Friday Jun 29, 2012

OBIEE BP1 patchset is released

OBIEE BP1 is available on My Oracle Support.

The Oracle Business Intelligence BP1 patchset comprises of the below patches:
  1. 14223977 Patch BP1 (1 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Installer
  2. 14226980 Patch BP1 (2 of 7) Oracle Real Time Decisions
  3. 13960955 Patch BP1 (3 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher
  4. 14226993 Patch BP1 (4 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence ADF Components
  5. 14228505 Patch BP1 (5 of 7) Enterprise Performance Management Components Installed from BI Installer
  6. 13867143 Patch BP1 (6 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence
  7. 14142868 Patch BP1 (7 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Platform Client Installers and MapViewer

•    The Readme files for the above patches describe the bugs fixed in each patch, and any known bugs with the patch.
•    The instructions to apply the above patches are identical, and are contained in the Readme file for Patch 14223977.

To obtain the Patchset, navigate to  , select the "Patches & Updates" Tab and type in the patch number.

Tuesday Jun 26, 2012

Interactive Reporting Translation Workbench utility is available

As you may have seen in our  Newsletter, Oracle has released the "Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting Translation Workbench" for Hyperion Interactive Reporting (IR) customers who are moving to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE).

A summary for this utility can be found  here.

To get the Utility along with documentation and training material we suggest that you visit the Oracle Technology Network ( OTN ) "Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting Downloads" page.

Friendly enough, instead of hundreds of pages of "getting started Docs", Oracle has packed some training videos into the downloads, so that getting started is made as easy as possible. But of course the documentation comes with it as well.

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

Statements of direction for EPM 11.1.1.x series products

Some of the older parts of EPM that have been replaced with newer software will phase out after January 2013.
For most of these the 11.1.1.x Series will be the last release.
They will then only be supported via sustaining support (see policy).

We have notes about:

  • the Essbase Excel Add In (replaced by SmartView which nearly achieved functionality parity with release
     Oracle Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in Statement of Direction (Doc ID 1466700.1)
  • Hyperion Data Integration Management (replaced by Oracle Data Integrator ( ODI ))
    Hyperion Data Integration Management Statement of Direction (Doc ID 1267051.1)
  • Hyperion Enterprise and Enterprise Reporting (replaced by HFM)
    Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Enterprise Reporting Statement of Direction (Doc ID 1396504.1)
  • Hyperion Business Rules (replaced by Calculation Manager)
    Hyperion Business Rules Statement of Direction (Doc ID 1448421.1)
  • Oracle Visual Explorer (this one phased out in June 11 already - just in case anyone missed it)
    Oracle Essbase Visual Explorer Statement of Direction (Doc ID 1327945.1)

For a complete list of the Supported Lifetimes, please review the
"Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Applications"

Troubleshooting OBIEE Common Configuration Errors

Common Configuration Errors in OBIEE have now a new opponent:

KM Note 1359798.1 contains a Whitepaper (PDF) to deal with some of the common errors.

So if your questions are about:

  • System User authentication
  • Reasons Why a User May Not Be Able To Login
  • and other authentification problems

then this might be just the note for you.

Thursday Jun 14, 2012

RDA version 4.28 released

Oracle proudly presents:

RDA 4.28

 This version of RDA comes with

  • a new HCVE rule set (pre installation checks) Doc ID 1435695.1
  • now alsocollects Calc Manager Information

Enjoy a faster resolution and clear communication about what Software is installed, the logs retrieved and have Tech Support react faster to the issue at hand by getting a detailed overview of the system they are dealing with.

More information about RDA in general can be found here.

Tuesday Jun 12, 2012

reminder - KScope is on in June

If you have not booked yet - about now is the last chance to get the ball rolling I guess.

KScope is on in June in San Antonio. (24th to 28th)

Quick reminder of the clima table:

More info on their official website:  KScope12

OBIEE Capacity Planning

I can not even recall how many times I was asked by a customer what size the machine should be bought to run our Software.

Unfortunately Tech Support is not even the right address to answer that question, as a purchase decision is closely tied to the answer.
Hence, Tech Support has been limited to the answer: "The biggest machine you can afford" :). Many Customers were unhappy with that and have tried to get us to be more precise and that causes a lot of explanation and lengthy discussion. In the end no one is wiser or happier. 

Therefore I am happy to report that at least for OBIEE the decision has just been made a whole lot easier.

Have a look at the note Oracle BI EE 11g Architectural Deployment: Capacity Planning (Doc ID 1323646.1)

The document attached to that note gives you a good overview for teh sizing of the machines that Oracle recommends to run OBIEE (be it a small installation or a bigger distributed installation)

If you have any more questions about this topic and what machines we recommend, then get in contact with  Oracle Consulting or speak to your sales representative.

Monday Jun 11, 2012

How to actually receive media from Oracle

If you ever wondered how to receive actual physical media from Oracle, then you may want to check out the KM Doc:

How to Request Physical Shipment or FTP download of Software Media (Doc ID 1071023.1)

Rachelle has created a very nice note on the topic.

So, should your DSL line be slow or you actually want to get something physical for your money - check this one out.


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