in the Patch Search section and click Search
    - It should find "DAC CUMULATIVE PATCH FOR BI APPS - JAN 2014" patch

Be sure to review the related Readme files
available via "Patches and Updates"

My Oracle Support Community - The New Look

With the NEW My Oracle Support Community Platform Release just around the corner here is a great way to get a head start with the new look and feel.

Two offerings available to get you started:

  • Watch the New "How To Series" Videos
  • Attend Live Webcast session

These videos and the presentation session will not only assist with getting started, but will assist with your community interactions and strengthen your use of the new features. They will inform you of the MOS Community changes which brings enhanced search capabilities that return answers from discussions, content, and other resources. Learn about the new results sort options and other added functionality such as notification options.

Each of the "How To Series" videos cover a different aspect of the new My Oracle Support Community Platform and will explain what to expect. These are available now via My Oracle Support Knowledge articles:

My Oracle Support Community - How To Series [Video]:

Doc ID 1614073.1 - New Platform Overview (08:57)

Doc ID 1614358.1 - How to complete your profile setup (07:20)

Doc ID 1614724.1 - How to start a community discussion (08:49)

Doc ID 1614734.1 - How to reply to discussions (07:20)

Doc ID 1614725.1 - Participating in the community (08:07)

Register Now to attend one of the scheduled Live Webcasts.

With a duration of just 40 minutes, multiple languages and several dates/times to choose from we look forward to you joining us for one of these sessions.

Get Proactive Essentials Webcast Series - My Oracle Support Community
Doc ID 1615047.1

We hope that you enjoy the new look and feel, and find these videos and live Webcast sessions helpful for your preparation for the new My Oracle Support Community Platform.

Your participation is key to build a strong My Oracle Support Community.

Wednesday Jan 29, 2014

Oracle University: Hyperion Strategic Finance 11.1.2 Essentials

The Oracle University have announced a NEW course on their curriculum listing:

Hyperion Strategic Finance 11.1.2 Essentials

The course is aimed at Financial Analysts, End User and Business Analysts.  During the course:

  • learn how to use Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance.
  • review the account structure, maintain sub accounts, and data views.
  • analyze account assumptions by drilling down on accounts.
  • learn about forecast methods, and about changing scenarios and comparing data under different scenarios.
  • review consolidation structures, and entity characteristics, and assign scenarios to consolidation structures.
  • establish target values for accounts, and you perform sensitivity analysis to evaluate the impact on key variables when you change selected account values.
  • prepare reports and review financial statements.
  • set funding options.
  • undertake exercises that provide hands-on practice.

The Oracle University provides the training formats in Classroom Training and Live Virtual Class (LVC).  For full details on the Hyperion Strategic Finance 11.1.2 Essentials course visit: 

Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance 11.1.2 Essentials Ed 1
Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance 11.1.2 Essentials Ed 1 LVC

Where there are no scheduled courses you may express your interest in adding a future class by  "Register a Request".

Interested in Oracle University courses for Hyperion products?  Visit "Hyperion Categories"

Course formats:

  • Classroom Training: You train in person at an Oracle or partner facility. Includes in-class demonstrations and hands-on labs.

  • Live Virtual Class (LVC): You watch live classes as they're happening, in real-time, from anywhere with an Internet connection. Oracle University Instructors teach live students in a "virtual" classroom; you attend these courses online. Includes demonstrations and hands-on labs.

OBIEE bundle patch for Linux 64-bit - Update

An update from previous Blog post  "OBIEE bundle patch for Linux 64-bit". 

A new replacement patch is now available
via My Oracle Support | Patches and Updates
Patch 17886497.

Important Note: If you have downloaded and applied the Patch 17886497 prior to 17-Jan-2014, Oracle recommends that, to be safe, download the new patch, roll back and apply the new patch.

Additional details are outlined in:

OBIEE on Linux 64-bit Might Generate Core Dump or Not Start
Doc ID 1616208.1

OBIEE Tuning Guide Whitepaper - update available

(In via Ahmed)

New updates have been made to the OBIEE  "Best Practices Guide for Infrastructure Tuning" whitepaper.

