Thursday Apr 26, 2012

Troubleshooting Reporting &Analysis - Webcast

We have got another Advisor Webcast coming up next week (3rd of May):

Troubleshooting EPM Reporting & Analysis 11.1.2.x

We are aiming for technical users who administer EPM Reporting & Analysis 11.1.2.x.
Kamila and Priyanke will give tips on how to troubleshoot problems with EPM Reporting & Analysis 11.1.2.x

Including but not limited to

  • Architecture Overview
  • Windows Services
  • Log Files
  • EPM System Diagnostics Utility
  • EPM Registry Report
  • Zip log Utility
  • Useful Resources
  • Demo
  • Q&A

You can register to this Webcast via the Webex website here

There is also a KM note about it on  Doc ID 1443029.1

And of course it will be recorded and available for download 48 hours later via the  Advisor Webcast Archived Recordings KM note on Doc ID 740964.1

Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

OBIEE released ( as patch 13742915)

As we hear from the communities, OBIEE has been released on 20th of April ( see  here ).

As stated by Ian there is some background info that needs to be taken into consideration:

Who Should Apply This Patch

  • This patch is highly recommended for all the customers who are using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
  • This patch is primarily intended to improve quality as it includes some high priority bugs. Please see the Fixed bugs list (in the patch readme) for the detail.

NOTE: Customers who are currently using a version earlier than Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition should not apply this patch.

Important Information for Customers using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Suite version

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition customers currently running version may encounter patch conflicts if this patch is applied.

A patch conflict occurs when two or more patches have some files in common but contain independent fixes, resulting in a roll back of previously applied fixes. It is very important that customers currently running version pay attention to any notifications regarding conflicting patches presented by Opatch during application of this patch, as these patches will be rolled back if patch application continues.  Any patch rolled back due to the application of this PSU must be re-built for this patch before you can reinstall that fix.
Open a service request with Oracle Support to request a merged patch if required.

Thanks for sharing this important bit of info, Ian. 

Monday Apr 23, 2012

EPM Cumulative Feature Overview tool v is live

The Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System Cumulative Feature Overview Tool has been updated to include new features for Release
This version covers Enterprise Performance Management System Releases 9.3.1 through

If you are not familiar with this tool: It lists the new features included in any new version and allows to compare versions for features.
So if you are unsure in which version a certain feature was introduced or if you want to know what features will be added by an upgrade, then this is your best source for EPM.

The tool can be found  on Doc ID 1092114.1.

Thursday Apr 19, 2012

Your way into Exalytics and Times Ten

Fran has taken the time to accumulate big chunks of the existing knowledge on Exalytics (and some about Times Ten) into a MasterNote in KM.

So if any of the following is what you are looking for, then  Doc ID 1427996.1 might be your best Bookmark today:

  • Exalytics and Core Product Documentation
  • Exalytics Troubleshooting and Debugging
  • Exalytics Best Practices
  • Exalytics Supported Versions and Certifications
  • Exalytics Patches
  • Exalytics References
  • Exalytics FAQs
  • Core Product (Business Intelligence Foundation, Essbase and TimesTen) Documentation Library (All Versions)
  • Using My Oracle Support Effectively
  • Exalytics and Core Product Communities

Monday Apr 16, 2012

OBIEE BP2 patch released

We are happy to announce that:

BP2 patch is released for four platforms : Win64, Linux64, AIX64, and Solaris SPARC 64

Remaining four platforms Win32, Linux32, Hp-Itanium, and Solaris x86-64 are expected in a few weeks.

This is released as
patch 13611078 on MOS /
Customers can download this patch directly, there is no password needed.

Please note these points:

  1. README contains a list of all bug fixes included in this patch.
    (Only "new" fixes are listed in the readme of the BP2 patch. The fixes in the BP1 patch (aka PS1 - Patch 13562882 ) are included in the BP2 patch, even though they are not explicitly listed in the BP2 Readme. The readme is currently under review to reflect this.)

  2. This is a (mostly) cumulative bundle patch, and includes all fixes from PS1 (patch 13562882) which was released for Linux64 platform.
    Customers who have PS1 applied will get the expected OPatch conflict message
    Since BP2 is cumulative,
    you can safely rollback PS1. 
    can do this prior to applying BP2, or you can choose to rollback at the time of applying the patch.

