Thursday Mar 28, 2013

Five minutes to lunch and no idea what to spend them on?

If you were ever looking for answers to the question
  • where to find the product compatibility matrices,
  • where to go with specific certification requests that you can not find in the compatibility matrices
  • how to use the "Certification" Tab in My Oracle Support
  • or simply how to kill 5:38 minutes in a meaningful way

Then why not just check out the latest OracleEPMWebast YouTube video
"Resolving Certification Issues for EPM System Products"?

It will show you how you can answer your certification questions in one quick session.

Now, that's what we call time well spent.

bon appétit !

Monday Mar 25, 2013

Advisor Webcast: EPM log hide and seek with Oracle tools

Did you ever wonder how to do anything of the following:
  • setting up Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) against EPM
  • use Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware with EPM
  • use the Oracle Diagnostic Framework (ODF) with EPM
  • use JRockit Mission Control with EPM

This and more will be demonstrated (and recorded for later consumption)

by Maurice on Wednesday 27th of march 2013.

Simply register for our:
Advisor Webcast "EPM Log Hide and Seek (with generic Oracle tools)"

via the webex site:

You can get some more information about this specific webcast on the registration page above, or via its KM Document: EPM Log Hide and Seek (with generic Oracle tools) (Doc ID 1523871.1)

A few things to mention in case you are not familiar with Oracles Advisor Webcast format:

  • It is free of charge !!!
  • the technology of choice is webex for the event
  • we transmit the sound via the Audio Broadcast within webex, but the sound quality is usually better if you dial in to the telefone conference
  • you can listen in from pretty much any device (check out the webex app from their website)
  • you do not need to be an Oracle customer or have an Oracle login to attend - just register for the webcast with your email
  • All Advisor Webcasts are recorded and can be consumed later from the Advisor Webcast Archives
  • Advisor Webcasts do exist for nearly every Product line within Oracle - see  KM Doc "Advisor Webcasts: Current Schedule and Archived recordings (Doc ID 740966.1)"

We hope to see many of you on Wednesday.

Thursday Mar 21, 2013

OBIEE mobile certification / supported platforms

(in via Ian)

Over the last couple of months we have received a number of Service Requests that dealt with questions around Devices and Operating Systems that are supported by OBIEE mobile.

The answer to this can be found in the  OBIEE certification matrix ( Tab 5 - Mobile certification). You may want to bookmark this for future reference :)

Currently the matrix contains the following about OBIEE mobile:

(click to see full scale)

Did you know that we also have a  Certification Community for BI?
You can find information and get answers to almost any question about supported platforms and systems via this community, and it is likely that this is even faster than opening an SR.

We would be happy to meet you there.

Tuesday Mar 19, 2013

Advisor Webcast - EPM Log files

This is just a quick reminder that we have another Advisor Webcast on on Thursday.

Maurice named this one "EPM Log file hide and seek", and as he acts as the automation lead for EPM in Proactive Support, he is the guy to speak to when it comes to tracking logs, registry information and configuration settings. He will give us an overview on what tools are available that can help our customers to gather as much information on their system as possible, to identify problems, provide Support with the information they need to troubleshoot and/or to simply take a snapshot of the current configuration of the EPM System, be this for backup or documentation needs.

If this got you interested, then  here is the link to our previous blogshot about it, with the register information and links.

We hope to meet you on Thursday.

Wednesday Mar 13, 2013

OBIEE Bundle Patch released

(in via Ian)

We are pleased to announce the release of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition - OBIEE Bundle Patch on March 8, 2013 bundle patch is now available for download from  My Oracle Support.

Bundled Patch Details

  • (1 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Installer. 16287811
  • (2 of 7) Oracle Real Time Decisions.  16287778
  • (3 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher.  16237960
  • (4 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence ADF Components.  16287840
  • (5 of 7) Enterprise Performance Management Components Installed from BI Installer  16287854
  • (6 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence.  16227549
  • (7 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Platform Client Installers and MapViewer  16287884

(all links now corrected (26.03.2013) - sorry for the initial mistake)

Monday Mar 11, 2013

ADVISOR WEBCASTS: EPM Log Hide and Seek with the PSD Team

As tracking down logfiles has become similarly difficult, Maurice has prepared two webcasts for our EPM customers, named after the childrens game "Hide and Seek".

EPM Log Hide and Seek (with Hyperion tools) March 21, 2013
EPM Log Hide and Seek (with generic Oracle tools) March 27, 2013

Both of these one-hour session are recommended for technical and functional users investigating EPM-related applications who need to find logs, process logs, analyze environments, access hidden values, and avoid wasting time by using tools written by Oracle developers. Attendees will watch the setup of Remote Diagnostic Agent, Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware, Oracle Diagnostic Framework, and JRockit Mission Control.