This updated whitepaper is for 11g Release 1 (, and can be downloaded from the My Oracle Support knowledge article:

OBIEE 11g Infrastructure Performance Tuning Guide
Doc ID 1333049.1

The new revised document contains the following useful new and/or updated tuning items:

  • Optimized JVM switches for Oracle JRockit / Sun JVM / IBM JVM etc
  • New tuning parameters settings / values for JavaHost / OPIS / OBIS components.
  • Improved BIEE / platform performance monitoring techniques.
  • IBM WebSphere tuning parameters.
  • More WebLogic Server tuning parameters.
  • Windows Server 2012 tuning parameters.
  • New optimized Linux / AIX tuning parameters.
  • Additional Essbase ASO tuning parameters.
  • libOVD authenticator search tuning

    And many more….

Disclaimer: All tuning information stated in this guide is only for orientation, every modification has to be tested and its impact should be monitored and analyzed. Before implementing any of the tuning settings, it is recommended to carry out end to end performance testing that will also include to obtain baseline performance data for the default configurations, make incremental changes to the tuning settings and then collect performance data. Otherwise it may worse the system performance.

Tuesday Jan 28, 2014

Smart View Documentation

Following on from the recent posting for "Patch Release: Smart View" - now available for download is the:

Oracle Smart View Documentation

The documents include:

  • Smart View for Office Readme
  • Smart View for Office New Features
  • Smart View for Office User's Guide
  • Smart View for Office Developer's Guide
  • Smart View for Office Accessibility Guide

These Oracle Smart View documents are available in HTML, PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats and can be access via the Oracle Documentation Library here


  • MOBI files are supported on Amazon Kindle devices
  • EPUB files are supported on mobile devices.

Friday Jan 24, 2014

Patch Release: Smart View

The Smart View Patch Set Update has been released.

Hyperion Smart View Patch Set Update (Patch 18077081)
Doc ID 1616238.1

The patch download & related Readme documentation is available via:

My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates:
Patch 18077081

You can upgrade to Smart View release from 11.1.2.x and  When upgrading from release and earlier, Oracle recommends uninstalling Smart View before installing release

Ensure to review the Readme documentation for important details including information on installation and listing of fixes this release covers.

Update (28-Jan-2014): The Oracle Smart View Documentation is available from Oracle Documentation Library [ Link]. 

If you are coming from Release,,,,, or, use the Cumulative Feature Overview tool to review the list of new features added between those releases.  This tool enables you to identify your current products, your current release version, and your target implementation release version. With a single click, the tool quickly produces a customized set of high-level descriptions of the product features developed between your current and target releases.

This tool is available here:

EPM System Cumulative Feature Overview Tool
Doc ID 1092114.1

Wednesday Jan 22, 2014

OBIEE bundle patch for Linux 64-bit

OBIEE bundle patch is not currently available on Linux 64-bit.

The patch has been withdrawn.

If you have already downloaded and applied it to Linux 64-bit, you might experience that OBIEE will not start or will generate core dump.

More information can be found in note 1616208.1 - OBIEE on Linux 64-bit Might Generate Core Dump or Not Start.

 A new patch will be made available in the near future and we'll update the blog at that time.

Update (29-Jan-2014): The OBIEE bundle patch for Linux 64-bit is now available refer: Blog Post

Monday Jan 20, 2014

My Oracle Support - IE7 Browser Certification

Important information for those using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

My Oracle Support

On April 4th, 2014 Oracle Support will remove Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) from the My Oracle Support (MOS) and Cloud Support portal certified browser list.

It is important that you make the transition to a more current version of Internet Explorer prior to this.

For questions relating to this change please use the  MOS "Contact Us" link located in the upper right hand corner.

For more information ...  Read Me

Friday Jan 17, 2014

ADVISOR WEBCAST: Embedding OBIEE Content in WebCenter Portal

Now Scheduled

Advisor Webcast

Embedding OBIEE Content in WebCenter Portal

19th March 2014

This one hour session is recommended for technical users who are interested in integrating OBIEE with WebCenter Portal. The objective is to provide an overview of the system requirements and the steps required to perform a basic integration.


  • Understand what is required in order to integrate OBIEE with WebCenter Portal
  • Have an idea of what issues may occur, how to debug them and what log files may be required

Register Now - visit:

Embedding OBIEE Content in WebCenter Portal [Doc ID 1613815.1]


To view scheduled & archived recordings of previous Business Analytics Advisor Webcasts visit:

Oracle Business Analytics Advisor Webcast [Doc ID 1456233.1]


Attendees using recent Chrome or Firefox browser versions maybe required to activate the WebEx plug-in before joining a WebEx meeting.

For up to-date information ensure to review the WebEx Support page:

Wednesday Jan 15, 2014

Oracle BI Mobile HD Now Available

A NEW version of the Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile HD app has been released.

The Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile is designed for Apple iPhone and iPad. It is a mobile analytics app that allows you to view, analyze and act on Oracle Business Intelligence 11g content.

  • Using Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile, you can view, analyze and act on all your analyses, dashboards, scorecards, reports, alerts and notifications on the go.

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile allows you to drill down reports, apply prompts to filter your data, view interactive formats on geo-spatial visualizations, view and interact with Dashboards, KPIs and Scorecards.

  • You can save your analyses and Dashboards for offline viewing, and refresh them when online again; thus providing always-available access to the data you need.

  • This app is compatible with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g, version and above.

Now available for download via Apple store [ Link]

Updated: Jan 14, 2014
Size: 17.0 MB

OBIEE Version Now Released

(in via Ian)

The Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is now available to download via My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates. 

This is provided as single Bundle Patch:  Patch 17886497 and comprises of the following:

  • Patch 16913445 - 1 of 8: Oracle BI Installer (BIINST)
  • Patch 17922352 - 2 of 8: Oracle BI Publisher (BIP)
  • Patch 17300417 - 3 of 8: EPM Components Installed from BI Installer (BIFNDNEPM)
  • Patch 17922552 - 4 of 8: OBI Server (BIS)
  • Patch 17922596 - 5 of 8: Oracle BI Presentation Services (BIPS)
  • Patch 17300045 - 6 of 8: Oracle Real-Time Decisions (RTD)
  • Patch 16997936 - 7 of 8: Oracle BI ADF Components (BIADFCOMPS)
  • Patch 17922577 - 8 of 8: Oracle BI Platform Client Installers and MapViewer

NOTE: Also required to be downloaded:

This patch set is available for all customers who are using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, and  It is also available for Exalytics customers who have applied the Exalytics PS3 patch.

For more information refer to:

 OBIEE 11g Bundle Patch is Available for OBIEE and Exalytics
[Doc ID 1614076.1]

The OBIEE Suite Bundle Patches are cumulative - the content of the previous bundle patches are included in this latest bundle patch.

Ensure to review the Readme documentation for further important patch information.  This available via the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates screen when downloading.

Keep up to-date with the latest OBIEE Patches and Patch Set Updates by visiting

OBIEE 11g: Required and Recommended Patches and Patch Sets
[Doc ID 1488475.1]

Monday Jan 13, 2014

HowTo Videos: Using Smart View to access data in OBIEE

A series of "How To" videos are available via the Oracle BI TechDemo YouTube Channel

The collections covers various topics detailing how to use Oracle Smart View to access data in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) and display it in Microsoft (MS) Office (Excel, Power Point). The examples used were built using the Sample App v309.

Oracle BI TechDemo - OBIEE Samples

How To Videos: Smart View with OBIEE Link

Smart View with OBIEE - Managing Connections
- How to create and maintain connections between Oracle Smart View (MS Excel) and OBIEE.

Duration: 2:34 minutes

Smart View with OBIEE - Accessing Reports on the Web Catalog
- How to find and select reports on the OBIEE Web Catalog through Smart View.

Duration: 5:31 minutes

Smart View with OBIEE - Reporting through MS Power Point
- Selecting and delivering reports and graphics through MS Power Point using Smart View with OBIEE.

Duration: 2:45 minutes

Smart View with OBIEE - How to use View Designer
- How to use the View Designer to create reports and graphics in Smart View

Duration: 3:52 minutes

Smart View with OBIEE - Federating multiple data sources
- How to populate an Excel worksheet with data from multiple sources (in his example OBIEE and Oracle Essbase).

Duration: 3:54 minutes

Stay Tuned for New Upcoming Videos at:

Oracle BI TechDemo - OBIEE Samples

OBIEE 11g: Testing Using Oracle Load Testing 12.x

(in via Ahmed

Now available - NEW whitepaper for Load Testing Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g Using Oracle Load Testing (OLT) 12.x.

This whitepaper produced via "Customer Engineering & Advocacy Lab" (CEAL) contains information to provide a quick start for performance / load testing of the OBIEE 11g infrastructure using Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS).  The contents include:

  • Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) Overview
  • OBIEE Load / Performance Testing Process Using OATS

The PDF document is available for download from the "My Oracle Support" Knowledge document:

OBIEE 11g: Load Testing OBIEE Using Oracle Load Testing (OLT) 12.x
[Doc ID 1611188.1]


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