  3. Likewise, customers who have other one-off patches applied will get the expected OPatch conflict message
    If you have questions about this, please review the applied patches and compare them with list of bug fixes in README's of BP2 and BP1 Patch 13562882.
    If all thebug fixes are included, you can continue with patch installation and rollback applied patches.

  4. Please note, this is not a fully cumulative patch on 
    This means it does not contain all one-off patches given out so far on top of 
    is a small number of such bug fixes remaining, which will all be included in BP3 patch. In case you encounter this, please have Support log an OOB (one-off backport) requests for missing bug fixes so they can be included in BP3 cumulative bundle patch, which is expected to be fully cumulative going forward.

  5. This BP2 includes the CPU patch fix from BUG 12830486 - OCT 2011 CPU - UPDATE FOR OBIEE

  6. BP3 patch is in planning stage, no ETA is announced yet.

Friday Apr 13, 2012

EPM - released

Oracle’s EPM System Development Team is pleased to announce General Availability of Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System release  This release is available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud (

 This is a localized release available in multiple languages. See "System Requirements and Supported Platforms for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System" (  for details.

 In this release, EPM System products extend the new features and products offered with release Please visit the product "New Features Guides" (, available in the Enterprise Performance Management System Documentation Library for more information.


  • Oracle Hyperion Calculation Manager has replaced Oracle Hyperion Business Rules as the mechanism for designing and managing business rules, therefore, Business Rules is no longer released with EPM System Release If you are applying as a maintenance release, or upgrading to Release, and have been using Business Rules in an earlier release, you must migrate to Calculation Manager rules in Release See Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide.

  • The EPM System Media pack on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud has been simplified.  Software downloads have been merged together. See the Media Pack Readme for a list of downloads needed for your domain/product.

  • IBM WebSphere (AS, ND) is now supported as an application server.  Documentation about deploying to WebSphere is in the chapter titled “Deploying EPM System Products to WebSphere Application Server” in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide.

  • FireFox 10.x+ and Internet Explorer 9 are now supported Web browsers.

  • Microsoft Office 2010 64 bit is now supported.

  • Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) Client Installers are now provided for Oracle Essbase Client, Oracle Essbase Administration Services Console, Oracle Essbase Studio Console, and Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Client.

  • Online Help content for EPM System products is served from a central Oracle download location, which reduces the download and installation time for EPM System. You can also install and configure online Help to run locally. For more information, see the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide.

 For more information on , please see the “Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System, Release Readme (

Tuesday Apr 03, 2012

EPM release - considerations

(guest Article by Nancy)

Please be aware with the upcoming release of EPM v11., it is highly recommended you first read the



to installing this release.

We want to highlight the "Installation Information" section which includes the following late-breaking information:

Business Rules Migration to Calculation Manager

Oracle Hyperion Calculation Manager has replaced Oracle Hyperion Business Rules as the mechanism for designing and managing business rules, therefore, Business Rules is no longer released with EPM System Release If you are applying as a maintenance release, or upgrading to Release, and have been using Business Rules in an earlier release, you must migrate to Calculation Manager rules in Release
(See Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide.)

Planning User Interface Enhancements

This release of Planning includes a large number of user interface enhancements, as described in Oracle Hyperion Planning New Features. To optimize performance with these new features, you must implement the following recommended configuration.

  • Server: 64-bit, 16 GB physical RAM
  • Client: Optimized for Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 10 or higher
  • Client-to-Server Connectivity: High-speed internet connection or VPN connection between client and server, client-to-server ping time < 150 milliseconds for best performance

The new, improved Planning user interface requires efficient browsers to handle interactivity provided through Web 2.0 like functionality. In our testing, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, and Firefox 3.x are not sufficient to handle such interactivity, and the responsiveness in these versions of browsers is not as fast as the user interface in the previous releases of Planning. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox 10 to get responsiveness similar to what you experienced in previous releases. In some instances, the response times in Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.x could be acceptable. Hence, we suggest that you uptake the new user interface only after you conduct an end user response test and you are satisfied with the results of these tests for these versions of browsers.

Please note that it is still possible to leverage the old user interface and features from Planning Release
(For more information, see “Using the Planning Release User Interface and Features” in the Oracle Hyperion Planning Administrator's Guide.)

IBM HTTP Server and IIS Default Ports

Both IBM HTTP Server and IIS Web Server use 80 as their default port. If you are using WebSphere, you must change one of these defaults so that there is no port conflict.

If you have further questions, please utilize the  Planning or Essbase MOS Community.


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