Tuesday Jun 16, 2015

New Knowledge Article: Interactive Reporting with Internet Explorer 11

The following new My Oracle Support (MOS) Knowledge Article is available, that provides information for Oracle BI+ Interactive Reporting (IR) with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 11:

Limited Support for Interactive Reporting in
Internet Explorer 11 by using Enterprise Mode to Emulate IE 10

Doc ID 2015779.1

Additional Information ...

For information on Oracle Support Policy for IE 11 with Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), refer to:

Policy for Supporting EPM System & with IE11
Doc ID 1920566.1

Related details for the IE recommended settings are outlined in:

IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 & IE11: Recommended Settings for Oracle Hyperion Products
Doc ID 820892.1

For supported platform information, review the EPM Certification Matrix located on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) website:

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System - Release 11.x

Did you know ...

The " EPM Cumulative Feature Overview Tool" (Web Interface) is available, and provides an outline of the new and enhanced features and functionality for EPM product releases:

Enterprise Performance Management
Cumulative Feature Overview Tool

The "EPM System Defects Fixed Finder" resource provides an efficient way to review the defects fixed in patch set updates, patch set exceptions, and patch sets for major releases. Access via the MOS article:

EPM System Defects Fixed Finder
Doc ID 1292603.1

Questions specific to Hyperion EPM Certification ...

The My Oracle Support (MOS) Community "Hyperion Certification for EPM" is an ideal place to seek & find product certification answers:

Hyperion Certification for EPM

For questions specific to BI+ Interactive Reporting (IR) visit the MOS Community:

Hyperion Reporting Products

Thursday Jun 11, 2015

Remote Diagnostic Agent - RDA 8.08 released

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We are happy to announce the release of

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 8.08

RDA 8.08 contains a number of changes in the Hyperion112_xxx profiles.

Among the RDA changes for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) are:
  • Collects data on  Unix for the Hyperion1112_HFM profile
  • Collects OS and some user settings for all the Hyperion Profiles

The changes implemented reduce the number of questions asked in the Hyperion Profiles.

Using RDA allows Oracle Support to troubleshoot software issues even faster.

Release announcement (including full list of additions):
 Oracle Support Announces RDA 8 - Production Release! (Doc ID 392719.1)

Getting started KM doc:
Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) - Getting Started (Doc ID 314422.1)

Profile Manuals:
Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) - Profile Manual Pages (Doc ID 391983.1

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Wednesday Jun 10, 2015

Inside EPM - Planning, Consolidation and Cloud (YouTube Video)

(in via Jan)

Now available in the Oracle Business Analytics - YouTube Channel for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM):

Inside Enterprise Performance Management:
Planning, Consolidation and Cloud

"In this episode of Inside EPM, Matt Bradley EPM Senior Vice President talks about how EPM products uniquely solve planning and consolidation challenges and the advantages of using EPM Cloud Services."

While visiting Oracle Business Analytics - YouTube Channel ensure to Subscribe to help find the new video releases when they become available.

Friday Jun 05, 2015

New Knowledge Article: HFM New Features & Differences from Previous Releases

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The following new My Oracle Support Knowledge Article is available:

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)
New Features and Differences from Previous Releases

Doc ID 2015669.1

This article provides a high level list of the new features that exist in HFM and details the changes/differences between HFM and previous releases.

The details contains brief overview of the architectural changes and information relating to utilities, tools and logs that HFM Administrators will want to know.

Did you know ...

The EPM Cumulative Feature Overview Tool - New Web-Based Interface is available. This tool outlines the new and enhanced features and functionality for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) product releases.

To access the tool directly visit:

Enterprise Performance Management
Cumulative Feature Overview Tool

Questions specific to Hyperion Financial Management ...

The My Oracle Support Community "HFM" is an ideal place to seek & find product specific answers:

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)

Wednesday Jun 03, 2015

New Document Available OBIA Upgrade to

Oracle BI Applications Upgrade to Document Now Available:

The Upgrade of BI Applications to version consists of upgrading the following components, repositories (schema and content) and data:

  • Platform components
  • BI Applications binaries
  • JAZN, RPD and Presentation Catalog
  • ODI Repository content (BIA_ODIREPO)

Note: There is no new content in as compared to Hence there is no data warehouse (schema and data) upgrade.

For more information and instructions on how to perform the upgrade please refer to the following note:-

  • Doc ID 2016413.1 OBIA Oracle BI Applications: Upgrading to from

  • Tuesday Jun 02, 2015

    Caution using Microsoft Active Directory with OBIEE

    Please be aware that if you are using Microsoft Active Directory (MSAD) or a 3rd Party LDAP as the Identity Store, and also use the virtualize=true option you will be unable to log in to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
    This relates to Bug 20188679.

    This issue is now fixed with cumulative Patch 21895214.
    (This includes the fix from Patch 20188679 !)

