Wednesday Jul 31, 2013

Business Analytics Communities Makeover Completed

(in via Mel)

Previously posted we advised a New Look for the Business Analytics Communities was coming ...

We are pleased to announce that the transformation of the 15 Business Analytics Communities into their new layout is now complete.

Why not come and check out the Communities in their new attire? Let us know what you think about it.

Communities are a great way to get answers to your questions and share information with others.

We welcome your product questions as well as tips and suggestions in our Communities.

Oracle Hyperion EPM  /  Business Intelligence

We hope to see you soon in My Oracle Support Communities.

Monday Jul 29, 2013

OBIEE Installation, Upgrade and Configuration Assistance

(in via Debbie)

 Seeking assistance for your OBIEE Installation, Upgrade or Configuration?

Within My Oracle Support there are many articles to assist when performing an Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) installation, upgrade and/or configuration.

The "Installation and Configuration Assistance" is a great first stop article which allows you to dynamically drill down to highlight related articles specific to your selections:

  • Installation and Configuration Assistant for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) [Doc ID 1560184.2]

If about to undertake an upgrade then the "OBIEE Upgrade Advisor" provides information for the several stages of planning - the key to a successful implementation:

Articles to provide assistance with BI Mobile Apps are available - as first port of call why not check out:

  • Troubleshooting Tips For OBIEE 11g Mobile Applications On iPad and iPhone [Doc ID 1385921.1]

  • Master Note For Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile Applications (iPhone/iPad) Issues in OBIEE [Doc ID 1293391.1]

Thursday Jul 25, 2013

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 8 now available

 (in via Maurice)

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) version 8 was released this week (23 July 2013) after extensive testing.

This most recent version should now be used in preference to earlier RDA versions.  The downloads are available in the following knowledge article on My Oracle Support:

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) - Getting Started [Doc ID 314422.1]

Around 216 bugs and enhancements were handled in the process of updating RDA from version 4.31 to version 8.00.

A regular user of RDA will not see many changes as very few modifications have been made to the interface - however of interest:

  • The default output will go into a sub-directory named, "output", that is created on the fly.
  • The chief addition has been the case sensitive (miniscule) parameter, "-s <directory>".  It creates a collector file with the same name appended with ".cfg" as well as a directory with the same name in which the output accumulates.
  • The <directory>.cfg file is located in the directory that RDA was executed from.
  • To improve security, passwords are no longer stored in plain text in the *.cfg file.

The profiles which begin "Hyperion1112_" request the unambiguous path for 'Middleware home' environment variable as opposed to one of the Oracle Homes. RDA modules (all caps names) should not be called directly for Hyperion collections. Profiles (mixed case names starting 'Hyperion1112_') should be called instead.

Hyperion and OBIEE specific improvements are summarized as follows:

  • HCVE: Corrected memory detection, provided version option, improved port detection, improved prior install detection, improved NPTL version detection, proper processor speed is recorded.

  • Hyperion1112_HPSV: Log collection for Hyperion Provider Services has been expanded (especially on Linux).

  • Hyperion1112_EAS: Log collections for Essbase Administration Services have been expanded (especially on Linux).

  • Hyperion1112_HPL: Hyperion Planning start and stop scripts and more logs are now collected.

  • Hyperion1112_HIR: Hyperion Interactive Reporting logs on Linux are now collected and ambiguities in prompts have been removed.

  • Hyperion1112_ESS: Essbase security dumps, logs, and start scripts are now collected.

  • Hyperion1112_EPM: Improved logs and registry dump are now collected and collections no longer crash on Linux.

  • OBIEE: a new Oracle Exalytics module has been released in RDA 8 and an hcve module has been updated.

NOTE: Unfortunately repository database logins are not functioning in the Hyperion profiles of RDA (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2)

Tuesday Jul 23, 2013

New Look for the Business Analytics Communities

(in via Mel)

Breaking News!

The Business Analytics Communities are transforming into Community Information Centers!

What does this mean for you?

Most importantly, nothing changes to the way you post your questions to our Communities.

Did you know that questions are not the only thing you can post?

If you want to share some product experiences, workarounds and other features why not start a discussion in the Community and let others learn from it?

A great way to 'Meet and Learn'.

So, what are the changes?

It's the layout. A new 'Look and Feel'.

If you check out the Hyperion Certifications for EPM Community you will see what you can expect from your Community once it has been transformed.

You will find your 'Welcome Message' followed by expandable blue widgets containing: Webcasts, Top Knowledge Documents, Links to documentation, etc.

Under this section (which is completely collapsible in the top left corner) you will find the featured discussions, discussions and documents.

