Friday May 31, 2013

OBIEE predicts: xls is dead - long live xlsX

(in via Martin)

To the observant reader of Microsofts own Lifecycle policy it is not new that the file format for Excel 2003 (xls) is about to be de-continued with the end of extended support for Office 2003 in April 2014

Hence, it is only reasonable that OBIEE also discontinues the Office 2003 products and formats after a certain grace period.

To quote the announcement made in
KM Doc - Support of Microsoft Office 2003 with Oracle Business Intelligence Answers, Dashboards and Publisher OBIEE 11g [ID 1558215.1]:

"Over the past several releases, Oracle Business Intelligence has supported Office 2007, Office 2010 and the newer Office XML file formats (*.xlsx, pptx, *.docx). Customers are strongly encouraged to use the Office XML formats and the Microsoft Office versions that support those formats. Starting with Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle will begin removing functionality that supports Office 2003 products and file formats."

Having said that, a closer look at the attached PDF shows that not all hope is lost on your old spreadsheets. Some functionality will be carried over and continued to be supported for some time. e.g:

  • Excel Templates will continue to support *.xls as the template type and the output type
  • RTF Templates and XPT templates will continue to support *.rtf output
  • Excel binary *.xls files will continue to be supported as a data source type

Reassuringly this means, that you still have time to adjust your projects and processes and get used to using xlsX where possible.

So far, we did not get an announcement when the xls format will be finally buried, but thinking ahead it is likely a wise move to start using xlsX as your new standard.

OBIEE - New Features And Recommendations For Working With Microsoft Office

(in via Martin)

If you are working with OBIEE and have not signed up for the Oracle OBIEE community yet, then you probably have missed the release of the PDF attached to KM Doc:

OBIEE - New Features And Recommendations For Working With Microsoft Office [ID 1558070.1]

It features information such as:

  • Integration Features (OBIEE vs MS Office)
  • Performance considerations
  • Export Limitations
  • Machine Configuration Tips and
  • report size estimations

Some screenshots in the PDF of reports outline the difference between various export functions (such as):

All in all, it will allow you to understand your OBIEE better. It guides you to integrate your OBIEE with SmartView and Office in ways that you might not have thought of, and alone for that I would consider this a must read for any (new) OBIEE user out there.

(unfortunately we can not attach the PDF to this blogpost for legal reasons - you need to go to MOS to actually look at the KM doc and the PDF)

Friday May 24, 2013

Oracle EPM supported platforms (refresher)

We have mentioned this before in a number of blogposts. But as the functionality is on the rather new side and as people tend not to read old blogposts, I have decided to give you another round of "How to use the certification tab in on "My Oracle Support"".

Step 1)
You may or may not have noticed the tab "Certification" on MOS. Chances are, you never clicked on it, as you were too busy logging a new Service Request for your current issue.
Let us discover what this can do for you in four easy screenshots.

(click to enlarge in new window)

Step 2)
Clicking on this tab will not only take you to the certification search part, but also sports a number of links on the left. These include information about the state of the certification tool, the Oracle lifetime policy and a link to the video outlining the use of this tool.

(click to enlarge in new window)

Step 3)
In this case we are looking for information on Essbase v on Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit) - let us see what we can get back from the certification tool

(click to enlarge in new window)

Step 4)
Not only can we instantly see that this version of Essbase is compatible with Win2K8R2x64 but we also see a list of Supported Databases and the versions supported, the OS itself and the JDK that can be used.

(click to enlarge in new window)

With a search that goes for the entire EPM System, we get the following result - note the additional information you find at the bottom that can take you to a more specific product related view.

(click to enlarge in new window)

I have had a look at earlier blogposts here and found a few related to certification / supported platforms - so in case your product is not yet covered by the MOS tab, you may want to give these a visit to find the information you are looking for:

Thursday May 23, 2013

OBIA - revised installation guide has been published

(in via Lia)

We just had word from Development, that a new and updated installation guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) has been published.

Anyone planning to install version of OBIA is advised to use this installation guide. You can find it here:

Tuesday May 21, 2013

Advisor Webcast: Financial Reporting Reports troubleshooting

there will be an Advisor Webcast tomorrow (22nd of May 2013) about

Troubleshooting Financial Reporting Reports.