    Please refer to the KM notes:
    • OBIEE 11g: Alert: Users Unable to Log in to OBIEE if Using MSAD or Other Third-Party LDAP as the Identity Store and Virtualization is Set to true. ( Doc ID 2016571.1)
    • OBIEE 11g ( With Microsoft Active Directory Authentication Provider (Identity Store) Configured, OBIEE Logins Fail With "Unable to find user {0} in identity store"
      ( Doc ID 2062681.1)

    for more information

    Post Update 5-Oct-2015: Blogpost updated as requested by Lia to include new patch 21895214

    Post Update 3-May-2015: Article updated to extend reference to 3rd party LDAP in addition to MSAD.

    Tuesday May 26, 2015

    My Oracle Support - Essentials Webcast Series

    The My Oracle Support (MOS) Essentials Series brings interactive expertise straight to your desktop.

    This program provides tips and tricks on how to effectively work with Oracle Support, and take advantage of the PROACTIVE tools that are provided with your Oracle Support contract.

    My Oracle Support Essentials Webcast Series - Schedule
    Doc ID 553747.1

    The MOS Essentials Webcast Series offers live presentations and covers many topics that assist in improving support interactions.

    Topics include:

    • My Oracle Support New Features
    • Working Effectively with Support
    • Using My Oracle Support
    • Oracle Cloud Support
    • Finding Answers in My Oracle Support
    • Getting Started with My Oracle Support Community (MOSC)
    • My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) Best Practices for Advanced Users
    • Service Request Flow and Best Practices
    • Support Configuration Based Services Essentials
    • Hardware Support Best Practices
    • Customer User Administration
    • Understanding Support Identifier Groups

    Getting Started:

    Locate the Webcast session of interest in Doc ID 553747.1. View the scheduled times and language for the live sessions, and Register.

    The Doc ID 553747.1 contains a description of each of these sessions, and also provides access to the PDF of the Presentation and the Recording where available.

    Additional Information:

    Also available is the MOS "How-to" training series, that provides feature-based training videos arranged by experience level, role or task that is being peformed.

    How to use My Oracle Support - How-to Training Video Series
    Doc ID 603505.1

    This training collection of videos and quick reference guides allow you to quickly learn in depth knowledge of the features of MOS in just a few minutes. They are the foundational knowledge you will need if you are considering "My Oracle Support Accreditation". Details for the MOS Accreditation are outlined in:

    Oracle Support Accreditation - Series Index
    Doc ID 1583898.1

    Tuesday May 19, 2015

    Statement of Direction: Oracle Quantitative Management and Reporting for Solvency II

    Oracle Product Management have released a Statement of Direction for Oracle Quantitative Management and Reporting for Solvency II (QMR).

    This document is available from My Oracle Support (MOS) Knowledge Article:

    Oracle Quantitative Management and Reporting for Solvency II
    Statement of Direction

    Doc ID 2010045.1


    Monday May 18, 2015

    Live Webcast: Streamline Your Enterprise Reporting in the Cloud

    Oracle's "Office of Finance Solutions" have an upcoming live webcast presentation for the new Oracle Enterprise Reporting Cloud Service.

    Live Webcast
    Streamline Your Enterprise Reporting in the Cloud

    Thursday, May 21, 2015
    10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT

    Check Time Conversion

    Featured Speakers from Oracle Product Management are Jennifer Toomey (Senior Director) and Al Marciante (Senior Director).

    The live webcast will provide details on the newly released Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service solution and includes how you can:

    • Simplify and streamline report creation and distribution
    • Collaborate securely with content contributors and reviewers
    • Access and analyze anywhere, from any device

    Register Now!

    Additional details on the Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service is available in our previous Proactive Support Blog post - visit:

    Thursday May 14, 2015

    Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

    We are pleased to announce the release of:.

    Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

    The download is available from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and Oracle Technology Network (OTN):

    Oracle Software Delivery Cloud | Oracle Business Intelligence

    OTN | Oracle Business Intelligence ( Downloads


    Ensure to download this OBIEE release from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud for production environments. 

    Please note the OTN download is provided for non-production environments such as developing, testing and demonstrating, etc. 

    For more information refer to the Oracle license agreement made available prior downloading within Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and OTN. The OTN license is also made available for review via Oracle Technology Network License Agreement.


