Tuesday Sep 03, 2013

EPM / OBIEE certification with MS Office 2013

Part 3 of our little series about compatibility will deal with :

  • Internet Explorer 10 compatibility
  • Windows 2008 support
  • Office 2013 compatibility
  • Java 7 support

So here we go

"Office 2013 compatibility" 

EPM and Office 2013

As searching the certification for SmartView did not bring back any results, I used a simple MOS search for "SmartView Office 2013" and instantly got the  KM Doc 1564743.1 back that states:

"SmartView is now independent of the EPM portfolio release schedule and has targeted Office 2013 support for later this summer in the next PSU release, (modified June 2013)"

Now - that seemed rather easy - so how about the other one?

OBIEE and Office 2013

For OBIEE the answer was more difficult to find via MOS.
A direct search for "OBIEE Office 2013" returned a series of documents, but none of them seemed directly related to the question at hand.

So what to do now? I fell back on the good old compatibility matrix. Lucky as I am, during that search a doc came up titled: "Oracle Business Intelligence Support Matrix - Product Compatibility Information (Doc ID 1526630.1)" which most likely would contain what I was looking for.

Having a closer look at that one, I found a link in it:  http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/bi-enterprise-edition/bi-11gr1certmatrix-166168.html

(click to enlarge)

Of course it would have been easier to simply use the certification tab again, as that one DOES actually include the compatibility for OBIEE with Office:

(click to enlarge)

Both ways are consistent in telling us:

Office 2013 is not yet supported by OBIEE (or by SmartView with OBIEE).

General Certification Information

So what did we learn by this? The compatibility matrix is always a way to find out about compatibility of products - next to a MOS search, the certification tab and the communities.The results might be more difficult to read and are hidden deep within technet and the documentation, but they do exist and provide answers.

So here are a few links that might come in handy when looking for certification information via platform matrices:

  • Links to all Fusion Middleware compatibility matrices can be found here
  • All EPM Compatibility matrices can be found here
  • (more specifically) the one for EPM 11.1.2.x is here.

And for Business Intelligence you find the compatibility matrix


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