Monday Jul 30, 2012

Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Products

While Torben is on vacation attending some rock music festival in Germany I thought I'd take this opportunity to highlight one of our more recently created documents which you may find useful.

Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Products (Doc ID 1400559.1)

This article contains information about the latest Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for all current releases of Oracle Hyperion Products:

  • Financial Management (HFM)
  • Essbase
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Financial Reporting
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Planning
  • Financial Data Quality Management (FDQM)
  • Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA)
  • Calculation Manager

Torben will be back next week to take over once more and provide more entertaining updates from our Proactive team.

Tuesday Jul 24, 2012

ebook copy of "Cloud Architecture for Dummies" - Oracle Special Edition

Dear Readers,

We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but how about a copy of "Cloud architecture for Dummies" - Oracle Edition

Simply click the image and follow the links to get your own copy of this. Its 42 pages of basic cloud knowledge wrapped up nicely in digestible form.

Wednesday Jul 18, 2012

EPM / BI Analytic white paper central

 I just came across this site and would like to share it with you:

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System (EPM System) / Business Intelligence White Papers


You will find TONS of:

  • White Papers
  • Tips and Tricks documents
  • Migration and Rehosting Information
  • Communication flow information (what module talks to what other module)
  • Relational Database of the EPM Repository and Registry
  • Tuning Information
  • Clustering Setups
  • etc.

So if you are dealing with EPM / BI on a technical level, you may want to pay a visit and bookmark this site for future reference.

(A permanent link to this site also exist in our sidebar (on the right) )

Tuesday Jul 17, 2012

Reminder -> Webcast: Catch the Pulse of EPM in Enterprise Manager

For all those of you who have been looking for a way to monitor the health of your EPM System at runtime, you may want to attend todays:

Advisor Webcast "Catch the Pulse of EPM".

You can find the details and registration information in  KM Note "Catch the Pulse of EPM 11.1.2.x in Enterprise Manager (Doc ID 1466864.1)"

Remember - as with all Advisor Webcasts:

  • registration / participation is free
  • toll free phone lines and audio streaming are available
  • you do not even need to be on the Oracle network to register (just follow this  direct link)
  • you only got to spend one hour of your time :)

From the list of contents of this webcast:

  • Attendees will learn to set up Enterprise Manager (em/console/dms) and collect useful information, slicing and dicing logs.
  • Installing/enabling Enterprise Manager
  • Identification of proactive and reactive functions in these tools that relate to Enterprise Performance Management.
  • Identify the context of collecting information with these tools versus other available tools

As Maurice is running this one, it is likely that you also hear a word about RDA as well.

All future Advisor Webcasts | All recorded Advisor Webcasts

So - tune in to "radio Bauhahn", listen and learn

Monday Jul 16, 2012 BP1 - the "Chart B Gone" update?

If you have recently applied the OBIEE BP1 update and were using customized skins or folders, you may have found that your charts / graphs do not work any more after the upgrade.

The reason behind this is, that the upgrade process does not touch the customized folders and skins.

Getting the charts and graphs back into working condition should be fairly simple - just copy the necessary files into your customized folders and you should be nearly set and fixed.

Which ones are there and where to put them?

Find out more in our  KM Doc "OBIEE 11g: Problems Displaying Charts / Graphs after Application of BP1 when Using Customized Skins or Folders (Doc ID 1474605.1)"

Still does not work - check if you cleared your browser cache to make them reload ;)


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