  • Access "obscure" logs and use tools to slice and dice them
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each instrumentation tool
  • Pinpoint resources you may cross-reference after forgetting this presentation!
  • Customize broad tools to target narrow issues

You can register for these free live Webcasts through My Oracle Support:
Choose which session interests you most or register for both:

EPM Log Hide and Seek (with Hyperion tools) March 21, 2013:
March 21, 2013 at
5:00 pm, Europe Time (Berlin, GMT+01:00)
4:00 pm, GMT Time (London, GMT)
12:00, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
10:00, Mountain Daylight Time (Denver, GMT-06:00)

EPM Log Hide and Seek (with generic Oracle tools) March 27, 2013:
March 27, 2013 at
5:00 pm, Europe Time (Berlin, GMT+01:00)
4:00 pm, GMT Time (London, GMT)
12:00, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
10:00, Mountain Daylight Time (Denver, GMT-06:00)

We hope to welcome you as one of the attendees.

You are unable to attend at the scheduled time?
No worries - all Advisor Webcasts are recorded and can be watched at a more convenient time.

But what about my questions?
All EPM Webcasts are now accompanied by a thread in the communities, so that you can get in touch with the presenter, even if you can not make it to the live event.

You did not find the webcast you were looking for?
You find more Webcasts and the recordings on the "Advisor Webcast current schedule" KM Doc.

Wednesday Mar 06, 2013

Official Oracle Certification Definition

One of the frequent topics that comes up in conversation between support and customers circles around the terminology of "supported", "certified" and in general what systems work with other systems. The following official definition may help to clarify this a bit.

What are certifications?
A certification is a combination of Oracle and third-party products and operating systems that Oracle has tested and should work together.

What is the difference between certified and supported?
Certified is not the same as supported. Each product has its own support policy and timeframe, completely separate to certification. For example, a product combination may have been certified by Oracle in 1995. However, one or more of the products in that certification may no longer be supported by Oracle or a third-party vendor.

For information about Oracle's Lifetime Support Policy, view the following URL in a browser:

Where do I find information about what systems work with other systems?

There are a number of ways:

  • We do have certification communities for EPM and BI. Simply go to these on Oracle Communities and ask your question.
  • You can have a look at the "supported Platform Matrix" for your Product. A general entry point for Fusion Middleware is  this one. And more specific you find the links to the EPM Support Matrices here. (both do not require a login :) )
  • When Logged into My Oracle Support (MOS) you can navigate to the certification tab and locate your version certification there.

One special topic are the browsers - where do I find information about browser certification?

Probably the best overview page (thanks Greg for keeping this current):

  • Enterprise Performance Management Products Compatibility with Internet Explorer ( IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9)
    ( Doc ID 1355681.1) ( bookmarking this is strongly recommended )
  • Internet Explorer (IE7, IE8 and IE9) Recommended Settings for Oracle Hyperion Products
    ( Doc ID 820892.1)
  • EPM Support Matrix - Product Compatibility Information
    ( Doc ID 1507504.1)
  • When Will EPM Support Windows 8 and Internet Explorer (IE) 10?
    ( Doc ID 1492671.1)

Tuesday Mar 05, 2013

Business Analytics - Support News Vol 7 now available

Now Available - Business Analytics Support News Volume 7

The March 2013 Volume 7 edition provides a wide range of information for the Business Intelligence BI and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) products.

The Support News not only provides a “one-stop” reference point for Oracle Business Analytics ... with information for communities, webcasts, training modules, and more ... it also contains featured topics including:

  • OBIEE Tuning Whitepaper
  • Remote Diagnostic Agent 4.30
  • A Different Way To Get Answers
  • Oracle BI Applications
  • Exalytics Patching Policy
  • Hyperion Business Rules Migration to Calculation Manager
  • Patching and Maintenance Advisor - EPM

To access and subscribe to your copy of Support News visit

'My Oracle Support' Doc ID 1347131.1

Ensure to check out the how to utilize "Hot Topic" feature section - watch the video to learn how. This will allow you to subscribe to Product Support news - and never miss future updates.

Monday Mar 04, 2013

Is there a patch for my EPM product?

(in via Mel)

Ever wondered if a new patch has been released for the EPM product you are using?

Finding a new patch has never been easier with these KM documents!

  • Patching & Maintenance Advisor: Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) 11.1.2.x
    [ID 1517258.1]

  • Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Products
    [ID 1400559.1]

  • NEW! Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Crystal Ball, DRM, FCM, HPCM and HSF
    [ID 1525518.1]

These KM documents are updated regularly with the newest releases making this a great opportunity to bookmark them as your favorite in My Oracle Support.

KM Doc 791343.1 - Using Favorites in My Oracle Support will show you how. 


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