Kathleen will present us with a number of common errors and mistakes that can lead to non-working reports and she will teach basic troubleshooting skills for Financial Reporting. This may include:

  • How to determine if the issue is report design related.
  • How to triage which components are to be investigated.
  • How to create a small test report.

Find more information on the session on  KM Doc ID 1543237.1

To register for this session, simply go to:

Remember that Advisor Webcasts are free of charge and open to anyone interested in the content.

You can find all our currently scheduled Advisor Webcasts via the KM Doc ID 740966.1

Tuesday May 14, 2013

Oracle Real-Time Decisions latest version released

(in via Lia)

The latest versions of Oracle Real Time Decisions have been released.

RTD Platform
RTD Base Applications

As they are part of the Oracle Business Intelligence (10.1.3) Media Pack, you need to search for that one on  eDelivery.

Select Product Pack:    Oracle Business Intelligence
Select Platform:           Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
then select the               “Oracle Business Intelligence (10.1.3) Media Pack” (MAY-13-2013)

We got you interested?

Read more about what RTD is all about

here here or here

2 New OBIEE Upgrade Advisors

There are two new upgrade advisors now available to help you when upgrading OBIEE from one version to another.  They are:
Note 1517518.1 - OBIEE Upgrade Advisor 11.1.1.x to
Note 1517501.1 - OBIEE Upgrade Advisor 10g to 11g

These complement the existing upgrade advisors:
Note 332.1 - Upgrade Advisor: Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) from to
Note 1434253.1 - Upgrade Advisor: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) from to 

Thursday May 09, 2013

We will be right back - My Oracle Support Communities Maintenance

(in via Mel)

When you log into My Oracle Support Communities and select the Main Home page, you will see the following message:

Effective immediately there will be a maintenance window for My Oracle Support Community
daily at 2100 PT US (convert time zone) for 40 minutes,
My Oracle Support Community will be unavailable during this time.

Thank you for using My Oracle Support Community and thank you for your patience.

(additional - via Mel)

"The Communities decided that 2000 PDT suit them better for a little break ( more biscuits ?) so please join them again at 2100PDT.
We apologise if you have encountered any issues during downtime we advertised previously , but who can resist a nice biscuit?"


The same message is also visible in all Hyperion and BI Communities - in case you use bookmarks for fast and easy access to your Community (*hint* *hint*)

See - there is nothing to worry about, just a quick break and the Communities are back up ready for your questions.

Tuesday May 07, 2013

BIApps is ready for download

(in via Lia)

listening closely to the chirps from Development, we heard that a new version of BI Apps is on the loose:

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications version

has been uploaded and is ready for use via technet.

You can find the downloads here:

And the documentation here:

Friday May 03, 2013

OBIEE Bundle Patch released

(in via Lia) bundle patch is now available for download from My Oracle Support for all platforms.

Bundled Patch Details:

  • Patch (1 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Installer (BIINST):
    Patch 16504136
  • Patch (2 of 7) Oracle Real Time Decisions (RTD):
    Patch 16504143
  • Patch (3 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP):
    Patch 16504148
  • Patch (4 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence ADF Components (BIADFCOMPS):
    Patch 16504154
  • Patch (5 of 7) Enterprise Performance Management Components Installed from BI Installer (BIFNDNEPM):
    Patch 16504156
  • Patch (6 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence: (OBIEE):
    Patch 16427939
  • Patch (7 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Platform Client Installers and MapViewer:
    Patch 16504161

Please refer to the readme file on the Installer download for important installation instructions.

Thursday May 02, 2013

EPM - new Log Analysis tool

(in via Maurice)

Log Analysis is a new and versatile troubleshooting tool which has been bundled with Enterprise Performance Management
Documentation for the tool is available on the command line when running the batch without parameters.

To kick it off, simply run:

/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/epmsystem1/bin/ or

Log Analysis can scan all the EPM logs in-situ or in an offline hierarchy of log directories pointed to by a path

  • (-d <Offline log files directory> )

Restrictions may include:

  • time in minutes (-tmin 45 )
  • a string (-s "  " )
  • a message series across servers (-ecid "0000JpPDIjn9h^FpN0S4ye1HFRt100000J" )
  • output limited to size in megabytes (-maxsize 5 )
  • optional HTML output name (-o "    " )

You can selectively limit the output to return only those messages with an identifier in a Message_ID filter file.

Output is placed in


and may be reviewed in a browser.

This will then look similar to:

(click to view full size)


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