    Access OBIEE Documentation via Oracle Help Center:

    Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1 (

    Release notes for OBIEE have been made available via:

    Oracle Fusion Middleware Release Notes for Oracle Business Intelligence

    New Features information is outlined within

    OBIEE 11g: New Features in OBIEE [Doc ID 2010034.1]

    OBIEE Supported Systems Configuration information is available for downlaod from OTN:

    OTN | Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations

    Keep up to-date with the latest OBIEE Patches and Patch Set Updates by visiting

    OBIEE 11g: Required and Recommended Patches and Patch Sets
    Doc ID 1488475.1

    Footnote 19th May 2015: The content on this Blog post was updated to reflect download availability from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

    Wednesday May 13, 2015

    Oracle BI Applications Now Available For Download

    We are pleased to announce the Release of Oracle Business Intelligence Application

    You can download the software from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud

    Upgrade is supported in this release from OBIA Version PB6 

      There are 3  new KM Articles which you may find useful :-

    • Doc ID 2002382.1 Oracle BI Applications to Upgrade Guide. Instructions for each step of the upgrade processes are provided in this note

    • Doc ID 2016413.1 OBIA Oracle BI Applications: Upgrading to from
    • Doc ID 2008124.1 OBIA 11g: Getting Started with an OBIA Install and Upgrade. This note provides details about:-
    1. Where to find the documentation
    2. The certification matrix
    3. Installation Details
    4. Data Lineage Documentation
    5. Data Model Reference Guide

    Tuesday May 12, 2015

    BI Cloud Services New Features

    A new document has been created, which lists the new features for BI Cloud Services (BICS).

    Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) -
    New Features and Enhancements (  Doc ID 2007295.1 )

    This KM note will be updated as as new releases/features become available.
    For customers using BICS we recommend you add this article to your favorites.

    Please note:

    Anyone who subscribes to Oracle BI Cloud Service receives automatic upgrades as soon as new features become available.

    You don't need to request an upgrade or take any actions yourself.

    The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the new features and enhancements that have been added to improve your Oracle BI Cloud Service experience.

    Friday May 08, 2015

    Premier Support for EPM Release 11.1.2.x Ends April 30, 2015 for IR, PR, WA, HPS, IMP, SOP

    Please be advised that Premier Support for the following EPM products:
    • Hyperion BI+ (Interactive Reporting, Web Analysis and Production Reporting)
          -   See the appropriate SOD documents for other pertinent details; an exception applies for Web Analysis when used with an EPM application product
          -   Timelines for Financial Reporting follow the timelines of the related application product
    • Hyperion Performance Scorecard
    • Oracle Integrated Margin Planning
    • Oracle Strategic Operational Planning

    ended on April 30, 2015 as documented in the Lifetime Support Policy.  This marks the first time that Oracle’s Hyperion customers have the opportunity to purchase Extended Support for a product release.

    Beginning May 1, 2015 new bugs and fixes for the products listed above will only be created for those customers that have purchased Extended Support.

    Sustaining Support is available for those customers that do not purchase Extended Support. 

    Please see the Lifetime Support Policy for further information about the Lifetime Support stages.

    Reference Materials

    Doc ID 1617238.1 Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Software Error Correction Policy

    Doc ID 1590676.1 Oracle Enterprise Performance Management 11g Grace Periods for Error Correction

    Doc ID 1901891.1 Hyperion Performance Scorecard Statement of Direction 

    Doc 1907819.1 Oracle Hyperion BI+ Interactive Reporting Statement of Direction

    Doc 1932533.1 Oracle Hyperion BI+ Production Reporting Statement of Direction

    Doc 1932177.1  Oracle Hyperion BI+ Web Analysis Statement of Direction


    Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service

    Enterprise-Performance-Reporting-Cloud Introducing the NEW Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service.

    Simplified - Secure - Accessible - Collaborative - Review - Author - Publish

    "Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud is a secure, collaborative, and process driven service for defining, authoring, reviewing, and publishing financial and management report packages"

    For more information visit:

    Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service

    • Information Access
      Easy Integration with Oracle and non-Oracle Sources; Multi-Dimensional Reporting Platform; Enterprise Awareness.

    • Authoring
      Intuitive and Flexible Authoring Environment; Document Lifecycle Management and Control; Collaborative; Integrated Structured and Narrative Content.

    • Collaboration and Workflow
      Multiple Users Working Together; Review and Commentary; Notifications on Tasks Due; Process Flow, Approvals and Status Reporting.

    • Publishing and Delivery
      Internal Reports and Ad-hoc Analysis; Boosk of Managerial and Financial Reports.


    Visit our friends over at the EPM Blog space for an informative article introducing the new Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud offering.

    Read now at:

    Enterprise Performance Clearly Explained With a Collaborative, Intuitive, Reporting Solution


    The Oracle Help Center provides a one-stop-shop to assist with getting started and learn how to perform tasks within the Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service.

    For Getting Started guides, videos and books visit:

    Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud - Get Started

    Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud

    Wednesday May 06, 2015

    New Knowledge Article : Installing OBIA - Troubleshooting and FAQ

    We are pleased to announce the publication of the KM note:

    OBIA 11g: Installing Oracle BI Applications - Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions
    Doc ID 1997293.1) )

    This is a compilation of Knowledge articles containing frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips for an OBIA installation.

    The document is spilt into 2 sections 

    • Frequently Asked Questions about your OBIA Installation
    • Troubleshooting Your BI Installation

    A recommended note to be bookmarked

    (info: Julie; text and layout: Julie; authorized: )


    This blog talks about the latest news and upcoming events initiated by the EPM/BI Proactive Support Team.
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