If you have posted in either of these 3 section you will still find it here.

We hope to see you soon in our My Oracle Support Communities with your questions.

Oracle Hyperion EPM  /  Business Intelligence

Monday Jul 22, 2013

OBIEE Support for MS Office 2003

Some time back we discussed Microsoft's support lifecycle for Microsoft Office 2003 and OBIEE future support relating to this:

Over the past several releases, Oracle Business Intelligence has supported Office 2007, Office 2010 and the newer Office XML file formats (*.xlsx, pptx, *.docx) . Customers are strongly encouraged to use the Office XML formats and the Microsoft Office versions that support those formats.

Starting with Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle will begin removing functionality that supports Office 2003 products and file formats.

Read more and view the Statement of Direction at [Doc ID 1558215.1]: "Support of Microsoft Office 2003 with Oracle Business Intelligence Answers, Dashboards and Publisher OBIEE 11g"

Friday Jul 19, 2013

OBIEE 10g Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 10

(in via Ian)

Just announced - update to the certifications and support statements for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

 Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 2012 running Internet Explorer 10 has been tested as a certified configuration

Testing was performed with the client only end-user features of OBIEE (Answers, Dashboards, Delivers, BI Publisher and BIOffice) that are accessible via a browser, Internet Explorer 10, on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 2012.

 Additional information available at:

OBIEE 10g: Support for Internet Explorer 10 [Doc ID 1569828.1]

Friday Jul 12, 2013

Advisor Webcast: Oracle Hyperion EPM Preinstall Health Check Validation Engine

This Advisor Webcast is being presented Senior Proactive Support Engineer - Maurice Bauhahn.  It is recommended for those technical users responsible for the installation of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). 

The one-hour session will provide pre-install guidance for EPM to ensure pre-requisites are met, scaleability is enabled, requirements are anticipated, and context in which "Health Check Validation Engine" (HCVE) is operating.

Topics will include:

  •  HCVE pre-install testing for EPM Server on Linux and Microsoft Windows
  •  HCVE pre-install testing for EPM Client on Microsoft Windows
  •  Implementing pre-install EPM environment requirements

You can register for this free live Webcast through My Oracle Support:

To register visit "Oracle Business Analytics Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archive Recordings" Document 1456233.1 and follow the registration links.

Post Event Update: The recording of this session is available. Refer to the following My Oracle Support document for Recording and PDF copy of the presentation:

Oracle Hyperion EPM Preinstall Health Check Validation Engine [Video]
Doc ID 1568168.1

Visit the related Community Thread for additional discussion on this Advisor Webcast

Thursday Jul 04, 2013

OBIEE Advisor Webcasts coming this month

Coming to you in July ...

During this July the Proactive Support Team will be presenting the following Advisor Webcasts for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE).

  • OBIEE 11g Using and Troubleshooting on Mobile Devices

July 23rd (15:00 GMT/UTC) - Recommended for technical and functional users who want to use OBIEE's capabilities but not be tied to a wired network. That is anyone needing reports on a smartphone or tablet. That could be a CEO, or a someone working out in the field. This presentation describes the functionality available on mobile and how to set it up and which mobile devices are supported.

  • OBIEE 11g New Features
July 30th (13:00 GMT/UTC) - Recommended for technical and functional users who want to know what are the latest features with OBIEE and

To register for these simply visit Oracle Business Analytics Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archive Recordings and follow the registration links.

Missed an Advisor Webcast?   You can also review any of the past Advise Webcasts via the Archived pages at:

Oracle Business Analytics Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archive Recordings

Document 1456233.1

Wednesday Jul 03, 2013

OBIEE 11g is Available For BI Enterprise

(in via Ian)

The Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) patch set has been released.  This patch set is available for all customers who are using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

Now available to download from My Oracle Support

Patch 16556157: OBIEE BUNDLE PATCH

This single OBIEE patch set download is comprised of the following:

  • 1 of 6 Oracle Business Intelligence Installer (BIINST)
  • 2 of 6 Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP)
  • 3 of 6 EPM Components Installed from BI Installer (BIFNDNEPM))
  • 4 of 6 Oracle Business Intelligence Server (BIS)
  • 5 of 6 Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Services (BIPS)
  • 6 of 6 Oracle Business Intelligence Platform Client Installers and MapViewer
Ensure to review the readme file on the Installer download for important installation instructions

The following is also required to be downloaded and applied:

Patch 16569379: Dynamic Monitoring Service patch

Additional important notes are available in  the following document:

Document 1566124.1: OBIEE 11g is Available for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition


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